Doug Hagin
December 29, 2003
New Year choices
By Doug Hagin

2003 is now history and 2004 has arrived. Time, they say, waits for no man and they are right. But what will the marching in of the New Year mean for this great land? Certainly there will be sorrow alongside joy. There will surely be weeping as well as laughter to share. Losses and gains will be present during 2004 as well. What, though, does the next 365 days have in store for America?

What of all those different groups who seek to drive the course of American? Where will 2004 take them and their causes? America will be pulled in some very different directions in 2004, yet where will our nation stand next year at this time?

Will we stay the course in Iraq? Will we hold the resolve to maintain our war against terrorism? Or will we lose our willingness to fight those who seek to destroy our freedom? The choice is very clear. America was attacked and was forced into this war. Now we must either continue to fight the enemy or there will be no America. It is that simple.

We can not lose if we fight, we are the mightiest nation on earth, and in this struggle we are just, the end is to be written by us. Either we continue to push towards certain victory, or we cease to fight and soon we will cease to live as we do now.

Our future certainly is justification enough for battling the evil forces of terror. We owe it to ourselves and to our children and to theirs as well. After all it will be them who suffer the price of our choices won't it? It will be left for them to suffer under tyranny and fear if we are neglectful in our duties.

We also owe it to the peoples of the world who look at us, at America and Americans with respect and hope.

These peoples realize what America is about. They see us as a beacon of hope for them. If we take that fro them where will they be? Where will they find hope? America is not only the freest nation on earth we are the last best hope for those who would be free as well. If we cease our struggle we turn out that beacon forever.

The choice to fight or not will also serve as a measure of how much we truly respect and admire our ancestors and their sacrifices. Think of all those who have served our nation. Think of all those who so willingly gave their very lives in every war Americans have fought in. Will we honor them or turn our backs on their sacrifices?

These heroes were given a choice and they chose duty and patriotism. Will we choose the same path? Will we do as our Continental Army did? Suffer whatever cost freedom brings? Or will we cower down and choose the path of least resistance?

Every freedom we enjoy today we owe first to God and then to our Founding Fathers and the brave souls who won our nation's birth with their blood. They sacrificed everything to forge a land of freedom. We have reaped the benefits of their heroism all our lives. Will we now turn our backs to their bravery and devotion?

This next year we can choose to hold the Constitution and Declaration of Independence dear to our hearts and preserve them from the threat our enemies present to them. Or we can pretend there is no need to protect our way of life and suffer the ultimate loss. Not of our lives or souls, but of our freedom. Our enemies would seek to take the very rights God gave us all. Will we allow this evil?

Will we honor the memory of those who fought in 1776, and 1812, and 1846, and 1865, and 1898 and 1918, and 1945, and in 1950, and 1968, and 1991, and those who fight today? Will we embrace their valor and gallantry and sense of duty? Or will we lose our nerve and turn away from their deeds?

Yes all Americans weep and hurt when a soldier dies is the service of America. That is the price of our liberty though. Those who lie in Arlington paid that price. And they would do so again. God grants us the liberty and it is our duty to defend it to our last breath.

So really the question 2004 holds for us is how will we repay the fallen? How we pursue our war on terrorists will show how much we value our heroes and our freedom. Either we will carry on the heroism of those who laid down their lives for freedom or it we will disgrace our American heritage and those who bestowed it upon us.

There will undoubtedly be those who read this and scoff that it is not that simple a matter to determine, but it is. Americans may disagree on guns, abortion, Gay marriage, pornography, taxes and many other topics. But the preservation of America and her liberties is not up for debate here. We shall either fight and live, or we shall perish.

© Doug Hagin


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Doug Hagin

Doug Hagin was born in Tampa, Florida, and now resides in Dallas, Texas. Doug has been writing political columns for nearly a decade... (more)

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