Doug Hagin
February 23, 2004
The radical Democrats
By Doug Hagin

Oh those Democrats are a wild, wacky bunch aren't they? They love to throw political bombs and nasty labels around. They love to demonize their political opponents. And they love to play their favorite game, the politics of personal destruction. And as they have shown over and over they love to whine and moan when their opponents dare to fire back at them.

Apparently when it comes to dishing out the modern-day Democratic Party is the king of the hill. Yet in the taking it department the same Democrats fail quite miserably. Just taking a very quick glance at the current race for the presidency will certainly reveal that Democrats think it great to assault George W. Bush with name-calling, insinuations and outright lies.

How many times can we recall a Democrat running for the highest office in the land proclaiming that Bush "misled" the nation on Iraq. How about the number of times Bush has been called a liar? How about Howard Dean suggesting Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened? Recall Ted Kennedy saying the reasons for invading Iraq were invented in Texas? And of course the slanderous attacks on Bush's service during the Vietnam War, as well as these other specious attacks continue unabated today. Some Democrats are still crying falsely that Bush "stole" the 2000 election for goodness sake! Tell me could they get any more pathetic?

The list of shameless and baseless attacks goes on and on and on. What the Energizer Bunny is to drumming the Democratic Party is to vicious personal attacks. Such a very tragic legacy for a major political party to have isn't it?

The followers of these hatchet-job Democrats have taken their attacks on Bush to an even more sickening level though. What the Democratic leadership would never dare to say, their ultra-left-wing supporters are often only too happy to say for them.

Signs at war protests labeling President Bush a Nazi are all too common since he made the tough but correct decision to invade Iraq and eliminate Saddam Hussein as a threat to this nation. Of course how anyone can honestly compare Bush to Hitler is beyond even the most fanatical of thinking. Yet we have heard the comparison made over and again.

The question must now be asked. What is wrong with these people? To disagree with a person's politics is one thing. But to compare the person who disagrees with you with a mass murdering dictator? Where does such irrational hatred come from? No bigot who ever burned a cross or put on the bow-tie of the Nation of Islam is more hateful and ignorant then these folks.

In truth they seem to always hide themselves and their very apparent hatred for America while a Democrat occupies the White House don't they? Ah but when a Republican is elected they go off the deep end. Especially when that Republican dares to use our military to defend our security.

That, my friends is when their hatred for the flag, our nation, and our way of life really comes out. Think back to immediately after America was attacked by the sub-human garbage of Al-Quaida on 9-11. Even as the bodies of our fellow countrymen were lying dead in New York the radicals who hate America were busy proclaiming that we, the victim of this attack must strive to understand why we were attacked, why WE were to blame.

The mainstream Democrats, of course never have and never will believe such hateful and inane thinking. But this fact certainly did not stop the "blame America first" wing of their party. No they were too busy painting their anti-war, anti self-defense, anti-American signs.

These people were far out of the mainstream Democratic Party at that time, but slowly their message of hatred for President Bush has become more a part of the current power play by the Democratic Party.

What once were the cries of fanatics that Bush knew beforehand about 9-11 has found increasing sympathy within the Democratic Party. The inane cries accusing Bush of destroying the Constitution have come to be trumpeted by the very same Democrats who stood alongside President Bush after 9-11.

The very same Democrats who now bash the President daily for supposedly "misleading" the American people about why we should take Saddam Hussein out are the very sane Democrats who lined up to support the President in that move in the first place.

Today they point their fingers at George W. Bush for lying about intelligence pointing Iraq out as a threat. Yet they had access and saw the very same intelligence. The same intelligence the entire world had, by the way, and they voted for the move against Iraq.

In 1998 they sided with Bill Clinton, agreeing Saddam had weapons which could threaten us. In 2002 and 2003 they once more agreed Saddam was indeed a threat. Yet now they are listening to the more radical elements in their party and are attacking Bush.

Some might say the lies about Bush are about political expediency. Some might say it is about an attempt to do anything to regain the White House. These might well prove true. But never forget this. The Democrats have a large constituency of radicals who hate this nation and our military. Perhaps the current stench coming from the Democratic Party is in fact those chickens coming home to roost?

© Doug Hagin


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Doug Hagin

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