Doug Hagin
July 11, 2006
Top ten stupid leftist ideals
By Doug Hagin

David Letterman has made a career of making people laugh. His show has been on TV for far more than a decade now, and, one of America's favorite parts of that show is Dave's Top Ten. I must say, I enjoy it as much as the next person does.

In honor of David Letterman's Top Ten, this column is my own version of a top ten. The top ten list of stupid, inane, asinine, and, loony leftist ideals. Now in making such a list, in attempting to whittle down to just ten, the most foolish of leftist ideals, I have worked tirelessly and diligently to include only those leftist ideals that not only reach the bottom of the pit of inanity, but those that required extra digging as well.

By the way, as a side note, if any Leftists find themselves offended, put out, aggrieved, or suffering from a bruising of their ever-fragile self-esteem after reading this column, let me say good! The Left is always seeking something to be hurt or upset over anyway, so I consider it a very special honor to help them out in their never-ending pursuit of a pity party!

Now, on with the official Doug Hagin Top Ten List of Stupid, Inane, Asinine, and Loony Leftist Ideals.

Number ten- Environmentalism. Now concern for the environment is a good thing, as is a healthy appreciation of nature and its matchless beauty and splendor. The left, however, goes far beyond reality in their version of environmentalism. The Left does not stop at reasonable conservation measures, or reasonable regulations on pollution. Instead they would have the United States, one of the environmentally clean nations, submit to the Kyoto Protocol, which would do serious damage to our economy. The reason they would have us wreck the greatest economy in the world? Well to stop global warming of course! This despite the reality that this theory has never been proven to be true.

Number nine It Takes a Village. Now this jewel of foolishness is the brainchild of the Left's heroine Hillary Clinton. The simple fact is the left has always and will always think collectively. They hate individualism and acknowledging parents as the most important factor in raisin children flies in the face of the left's fascination with collectivism. While many people may have wonderful influences in a child's life, it takes parents, and not some leftist village to raise a child.

Number eight- Children are Incapable of Handling Stress. The left likes to feel that children must be raised and educated in an environment totally insulated from any negativity. A few examples of this include teachers ceasing their use of red ink to correct children's tests or homework, or the erasing of certain parts of history because teaching it might hurt some child's feelings.

Children are not so fragile that having spelling mistakes corrected or history that might be painful taught to them. Protecting children from every possible offense will not serve them well. It will instead serve to leave the ill prepared for the reality that life can be unpleasant at times.

Number seven-Competition is Bad. Nothing could be more asinine than the Left's infatuation with the notion that competition is unhealthy for people. People, by their nature, are competitive. We desire to excel, not to be held back. It is OK to want to win, and nothing will help us, no matter where life leads us, more than having a healthy competitive streak. Yes, competition does mean some people will lose. Losing can teach us to push harder though, and that can create greatness.

Number six- Health Care is a Right. Health care is some civil right everyone has, according to the left. No, actually health care is a personal responsibility. You and I are responsible for our own destinies; it is a part of liberty. Health care is part of that responsibility. The left, again, thinks collectively on this subject. Their ideal is for everyone to pay for everyone else's health care. Of course, socialized medicine is well below the standard America has, but the left would gladly sacrifice quality for collectivist idealism.

Number five-Wealth is Bad. Again, the collectivist ideology of the left is on display here. It is, to a devoted Leftist unfair that one American has more than another does. Their solution, punish the bad successful folks with heavy taxes and give the money to a wasteful federal government to dole out to those not as successful. This is lunacy of course. Punishing success and redistributing wealth is a recipe for failure of the people and the nation as a whole.

Number four- Racism is Rampant and can only be Solved by Leftist Tolerance. Despite the constant cry, that racism is alive and thriving in America, most folks could not care less about skin color. The left, naturally, sees race relations from the prism of pessimism. Every time any minority loses a job, does not get a promotion, gets a speeding ticket, or stubs a toe, the left is ready to blame racism. The fact is it is the Leftists who are hung up on skin color. Race is not important, to most of us. Well, except for the left of course.

Number three- Abortion. The left, despite all the medical evidence stacked against them, still clings to abortion as some sacrament. In their pursuit to erase personal responsibility, they willingly support the killing of the most innocent of human life, the unborn. Their vile defense of this atrocity only points out how little respect or admiration they hold for human life. To them life is only precious according to the "quality" of it. Of course, they are all too happy to define what "quality" is.

Number two-Guns are Bad. The left hates guns. They hate those who own them. They hate those who defend themselves with guns. Why? Well guns allow individuals to defend themselves, property and rights. The left, again collectivists to the core, want the defense of rights to be handled by government. An individual who owns a gun steps outside the collectivist utopia the left desires so deeply. Gun owners who use their gun to defend themselves are even worse to the left. By their actions, they have illustrated that rights are individual, and can be protected by individuals. That is a direct threat to leftist collectivism.

Number one-Appeasing Evil Ensures Peace. Of all the foolish notion the left subscribes to, this ideal is surely the most inane. The left has, over the course of history, tried to appease Nazis, Stalinists, dictators, and terrorists. They have preached peaceful solutions, refused to accept that violence not only can be the solution but sometimes is the only solution, all the while evil never was appeased. Hundreds of millions have suffered horrible fates, hundreds of millions have died, and the left STILL thinks we can understand evildoers and change them without violence.

Evil exists and must be crushed, defeated and eradicated. There is no understanding it, or reasoning with it, or appeasing it. We will kill it, or it will kill us, it is that simple. In fact, the only thing simpler than this truth is Leftist thinking.

© Doug Hagin


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