Armand C. Hale
My State of the Union
By Armand C. Hale
January 27, 2011

Here is my state of the union address. The U.S. is 14.078 trillion dollars in debt. U.S. federal budget deficit is 1.307 trillion. The debt per citizen is $45,131.00. The debt per taxpayer is $127,156.00. Number 1 budget item is Medicare/Medicaid of 796.9 billion dollars. Number 2 budget item is social (in)security of 702.9 billion dollars. Defense is 690.6 billion dollars. U.S. unfunded liabilities is 112 trillion dollars.

I did not here the "one" talk about these items. Source: U.S. Government (JMJ)

How to Cut $343 Billion from the Federal Budget, GOP are you listening?

Federal spending is on an unsustainable path that risks disaster for America. Runaway spending has increased annual federal budget deficits to unprecedented levels, adding $2.7 trillion to the national debt in the past two years alone. Each year's huge federal deficit increases the mountain of national debt borrowed from future generations of Americans. Congress needs to cut federal spending sharply and quickly. This paper sets forth $343 billion in available spending cuts.

Almost all of the proposed cuts in federal spending will provoke strong objections from constituencies that benefit from having Members of Congress give them taxpayer money taken from someone else. Yet the difficulties caused by each of these cuts should be measured against the status quo option of doubling the national debt over the next decade, risking an economic crisis, and drowning future generations in taxes. October 28, 2010 by Brian Riedl Note: The new members of Congress must spearhead this and the voters need to hold Congresses feet to the fire in 2012!

Is Civility Required for Effective Government?

From Errol Phillips, An Unaffiliated Citizen

"Are the Republicans supposed to be nice ? It seems to me that the Citizens voted in the Mid-Terms to begin the undoing of Obama's Socialist/Neo Communist vision of the United States. Being nice has nothing to do with reaffirming individual liberty. Seems to me the Democrats openly declared war on civility when they passed the Healthcare via reconciliation. Of course the Dems have always viewed the opposition as the enemy ... yet the Republicans still cling to playing the game by the Queen's Rules. Fortunately the Concerned Citizens Movement, also known as the Tea Party, has enough common sense to see through this paradigm Citizens of all walks are through being duped and are now demanding seats at the table. We won some of those seats in November and the establishment players really don't like it one bit. We are tired of pseudo elite lawyers telling us how to think and what to do. From where I sit, I see the dawning of a new American Revolution .... at least I hope so." Note: let us not forget this in 2012!

Communist China to be given sovereign land inside the continental United States. This is just nuts!
257 Foreign Trade Zones across America, Daily Paul Liberty Forum

Each and every one of our state governors has approved and allocated a certain amount of acres of their U.S. state land to be inhabited by Chinese communists — communists straight from China! This is an urgent message! Read this and spread the word! Subject: Foreign Trade Zones. This is unbelievable at first, but you will soon realize that there are several motives for the global communists to physically weave our United States territory together with communist China. Read On! Here's what is going on!

New Ground Zero Mosque Imam

The New Ground Zero Mosque Imam Selection Rubs More Salt Into The Wound — Past Connections To Terrorist Supporters Exposed by Joseph Klein

ALIPAC Announces Battle of The States 2011

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is formally announcing the Battle of The States 2011 effort which will seek to pass more state level immigration enforcement legislation than ever before. For more information about legislation in each state or to schedule interviews please visit our Battle of The States 2011 at this link. You can also access this information via our homepage. Source: ALIPAC

Financially devastate Planned Parenthood and save unborn babies

Thousands of pro-life Americans marched in Washington, D.C., yesterday to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It is estimated that over 53 million children have lost their lives to abortion in the 35 years since this tragic ruling. A former executive with Planned Parenthood in California has turned in his former employer for allegedly orchestrating a massive fraud scheme — taking millions in taxpayer funds. The ACLJ is going to court to hold Planned Parenthood accountable. The outcome of this case could financially devastate Planned Parenthood. Source: American Center for Law and Justice.

No child challenged to excel act

There is no clearer example of the failure of federal government than on the issue of education. If we really want to unleash the full potential of the youth of America, we must begin with decentralizing our nation's educational system now! The time has come to close the Federal Department of Education, returning control of our children's education to the local level. Liberals will attack us with accusations that "we don't care about the children." To them we simply say no, it is the policies implemented at the Federal level that destroyed our educational system and we love our children enough to fight for something better. Source: Dustin Stockton Western Representation PAC

The video Obama doesn't want seen

the new TV ad calling for the immediate Repeal of Obama Care will be airing — it's part of the initial wave of advertising in key states. The ad buys we are placing are funded by donations from patriots like you all across the nation. Watch the ad, and then please support us in buying MORE TV airtime for this ad all across the nation by making a donation.

U.N. funding an early target for House Republicans
By Bridget Johnson — 01/23/11 05:22 PM ET

A key House Republican is quickly pressing forward with her goals to scale back U.S. funding for the United Nations. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told The Hill that oversight would be a key function of the panel, particularly funding to the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) that is "a waste of taxpayer dollars."

"I'd like to make sure that we once and for all kill all U.S. funding for that beast," she said last month. "Because I don't think that it advances U.S. interests, I don't think that that's a pro-democracy group, it's a rogue's gallery, pariah states, they belong there because they don't want to be sanctioned."

Supporters of continued U.S. support of and participation on the HRC say that it's essential that Washington have leverage on the panel, renowned for including countries that have their own records of human-rights violations. Source:

The time to stay permanently active in politics has come. We can't lose all the ground and let the socialist/communist back in control of Congress. We must be vigilant, be not arrogant, be humble and pray for God's help of good against evil. Each individual must ask God's mercy and repent of their sins. God will not deny his mercy. In fact, the greater the sinner, the more right you have to his mercy. Amen.

© Armand C. Hale


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Armand C. Hale

MSgt Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force serving his country for over 23 years. His many tours of duty included the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the State of Qatar. He has a Bachelors degree in business & management and has written a book on his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at and Lulu Books.


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