Armand C. Hale
Be damned for what we are
By Armand C. Hale
February 14, 2011

Before you read my informational bullets I need to get this off my chest. I have been hearing that to win the 2012 presidential election, we have to be more inclusive, more to the left on economic and social issues to win. A candidate too conservative may get the nomination but never win the general election. Does anyone 1980? If we the people ,drift one bit on conservative fiscal issues, social issues, keeping a strong military (A lean military, does not mean getting rid of people. Remember, they do the work), we will have the same problems all over again. This time we really need to get behind a "Ronald Reagan type" long before the primaries hit. We need to start vetting a candidate now. Not someone inside the belt way and not the usual suspects like Romney, Huckabee, etc! I really believe if we and all tea party movements (they need to embrace conservative social issues too) come up with a another "Reagan" we can win. Let'em go up against Obama. Give the people a crystal clear choice! The left does not retreat on their principles! If we are to be damned, be damned for what we are! (JMJ)

California wants lesbians as mandatory 'role' models
Family advocates call plan 'worst school sexual indoctrination ever. This is why I don't live in Ca. Read here

Planned Parenthood is caught in the act

Planned Parenthood's systemic corruption was exposed even further in the last week. A pro-life group's investigative reporting has provided videos showing Planned Parenthood clinics in multiple states offering assistance to sex traffickers seeking abortions for girls as young as 14 and support for underage prostitution. Planned Parenthood must be held accountable for their actions, and the ACLJ has a unique opportunity to do just that through another case. Source: Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel

Obama-care Furthers Black Genocide

Thirty four hundred per day. I thought, per day? No, this can't be true. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Over thirty four hundred babies are aborted in America every day. Wow! Case in point. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a white hardcore racist who believed black births were destructive to society. Thus, Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers are disproportionately located in black neighborhoods. Referring to blacks, Sanger proclaimed, "There is no doubt that procreation of this group should be stopped." In 1939 Sanger launched the "Negro Project" to kill blacks before they were born. Source:

NOM National Newsletter February 10, 2011

In Providence, R.I. a hearing was held about two bills: one which would redefine marriage — and one sponsored by Rep. Jon Brien which would refer the question to the people of Rhode Island. Both Maggie Gallagher and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse were there, so here is part of the live report.

It was jammed! The media is reporting roughly similar-sized crowds (both in Maryland and Rhode Island) — so that tells you how many of our folks turned out. On "Capitol TV," behind the witnesses testifying were a sea of blue "one man, one woman equals marriage" signs.

After Maggie testified in Maryland, I was so moved to get this note from a woman we have never met who drove for two hours to attend the hearing: "Greetings to Brian Brown and all of the hardworking staff at NOM:

"I am a Marylander and drove two hours with a friend yesterday to attend the SSM hearing in Annapolis. I am so glad I spent the day doing this. I've only been recently getting politically active, as I see my Christian values being torn apart by angry wolves in the marketplace of ideas. Enough, I say."

Source: Brian S. Brown, President National Organization for Marriage

Young Americans for Freedom to Ron Paul — "You're outta here!

By BYRON TAU | 2/12/11 7:10 PM EST
A prominent conservative activist group has given Ron Paul the boot.

The Young Americans for Freedom has voted the Texas congressman off its national advisory board in the aftermath of his straw poll win at CPAC over his positions on national security issues. Read here at Politico news

View here at at

Come join me at iCaucus Economic Summit on Independence Caucus. A Citizen's movement to take back government from "Big Money" Interests groups

Stephanie Jahn has invited you to the event 'iCaucus Economic Summit' on Independence Caucus! If you can't make it to Utah then join us on-line.

Click here for details and registration! See more details and RSVP on Independence Caucus:


The media laughed at us — let's prove them wrong

Tea Party Express unveiled our first four U.S. Senators we are targeting for defeat in the upcoming congressional elections — as we work to add on to the gains we made in the 2010 Midterm Elections. Please, help us in our campaigns to Defeat Dick Lugar, Ben Nelson, Olympia Snowe and Debbie Stabenow by making a contribution to our campaign fund.

Union Boss John Gage Says Those Who Want to Cut Spending are "Mentally Retarded"

On February 8th members of the American Federation of Government Employees picketed outside the Capitol demanding more taxpayer dollars for their already bloated salary and benefits. We caught up with AFGE President John Gage who told us those who say we should control federal spending are "mentally retarded." Tell Mr. Gage you believe cutting spending is actually very sane at

Victory in New Mexico: Converge on Utah

We have a victory to report! Thanks in part to your calls, emails, faxes, and letters, New Mexico lawmakers just narrowly defeated special driving permits for illegal aliens. From the comments of Governor Martinez's office, it would appear she is hearing us! Article Victory in New Mexico! Legislature defeats Special Driving Permits for illegal's! Please continue your calls into Washington state as the battle there continues. Activism details here. Utah Close to Eliminating licenses for illegal immigrants! Source: ALIPAC

Nullify Now Tour — Cincinnati: March 5, 2011

States around the country are considering legislation to NULLFY and reject unconstitutional "laws" and mandates from D.C. Patriot Action Network is proudly sponsoring the Nullify Now! tour in support of these efforts — we urge you to attend! Learn the Constitutional basis for Nullification and get active in your state today! Get tickets here or by calling 888.71.TICKETS

What Is Up with Texas?

Proposal Would Require You Buy Insurance — On Your Dog! San Antonio lawmaker says owners must take responsibility for dogs By Jim Forsyth Friday, February 11, 2011. Motorists are already required to carry auto insurance in Texas, the new health care bill requires that every American carry health insurance, and now there's a new mandate in the works — dog insurance. Read more at Will this never end?

Barack Obama's Re-Election Campaign Stumbles

Recent reports by Politico and the Los Angeles Times suggests that fundraisers who have gone to work for Barack Obama's re-election campaign are encountering serious resistance to their efforts to raise between $1 billion — $2 billion. We simply must raise a substantial amount of money for our Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama by then. We need to not only have the funding to be taken seriously, but we need to start turning up the pressure on Obama. Source: Our country deserves better

Arizona sues federal government over Mexico border security

PHOENIX (Reuters) — The Arizona state government n announced on Thursday it is suing the federal government, alleging that Washington has failed to secure the state's porous border with Mexico. Gov. Jan Brewer and state Attorney General Tom Horne, both Republicans, told a news conference that they filed a counter suit against the government in federal court in Phoenix. The suit is in response to a government lawsuit blocking key parts of the state's tough law cracking down on illegal immigrants last year. "What we are seeking is to force the federal government to do its job," Horne told reporters at a news conference in central Phoenix, as several boisterous protesters attempted to shout him down.

The desert state straddles a furiously trafficked corridor for human and drug smugglers from Mexico. Brewer signed the controversial measure cracking down on illegal immigrants into law last April, sparking protests in Arizona and around the country. At the heart of the state law is the requirement that police determine the immigration status of a person they have detained and suspect of being in the country illegally. But before it could take effect last July, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton blocked key parts of the state law, arguing immigration matters are the federal government's responsibility. In November, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit heard arguments in the case. It has yet to issue a ruling. (Reporting by David Schwartz; writing by Tim Gaynor; editing by Greg McCune)

Send your waiver excluding you from Obama-Care now

According to published reports, the Obama administration has been granting "get-out-of-Obama-Care" waivers to big business, political friends and far left-leaning unions and organizations. We have one question. Where's ours? Click here now to send your "Personal Waiver" from Obama-Care to Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary Kathleen Sebelius: After filling out your "Personal Waiver," help Grassfire Nation bury the HHS in an avalanche of grassroots waivers all demanding to be exempt from the socialist clutches of Obama-Care! Alert your friends today. Have them click here to take fast action with you: Source:

The Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin
"From Conrad"

These are really good based on Benjamin Franklin. The second one shows how something that may start good, can be corrupted by the corruptible nature of man, especially when man turns his heart from cold, and no longer seeks the good graces of Divine Intervention in his life. You tube one. You tube two.

Stay permanently active in politics. Do not lose all the ground and let the socialist/communist back in control of Congress. Be vigilant, do not be arrogant, be humble. Pray for God's help of good against evil. We must ask God's mercy and repent of our sins. God will not deny his mercy. The greater the sinner, the more right you have to his mercy. God is not a liar. Trust in his mercy. That pleasing God the most. Amen.

© Armand C. Hale


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Armand C. Hale

MSgt Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force serving his country for over 23 years. His many tours of duty included the Republic of Korea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the State of Qatar. He has a Bachelors degree in business & management and has written a book on his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at and Lulu Books.


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