Armand C. Hale
November 9, 2012
A different kind of Tsunami is coming
By Armand C. Hale

I was talking to a friend of mine about the recent unpleasant election. He had some very interesting comments on what he will be doing. If his example gains momentum with the rest of the citizenry, a different kind of Tsunami is coming. (JMJ)

Now that Barry Soetoro is in for 4 more years nothing will stop him from finishing the job he started. We all know what that means. Harry Reid is taking steps to stop the RINOS in the senate from filibustering. He is talking of raising the debt ceiling even higher. The Speaker of the House is playing "nice" as usually with the white house. The SCOTUS is just as lame. We had Iran shoot at one of our Drone planes because they smell U.S. weakness like a shark smells blood in the water.

Unemployment will rise one full point just before January 20. Businesses now realize they will pay higher corporate taxes and be burdened with more government red tape. The Dow dropped 314 points. Fortunes that were made are now lost. The Bush era tax cuts end Dec 31st (happy new year). The tax rates for everybody will jump. If people are watching their pay checks they will notice higher social security and payroll taxes after the new year. Obama care will not be stopped and will drain what little money is left from all businesses and citizens.

Vegas Employer: Obama Won, So I Fired 22 Employees

This is just the tip of the ice berg the U.S.S. BARRY SOETORO is heading for.

"I had to lay off 22 people today to make sure that my business is going to thrive and I'm going to be around for years to come. I have to build up the nest egg now for the taxes and regulations coming my way. Elections do have consequences, but so do choices. A choice you make every day has consequences and you know what, I've always put my employees first, but unfortunately today I have to put me and my family first, and you watch what's going to happen."

Read the full story here:

No more hiring

The friend I was talking about early stated to me:

"I employ a part time housekeeper and a gardener. With the tax cuts coming I will liquidate all my assets, let my housekeeper and gardener go, I may cut my cable service, and just live on the bare essentials."

No more buying

After talking to my CFO (the wife) we have decided not to make any purchases. We were going to spend some major money on home improvements, car repairs and new garden equipment. Now all that will stop as I won't have the $$$ to do it. We won't even be eating out. Gas prices are starting to go up again.

I wish a had a clever ending to finish this but I don't. I'm just going to hunker down and wait for the governments house of cards to come crashing down.

Socialism stops working when you run out of other people's money. Mine just ran out...

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Armand C. Hale

Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force serving over 23 years, which included tours in Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. A degree in logistics management, he has written a book on his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at Word Clay Book Store and Lulu Books. He receives feedback at


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