Armand C. Hale
November 20, 2012
Is there a Christmas?
By Armand C. Hale

In the late 1800's a little girl named Virginia wrote a letter to the editor of the New York Times asking if there was a Santa Clause. Everyone who has read the response understood what makes Santa Clause a part of Christmas. In the past couple of weeks, looking around at stores, malls, commercials, etc..I have wonder; is there a Christmas? This question comes to mind based on how far the beginning of the holiday has been pushed up. Why one might ask? For nothing more than the bottom line.

There is "Christmas in July" and Halloween (HW) starts up after Labor day and the decorations start coming down around the 15th of October.

Christmas decorations popped up just before Halloween. Lowes stores pulled their HW items by the 16th of Oct and started putting up Christmas Decorations. Nothing really about Thanksgiving other than stores will be having earlier sales, deals, and most of us have a day off from work. Last weekend, the first Christmas Trees were delivered and being sold. Can we not get thru one or two holidays before going into the next one?

When growing up, this was unheard of. The official start of Christmas was kicked off by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when at the end of it, Santa comes by in his sleigh. Stores would unveil their window displays that night or early the next day. There was a clear line between each of the holidays so one knew what to look forward to. With all this hype about Christmas and how early it has started, we have become oblivious to what the holiday is, what is stands for, and why we have it. Our conditioning has been accomplished by the advertising and marketing firms that represent the stores that start early. We have basically become numb about the season itself.

On 24th Dec all the Decorations will be pulled down. Hello? Christmas is still 12 more days. Then, the Valentines crap goes up on the 1st of Jan. Then the Easter Bunny hops in literally after the Feb 14. And lo and behold, the we start all over again!

We have truly missed that there is a Christmas and what it originally stood for. Christmas is not what it was when we were growing up. Just dollars and cents, early black Thurs/Fri deals. Now it's all nothing more than the bottom line. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Just like in "Charlie Brown's Christmas." Everyone wants their cut. Is there a Christmas? (JMJ)

Post Script:

Prayer for the workplace

My heavenly father, as I enter this work place, I bring your presence with me. I speak your peace, your grace, your mercy and your perfect order into my work. I acknowledge your power over all that will be done, spoken, thought and decided within these walls. I commit to use them responsibly in your honor. Give me a fresh supply of strength to do my job. Anoint my projects, ideas, and energy, so that even my smallest accomplishment may bring you glory. Lord, when I am confused, guide me. When I am weary, energize me. When I am burned out, infuse me with the light of the Holy Spirit. May the work that I do and the way I do it bring faith, joy and a smile to all that I come in contact with today. And oh Lord, When I leave this place, give me traveling mercy. Bless my family and home to be in order as I left it. Lord, I thank you for everything you've done, everything you are doing, and everything you are going to do. Lord, I thank you for the gifts you have blessed me with. In the name of Jesus I pray, with much love and thanksgiving. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

© Armand C. Hale


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Armand C. Hale

Armand C. Hale retired from the U.S. Air Force serving over 23 years, which included tours in Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. A degree in logistics management, he has written a book on his experiences in the country of Qatar. You can purchase his book at Word Clay Book Store and Lulu Books. He receives feedback at


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