Donald Hank
Just invert the compass, Part II
By Donald Hank
September 1, 2009

The goal of worldly "leaders" is not to engage the opponent but to annihilate him by any means possible. Fairness is not an issue. The mob rules.

In Philadelphia, eleven Christians were arrested and charged with the "hate crime" of peacefully reaching a group of homosexuals with the gospel.

Pastor Ake Green of Sweden was arrested and charged for a "hate crime" for preaching from a part of the Bible now banned from public discourse.

The Bible is officially a dangerous book in Sweden, but child pornographers sell their wares virtually unhindered there, while Imams freely preach wife abuse, based on Koran passages.

Likewise, an arrest warrant has recently been issued against a Brazilian youth leader who had the cheek to minister to homosexuals desirous of leaving their dangerous, spiritually empty lifestyle. Such Christian outreach ministries are now banned in Brazil and parts of Europe, where homosexuals are regarded as a "victim" group and are "protected" by legislators, presidents and other chief executives, courts and a willing propaganda machine — the perverse media — all of whom have converged against humble defenseless Bible-believing Christians, as if these meek followers of Christ were armed foreign invaders and not the last remnant of faithful spiritual descendants of the god fearing stalwarts who dominated these regions since the founding of these civilizations, bringing prosperity and stability.

As a result, pastors have been arrested (as mentioned above), and Christian homeschoolers have been arrested, fined, sometimes jailed, and often deprived of the custody of their children (Germany and Sweden), who have been ruthlessly ripped from the comfort, love, and security of homes with natural parents and subjected to the cruelest imaginable mental and spiritual torture — forced to live in foster homes together with juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, sex addicts and the like. Children typically with IQs far beyond their chronological age (having been taught by caring parents unfettered by leftist ideology and biased textbooks, and with that powerful secret ingredient of faith) are traumatized by "legal" kidnapping, snatched without warning by police or social workers, and then slowly brainwashed and taught to hate what they loved and love what they hated — socialized to believe that faith in Christ is morally equivalent to faith in Mohammed and morally inferior to Marx.

Considering the tiny percentage of true believers in Christ and their modest resources vs the almost limitless resources of the adversary — governments that can marshal trillions of dollars for their cause — it is like using an industrial press to swat a fly!

Two questions beg an answer:

1 — How can a people growing up in a "democracy," who are taught to empathize with the poor and downtrodden, to care for the environment, and to do what is best for the collective, allow such cruelty to defenseless people of faith to occur under such an absurd and flimsy pretext as "protecting" homosexuals, particularly when such "protection" usually implies denying them vital information about the hazards of their lifestyle?

2 — What is it about this gentle man Jesus Christ, who gave his life for humanity, that makes them hate Him so much?

The answer is out of reach for the human mind, but crystal clear to the spiritually discerning.

In fact, there can be only one answer to both questions, and therein lies not only the key to understanding our world but also a note of greatest encouragement to those suffering under the ubiquitous assault on faith in our Western world.

As absurd as it may seem to the spiritually dead, the answer is that Jesus really is who He said he was, the Christ and Savior, and Satan is His adversary.

In a world that were indifferent to Christ, one might suppose that the Bible is a book of myths.

I once thought it was, having made the decision to be an atheist, giving up my Christian beliefs under the influence of a "humanities" education.

But then an odd thing happened: as a language student, I took a study tour to the USSR in the early 70s.

On the way in across the Finnish border, a Russian border guard boarded our vehicle and started asking each passenger to open their carry-on luggage. I turned around and asked one of our chaperones — a Russian émigré who taught at the University of Michigan — "what is he looking for?"

"Bibles," she replied with a wry smile.

"Wait a minute," I thought. "The Soviet system banned religion over 50 years ago. People here must all know that the Bible is a book of myths. How could there be a real threat from the Bible now that Christianity is expunged, unless the authorities themselves don't really believe that the Bible is just a book of myths?"

The question contained its own answer.

Since then I have learned, in every encounter with the Left, that these people have no fear of myths. They fear only one thing: the truth.

Philosopher Olavo de Carvalho wrote an article on the Left titled "The Stucture of the Revolutionary Mind," in which he shows that the revolutionary mind inverts everything — truth inverts to the lie and vice-versa.

You know how they say if you want to know what a corrupt politician is up to, follow the money trail?

Well, in the case of the Left, pay attention to what they say and then invert that. The result will normally be very close to the unvarnished truth.

What I am saying is very good news, my Friend.

It means that, while Biblical truth is often hard to prove, and doubts assail the Christian walk daily, we can sometimes be more sure of the truth simply by listening to the enemies of Christ and inverting their code than, say, by looking for clues in the physical world that affirm the veracity of the scriptures. If they say A, you can be sure the truth is somewhere around B, and vice-versa.

I know that I am failing to express this as well as I would like. What I have experienced in the 40 odd years since my stay in the USSR — experience piled upon experience, upon experience — is almost impossible to analyze here. Words are at best a clumsy vehicle for spiritual truth. I beg your forgiveness for my own clumsiness on top of this fact.

But I would ask you to pray for spiritual discernment.

I have heard pastors say that Christ's truth is so simple most people miss it. They are exactly right. The world is full of rocket scientists, who have seized control of every facet of our lives, asserting without evidence that the truth is so complex and nebulous that ordinary people need them to sort things out for us — for a fee.

Paul said that the preaching of Christians in his day sounded like the ranting of madmen to the listeners.

To someone brought up in our inverted world (inverted by the Left in schools, the media, academe, professions, the DNC and GOP (they're the same, you know)), the truth cannot but sound like ranting. Good cannot help but sound like evil and vice-versa in a world where murder of the unborn is a "right," where politicians can "legally" steal trillions and give them to their rich banker friends, and where children imbibe Marxist impulses with their mothers' milk.

Yet as Paul also points out, the heathen (lost) have a built-in detector for good vs evil. Something inside us tells us there is a God, there is right and wrong. Our compass points to Christ. It is only through a very major constant effort and highly structured organization (cf. "community organization") that the adversary can keep the hand of the compass pointing south.

Remember my analogy of the anti-sun propaganda? More than anything, the constant drone of voices declaring there is no God suggests very strongly that He must be real.

So go ahead and listen to Richard Dawkins ranting against God. But don't forget to remind yourself that Richard doth protest too much — way too much.

Listen with spiritually enlightened ears, and you will hear the inversion of his words. The West has a broken compass that points consistently south, but you can find your way with a little trick:

Just read the compass backwards.

© Donald Hank


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Donald Hank

Until July of 2009, Don Hank was operating a technical translation agency out of his home in Wrightsville, PA. He is now retired and residing in Panama with his wife and daughter.

A former language teacher, he holds an undergraduate degree in French and German from Millersville State University (PA), a Master's degree in Russian language and literature from Kutztown State College (also in PA), has studied Chinese for 3 years in Taiwan at the Mandarin Training Center, and is self-taught in other languages, having logged a total of 8 years abroad in total immersion situations.

He is also the founder of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, a volunteer organization that provides Christian counseling for non-custodial parents.


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