Donald Hank
This Brit has had enough!
By Donald Hank
April 10, 2011

...and he is not alone. Not by a long shot.

I wouldn't think of running an article like the one appearing below if Guy Leven-Torres's rage were an isolated case or if there were no justification for it.

But quite to the contrary, there is, from what I have seen in both my own country and in Europe, absolutely no justification whatsoever for any further tolerance of the almost total destruction of Christian Western civilization, and the imported version of Islam is the biggest factor in this destruction on the other side of the pond.

As if to rub salt in our wounds, the Ruling Class, which has permanently distanced itself from the grassroots — much like Bush and Obama here — are demanding not only that more and more Muslims be imported but that Europeans like it, embrace it, say nice things about them. Or else.

Lumping it is no longer enough. Now that their culture has been trashed and their outrage stoked to the utmost, they must go to the next level, and like having Islam shoved down their throats every day and being told to keep quiet about their own faith.

By way of background...

A Christian hotelier couple was arrested for witnessing to a Muslim guest in England. A nurse lost her job for blurting out a religious phrase to a Muslim. Muslims routinely throw rocks at Jewish shop keepers or shout insults at Jews dressed in traditional grab. A boatload of Tunisians rioted and torched the temporary shelters that they were given on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Muslim immigrants constantly confront cowering police, calling them what they are (cowards) and forcing them to retreat. The "young people" who rioted in Paris and burned their own ghettos were in fact Muslims, though the mainstream media didn't want you to know this. Most of them were on public assistance and living in an enclave where neither police nor fire fighters dare to enter. Rapes and violent crime have increased exponentially in Scandinavian countries that were once the lowest-crime countries on earth, in proportion to the number of Muslims imported there. German school kids live in constant fear in parts of Berlin where Muslims outnumber them about 9 to 1 and constantly harass them, calling the girls whores and shouting derisive remarks about Christians — all the while protected themselves by a dhimmi government from any slight or suggestion of anti-Muslim sentiment. Like I said, Europeans must not only lump it. They must like it.

That is not unlike the incident on US election day in 2008 where a Black Panther stood outside a polling place menacingly brandishing a night stick — an illegal weapon, and then when he and his accomplice were charged with unlawful interference with an election, supported by incontrovertible evidence (the incident was seen by millions on Fox News), the DOJ dropped the charges without explanation.

The outrage has built up like a leak in the kitchen propane line.

America has been pushed to the breaking point. Col. Lakin is in jail because he dared to question the eligibility of our White House resident (please don't ask me to call him "president"). A pastor in Florida lost his fire insurance because he suggested he might burn a Koran. He hadn't even done it yet but already was financially ruined by a most efficient ruling class. Meanwhile, union thugs threaten opponents with physical harm and commit voter fraud (in WI, for example) and no one goes to jail. Bankers practice irresponsible lending and the government forces you at gun point to reward them with billions upon billions, and when these run out, as they inevitably must, the Fed prints almost $2 trillion in unbacked currency and awards this to themselves to buy bonds and "save" America. Who will save us from our "saviors"?

But recently, something unexpected happened, after years and years of Americans being slapped hard on their collective cheeks. They stopped turning the other cheek.

I discovered this new volatility in the American atmosphere when a fellow writer who is one of the most intelligent and restrained people I interact with on line, told me it is time for an uprising. He wasn't talking about a tea party either.

I found myself involuntarily thinking: Yes, you're right. I had never quite thought like that before.

My point is: Things are coming to a head and there is nothing the Ruling Class can do at this point.

It is only a matter of time. No, I am not calling for a revolt. I am simply saying "here it comes."

Don Hank

What The Hell Is Going On?

by Guy Leven-Torres

I make no bones about my Christian faith. I live for Christ. There is nobody I could trust more. I am proud to call myself Christian. My book is the Bible. I also read heavily into philosophy. My Church is the Church of England and my nation is Christian. Indeed our history is steeped in Christianity. It has inspired, driven and compelled individuals to quite incredible acts. For 1600 years Christianity has been the faith of this land. Wars have been fought in its name, men and women have died. Yet what do I get thrust down my throat every day?

Islam!!!! And the bloody Koran.....

Today a BNP man was arrested for burning the koran in his own garage! I do not care about him being BNP but simply the fact he is being persecuted and prosecuted for blasphemy of an alien religion. This is not even a crime in the UK. Blasphemy only applies to the Christian faith- not Islam! Islam enjoys no legal right in the United Kingdom whatsoever. Christianity is the paramount legal faith of Monarch, Parliament, State and People. This is laid down in Law and the Act of Settlement. No other faith, not even Rome can supersede this fact of law. It is absolute!

Islam is nothing to do with me, nor you, nor this country so what the hell is going on? Islam has absolutely no historical or official links with this country. I can tell you as an archaeologist there is not, never was and never shall be a so called 'Islamic civilisation.' everything claimed as 'Islamic' belongs to the superior civilisations it subjugated. As evidence of Islamic civilisation, these lands and cultures are now the most oppressive and backward in the modern world. They are primitive.

Yet, Christians who object to this vile uncalled for, undesired religion being foisted upon us are demonised, persecuted, abused, prosecuted, threatened, physically attacked, even killed.

I don't want to know about bloody Islam. It disgusts me both morally and philosophically. It is evil! No man, no woman, no police or their god 'Allah' or better still, 'All-ila' the Lunar god will ever force me to change or accept this abomination.

Yes I am Islamophobic — I have had a gut full of it!

Politicians arrested and tried for 'blasphemy' of a pagan god!

Christians arrested for burning the plagiarised 'koran'- a compendium of its kleptomaniac 'prophet' — a known illiterate who 'wrote' the damned thing — all copied from the three religions of Judaism, Christianity, Zoroaster even Mithras! I am a scholar in these matters.

Then those that burned the koran are blamed when a load of savages butchered UN workers and beheaded them! For Christ's sake!!! How the hell can they be blamed? Are we to blame for the 6,000,000 Jews because we opposed Hitler or burned Mein Kampf? What kind of inverted morality and corruption has infested our elite? An elite that has willingly, deliberately and knowingly protected and encouraged this 'faith' to become the de facto religion in the UK and Europe!

FOR GOD'S SAKE WHY??? TELL ME WHY??? And the bloody Police support them!


There is such a thing as an 'illegal order.' This applies to both soldiers and police officers. If an illegal order is given then they must disobey it! This was restated at the Nazi war trial in Nuremburg in 1946!

It is time to shout


We are Christians! We are British! Islam has nothing to do with us! It never had and never will have any place in this country except in the private lives of its 'faithful.' It is an alien, heathen religion.

I recognise only Jesus Christ! There is no other God but He!

I want no part of it and will resist unto death if necessary, any and all attempts by our evil political class to change this country's faith. Their behaviour under any legislation is an act of war and genocide against this country and its people!

All politicians, public servants, soldiers and police officers are required to desist from carrying out illegal orders. If they do, then they will, at some date in the future, be subject to arrest and charges of abuse of public office but also Treason.

The author is a British archeologist.

© Donald Hank


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Donald Hank

Until July of 2009, Don Hank was operating a technical translation agency out of his home in Wrightsville, PA. He is now retired and residing in Panama with his wife and daughter.

A former language teacher, he holds an undergraduate degree in French and German from Millersville State University (PA), a Master's degree in Russian language and literature from Kutztown State College (also in PA), has studied Chinese for 3 years in Taiwan at the Mandarin Training Center, and is self-taught in other languages, having logged a total of 8 years abroad in total immersion situations.

He is also the founder of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, a volunteer organization that provides Christian counseling for non-custodial parents.


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