David Hines
Briar patch kids
By David Hines
November 24, 2014

"Please don't throw me in the briar patch!"

Collectivists will use any excuse to push ever more collectivism. No matter how many times it fails, they'll always blame failure on not enough collectivism.

Socialists rightly see problems with the managed economy of the corporatist state. Their proposals are always for even more economic management, which they expect to be appointed to oversee.

They blame the economic crisis on regulators who didn't do the jobs they're paid to do. Their solution is to pay more regulators to not do their jobs.

Economic "stimulus" prints and distributes money to the well off, exacerbating the disparities in income that socialists love to hate. Their fix is even more economic stimulus.

Fiat money has fueled speculation and misbehavior. So instead of wanting more honest money, collectivists want a revised fiat currency, equally or even more amenable to manipulation.

Thomas Piketty has become a liberal hero for proposing a global extension of the failed national system. It is not made explicit how the change of scale shall result in an improvement over what hasn't ever yet worked as planned. As always, it is merely assumed that it will.

Fabian Socialists delineated the strategy well over a century ago: Work within the system to gradually insinuate ever more socialism. More impatient socialists held the plan in great disdain. But it's the Fabians who have dominated the argument.

Their approach has become the progressive standard. They argue always that, no, the next step down that road is not socialism; it's mere pragmatism. Just as the Fabians planned.

Starring in the role of Br'er Rabbit is the Republican Party. They love collectivism nearly as much as their rivals, in their case to benefit corporate interests and warmongering.

For the voters' benefit, though, they claim to fear being thrown into the socialism patch. "Unfortunately," they whine, "it's necessary." President Bush got thrown into the briar patch, saying he was abandoning market principles to save the market. The historically big spender was thrown right where he wanted to go.

We'll continue to hear the blues from otherwise staid and reasonable politicians – to hear them sing it – being thrown into the briar patch of socialist compromise by big bad Political Pragmatism. Regardless of party, the Fabians are running the show.

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