Ann "Babe" Huggett
April 20, 2009
Contact politics is not for pussycats
By Ann "Babe" Huggett

It's all too easy to get swamped with information overload anymore, what with everyone and everything on political fast forward these days. In the last week alone, we've been treated to pirates, puppies, TEA parties, secession rumors from Texas, and more than half of America's citizens being labeled as potential domestic terrorists because they don't completely support all of the leftwing agenda of President Obama and his radical cohorts.

Isn't that last item lovely? Haven't you always wanted to be considered "dangerous" somehow? My bet is that as a good, patriotic American, you aren't exactly enjoying the frisson of being labeled an enemy of the Obamunist State. Or maybe you are and are still running on the adrenaline of being at a TEA Party. Anger will keep you warm too and you'll need it once Obama's Cap and Trade Policy gets into law, because you won't be able to afford to heat your home this winter.

In fact, I think anger is a perfectly fine emotion and one that all conservatives need to cherish, nourish, and respect. Anger motivates. It can either be destructive or constructive. The Left right now is hoping and praying to their secular humanist dead that conservatives slip into the destructive anger mode so that the Left can bring their full force and fury against conservatives through the police and courts. So, how ironic is that? The very same Leftists, who still consider the police "pigs," are all too happy using police power now because that thin, blue line belongs to them.

So let's all fool the Leftists and use our anger to constructively fight them every chance we get. No more pussyfooting around; start roaring like a lion. Get active and stay active. Attending one TEA Party does not a political activist make. All it does is give you a fun day out in the park. All you'll accomplish from that is you'll be reviled by Leftists politicians then either mocked or studiously ignored by the main stream media afterwards.

Don't co-operate in your destruction by giving out information on yourself that isn't necessary. Slam the door in their face when some ACORN moron shows up with a petition asking you to sign on to Obama's agenda. Don't fall for that "If you haven't done anything wrong, you needn't worry" ploy. The very fact that the totalitarian Left continues to strip us of what's left of our freedoms is a clarion call to fight back in what Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman calls a "quiet revolution."

Educate yourself and be ready to defend what you believe in. Don't back down; the Left is counting on us being polite to the point of extinction. Use logic, because all they have is rhetoric. When faced with the media, use sound bites, because you never know when some smarmy, biased CNN reporter is going to shove a microphone in your face and then take advantage of your stammering to talk over you.

Be politically incorrect and be proud of it. Political correctness was developed by the Left in order to control the debate. When you control the language, like they do, you control the thought. Well, get the Left out of your head and use language as a means of true communication the way it was meant to be.

Don't allow any Leftist to get away with the "What if...?" scenario when debating. That's a straw man ploy and is used when they are losing in order to change the subject. Always stick to facts and make them back up any statements of theirs the same way because, quite frankly, they lie, prevaricate, and fabricate. Don't cooperate or agree just to get along. That so-called liberal "friend" of yours will scream, "Nazi!" at you the second you start winning the debate. Thought police, you see, make rotten friends.

Speaking of language, one of the absolute best ways to handle the Left is through mockery and satire. Now God, who made us, obviously has a sense of humor, but the Devil does not. To quote Martin Luther, "The best way to drive out the devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn" and don't forget Thomas More's "the devil... the prowde spirite... cannot endure to be mocked."

Those funny and satiric placards and signs that were used at the 1,500 April 15 TEA Parties spread across our nation probably struck more fear and terror into Leftist hearts than they will admit. One publicist wag in the UK wrote years ago that the only real justification for the Left to exist was to make fun of the Right, but when it comes to them, the Left is notoriously humor-impaired.

So smile and be of good cheer when you stick that verbal knife into your Leftist opponent. Just don't forget to mentally twist and pull up so that the wound doesn't heal. And for heavens' sake, vote real conservatives into office; don't be swayed by the blandishments of compromising, Republican RINOs who haven't the stomach for a political fight with the unscrupulous Left. Contact politics isn't for pussycats, and our opponents are now playing for keeps.

© Ann "Babe" Huggett


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Ann "Babe" Huggett

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