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The sexual bondage of women
Fred Hutchison, RenewAmerica analyst
April 25, 2013

Originally published July 11, 2006

In advance of the 2006 World Cup football (soccer) games in Germany, 40,000 women were estimated by several major internet news services to be headed to Germany to sexually service the fans. The predicted transformation of the World Cup into a sexual Valhalla received very little coverage by the mainstream media.

One news analysis included the estimate that among the 40,000 women expected to come, 15,000 were to be sex slaves from Eastern Europe transported to Germany against their will. Of those who willingly came, some impoverished women were lured by false promises of a decent job. Others were to be entertainers forced into nude shows and prostitution. A giant brothel was built in Berlin, and a fleet of mobile brothels was provided.

Prostitution is legal in Germany and 400,000 prostitutes pay taxes. According to a 2004 report of a committee of the European parliament, Consequences of the Sex Industry to the European Union, 500,000 women are smuggled into Europe each year and 90% of them are sex slaves.

One aspect of the sexual bondage of women is drug addiction. Many prostitutes sell their bodies to buy drugs. Wherever there is organized prostitution, there is drug dealing. Therefore, the sex industry is closely linked with drug syndicates. Sex slaves are often brutally mistreated by professional criminals in these syndicates. German legalization of prostitution has facilitated a massive industry of sexual slavery and drug dealing that brutalizes women.

Congressional outrage

On the opening day of the World Cup, Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) introduced Resolution 860 to Congress, denouncing the exploitation of women during the World Cup.

Congressman Smith said:
    This legislation calls on the German government to denounce the practices of human trafficking, to do everything in their power to combat the exploitation of woman and children....The resolution further urges coaches, athletes, and spectators to join in the efforts to end the sexual exploitation of women, prevent traffic in human beings, and to boycott the brothels where so many women will be traded as a commodity.... Pimping and maintaining brothels provide a facade behind which sex traffickers can operate...Because Germany has legalized prostitution, cities hosting World Cup games are free to accommodate this trade in women by constructing brothels and "sex huts" or issue permits for street prostitution, thereby creating a virtual partnership with brothel owners, pimps, and traffickers.
Congressional outrage about sex trafficking in Germany was encouraging to those opposed to the sexual bondage of women. But where was the outrage about the sex slaves that are smuggled into America?

German amorality and American hypocrisy

Before we condemn the Germans, we should realize that the internet bristles with reports about sexual slaves who are smuggled into America. The smuggling of young female slaves from Mexico to New York City for prostitution has raised enough of a commotion to rate a perfunctory mention by the news media that is usually jaded and indifferent to such matters.

Accurate numbers of imported sex slaves to America are hard to come by, and government estimates are bound to be low. America's borders are in such a state of chaos that it is difficult to guess how many sex slaves are smuggled in.

In sharp contrast, the Germans believe in regulation and control and have a good idea about who is in the country. The Germans don't care what you do, provided the doing of it is registered, regulated, tabulated, monitored, and taxed. Americans care about what you do, but the government is too dysfunctional and politically divided to do anything about it. Americans are better at the rhetoric of moral outrage than they are at taking decisive action to clean up our moral cesspools.

Although the question of slavery was settled by the Civil War, slavery is emerging once more in the form of the sexual bondage of women. We will need a new abolition movement to fight it.

A sexual dark age for women

I shall argue that the sexual revolution of the 1970's has led in stages to the massive sexual bondage of women. As the sexual revolution in America continues in its fourth decade, many men are becoming hyper-sexualized and morally desensitized, and therefore apathetic – or even secretly sympathetic – to the sexual bondage of women.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall grow cold. (Matthew 24:12)

Sexual promiscuity and debauchery is one way "iniquity" (moral wickedness or crookedness) can abound. The hearts of unfaithful husbands can grow cold toward their wives. The hearts of wives can be hardened so that they refuse to bear children, or abort the children they conceive – as has happened in Germany where the birthrate has fallen calamitously. The hearts of many of the people in a hyper-sexualized culture can become indifferent to the sexual bondage of women.

The general toleration of widespread sexual slavery for prostitution is a sign of worse things on the way. A second form of the sexual bondage of women might soon be coming, namely polygamy, harems, and concubines. The sexual bondage of women inherent in polygamy, harems, and concubinage – three things that have much in common – has the potential for enslaving a vastly greater number of women than does prostitution.

However, open polygamy cannot come to America in a major way until the agenda for gay marriage is victorious. The victory of the gay agenda will undoubtedly set legal and moral precedents for many more kinds of sexual perversions and monstrosities to be legalized and socially accepted. If the gay agenda is successful, a major push for legalized polygamy and legalized prostitution will quickly become the culture war hot-button issue. If polygamy is legalized, a sexual dark age for millions of women will be just around the corner. At present, the most effective thing we can do to protect women from facing the next wave of horrors is to fight the gay agenda.

Some of the factors encouraging the rise of polygamy are the breakdown of the traditional family, the separation of sex from procreation, the hyper-sexualization of young men, the silly young women who publicly flaunt their bodies wearing indecent apparel, the escalation of date rape through drugs, the gay agenda which includes the promotion of public and private orgies, and the teaching of polygamy by certain Muslim and Mormon cults. We shall consider a few of these pernicious factors later in the essay.

The main thesis of this essay is that none of these evils could have gained a serious foothold in America if it had not been for the sexual revolution of the 1970's. The morbid hyper-sexualization of men leading to an obsession with sex, as a result of the sexualized 70's, is the real cause of our present sexual nightmare. The sexual madness will continue until traditional marriage with sexual fidelity and sexual restraint is restored as the universal norm.

What will happen if we allow the sexual revolution to run its course? It will run amok more and more, of course. Eventually, the widespread toleration of sexual bondage will open the doors to a sexual dark age for woman. Many more women will fall into sexual bondage. Those who escape bondage will drastically fall in social status.

If history teaches anything about the condition of women, sexual respect is the key to improving the status of women. Traditional marriage with sexual fidelity is the key to sexual respect. The proliferation of polygamy, harems, concubines, and sexual bondage in prostitution always accompanies the lowering of the image and status of women.

The sexual revolution is quickly unraveling the sexual respect for women that was developed in the Christian West over many centuries. As the culture becomes more pagan and more sexually unrestrained, sexual respect is evaporating and a fall in the status of women cannot be far behind. This iron law of human nature will become more clear as we consider the harem culture introduced by the Playboy philosophy.

American roots of harem culture

After Hugh Hefner began publishing Playboy in 1953, he cultivated an image of himself as the glamorous master of a harem of young nymphs living in his mansion. The nymphs supposedly lived in worshipful adulation of Hefner, like cult groupies doting upon their guru. This tycoon of pornography became a celebrity sugar daddy with many fawning concubines. The Hugh Hefner syndrome illustrates the intimate link between pornography and sexual bondage. Hefner's harem represents a kind of sexual bondage for the female inmates.

A steady diet of pornography stirs up the sexual imagination of its addicts, stimulates abnormal sexual appetites, and radically diminishes women in the eyes of men. Men with a lot of money, an overdeveloped libido, and a lurid sexual imagination have been known to purchase a mansion of their own in imitation of Hugh Hefner and act out the Playboy philosophy. The philosophy rationalizes the sexual predation of young women by rich old lechers by making moral decadence seem glamorous and sophisticated for all involved.

As the rich fool with the mansion turns himself into a vile lecher, he lures nubile young women into the mansion with the bait of glamorous parties and lavish facilities, such as a pool, spa, game rooms, and tennis courts. Other blandishments might be expensive gifts, shopping sprees, and cruises. The poorer and more predatory sugar daddies will find that little "Lolitas" can be drawn into the house with cheap trinkets and flattery. Hollywood moguls entice ambitious young vixens to come into their Beverly Hills mansions with the promise of a screen test. Nashville music czars might promise wannabe honky-tonk gals an audition for a music career.

As young women are bewitched by the gilded display of the rich man's world, some of them acquire an appetite for expensive clothes, luxurious quarters, pampering servants, and alcohol. They subsequently lose the disciplines of study and work and resign themselves to being concubines. In time, they will be good for nothing else.

The walls close in upon the harem slave

Life in these very real harems seems glamorous at first, but it soon becomes filled with rancor from the bitter rivalries between the girls and disappointment from the broken promises of the sugar daddy. Some harems develop a tough pecking order and usually come under the rule of control freaks. Playboy bunnies had to submit to rigorous controls reminiscent of a military boot camp.

A harem girl often has the run of the mansion at first, but soon suffers drastic losses in autonomy as she submits to ever-tighter controls while being integrated into the pecking order. The new lioness in a pride of lions is gradually socialized until she is tightly controlled by the group of females.

The new girl in the harem is gradually reduced to the status of a plaything to indulge the perverse imagination of an old reprobate who has corrupted himself with pornography. Her job is to indulge the momentary whims of her master and to sometimes be abused in vile ways.

Before long, the harem slave will be laid aside like a toy that has lost its novelty, while the lecher of the house has a different whim with a different girl. The aging libertine has an extensive repertoire of perversions that requires new girls for new sexual experiments. In terms of his many and growing list of perversions, he is like a promiscuous gay male.

The harem slave undergoes a process of corruption. She becomes increasingly adept at seduction and manipulation, develops a repertoire of sexual gimmicks and perversions, and becomes more interested in alcohol and drugs – which flow freely at the harem. Her self-respect drops to zero, her conscience is deadened, and her ability to blush with shame disappears, as well.

As the harem girl learns to live according to the momentary whims of her master, her capacity to defer gratification in her own life and live responsibly disappears. If she inherits money and moves out of the harem, she will soon spend it all, fall into debt, and flee back to the security she previously enjoyed.

The sexualization of America – carried to logical extremes in a variety of ways – may well be one reason why so many Americans cannot defer gratifications in order to save money and pay down debt. A citizenry who demands the instant gratification of transitory desires will never learn to save or to be responsible with money. Such a people will always be dissatisfied that their whims are not sufficiently catered to and will insist that silly politicians pander to their evanescent moods of discontent.

The destruction of the harem slave

As the harem slave gets older, she might face the choice of becoming a harem Gestapo boss over other women or being thrust out of the harem to make way for younger girls. To survive on the street, the aging harem alumna will be tempted to turn to prostitution, which is the only trade she is prepared for. She faces an early and nasty death from venereal disease, drug addiction, suicide, or murder by a pimp or a customer.

The destitution of some aging prostitutes can make buying drugs and paying the rent in the most wretched tenement beyond reach. Some are driven into the streets where they anesthetize themselves with drugs and alcohol from the agonies of the downward spiral of their lives. Addiction and alcoholism are cruel mercies, because the horrors of delirium tremens and drug nightmares – which hippies used to call "bummers" or "bad trips" – can be worse than the suffering, demoralization, and fears of living on the street.

The myth of the prostitute with a heart of gold

The corruption and destruction of the prostitute belies a favorite myth of Hollywood – namely, the myth of the prostitute with a heart of gold. This myth goes back to nineteenth century novels such as Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevski.

Hollywood is devoted to this myth, and has created a rosy picture of prostitution in countless movies. Breakfast at Tiffany's and Pretty Woman were high-budget movies with good writing and directing and box office success. However, both movies were devoted to perpetuating the myth of the happy, vivacious prostitute with a heart of gold. Gone with the Wind, a film classic, portrayed the prostitute Belle Watling as an admirable and noble person and portrayed the respectable ladies who shunned her as silly, prudish shrews. The myth lionizes immorality and scoffs at virtue.

The motives of the movie moguls for perpetuating this myth are rather obvious. The streets of Los Angeles are littered with prostitutes who originally came to Hollywood in the hopes of becoming movie stars. By way of the "casting couch" and the sugar daddy mansion in Beverly Hills, they became concubines, then harem girls, and finally Hollywood castoffs scraping to survive as prostitutes. How do the movie moguls evade responsibility for ruining so many lives? They rationalize their predatory and perfidious behavior by pumping up the myth of the happy hooker with a heart of gold.

A prostitute does not have a heart of gold. To survive as a prostitute, a woman must harden her heart into cold stone. She must grow a hard scab over her heart, suppress her conscience, and stifle every soft, sweet quality of femininity. She must become a cunning predator and an expert at manipulating men to get money out of them. She will accept the vilest of men to her bed, get used to being beaten and abused, and routinely abort the babies who are the products of sleazy liaisons. Over her hard, cold, and bitter exterior, she coats herself with garish cosmetics and the cheap baubles of faux glamour. One might suppose that the aesthetic result would be hideous to any but the most jaded, depraved, and hyper-sexualized man.

Tragically, the sexual revolution has transformed millions of men into wanton creatures whose sexual sensibilities are so debauched that they actually prefer heavily-painted, heartless sex zombies for sale. The glamorous, beautiful, sweet prostitute with a heart of gold does not exist except in the fantasies of novelists, screen writers, and the addicts of trashy novels.

The Picture of Dorian Grey

The Picture of Dorian Grey, a book by Oscar Wilde, is about a handsome and naive young English gentleman who corrupted himself. Dorian compared a portrait of himself with his picture in the mirror. He realized that he will grow old and infirm, but the picture will stay young and handsome to torment him about what he once was. Dorian cursed the picture and pledged his soul as ransom – if only the portrait could bear the burden of age and decay, and he himself could remain physically the same. Occult powers granted his wish, but not exactly in the way he hoped for. His outward appearance stayed the same, but his increasing inward corruption appeared in the face painted on the canvas. With each new vice, the signs of corruption became more palpable in Dorian's picture.

Dorian fell under the influence of an evil mentor, and over a period of years experimented with every form of depravity. Among his many crimes was the destruction of a beautiful young woman. As he sank into new levels of corruption, the portrait became uglier and more sinister. By the end of the story, Dorian hated his handsome image in the mirror, hated his life, and was terrified of death. At his death, his face turned into the hideous image of the painting, and the painting was restored to its original image of Dorian's beautiful and youthful face.

This final reversal might seem hokey to modern tastes, but it is a useful metaphor for a moral lesson. Many go through life with a superficial illusion of their beauty and goodness – as Dorian carried forward the visage of his youth. Tragically, many turn a blind eye to the internal process of corruption that, in Dorian's case, was chronicled by the painting. At death, the inner corruption is revealed, just as Dorian's corruption appeared in his face at his death. One cannot efface the wickedness stamped upon his face as he goes before the throne of eternal judgment.

The handsome, charming, and decadent author, Oscar Wilde, knew what he was talking about. He regretted his experiments with sexual excess and perversion and wanted to warn others. Some literary critics of the day believed that Dorian Grey was an exaggerated self-portrait of Oscar Wilde himself. If this be true, Wilde examined his own process of decay and came to the conclusion that the soul of man is changed from human form to a monstrous demonic state as one sinks deeply into the mire of sexual depravity. Wilde published The Picture of Dorian Grey in 1890 and was convicted in 1895 for "acts of gross indecency." (As a married man with a child, he committed sodomy with young men.) He seems to have repented during his two years in jail and received the rites of the Roman Catholic Church on his deathbed.

Imagine millions of Dorian Greys, corrupted by pornography and the sexual revolution, who have become husbands, bosses, and rich men with the equivalent of mansions full of nymphs. What then happens to women as a result? Many will face ruin, especially older women.

A nightmare for aging women

The culture of sexual excess puts premium value on young pretty girls and has contempt for aging homely women. Even now, aging career women often find themselves laid off and replaced by younger, prettier women who are less competent and less qualified. We are already living in a time when an accomplished career woman in her forties and fifties can face long periods of unemployment due to widespread, but subtle, discrimination against older women. Instead of entering the glory days of being a grandmother and family matriarch, she enters the ranks of the desperate jobless, sweating out the next job interview with a potential boss who is younger than her and, as a product of the sexual revolution, might have a bias against older women.

Simultaneously, some middle-aged husbands are divorcing their wives and marrying young, shapely "trophy wives." They force their aging first wives out the door and into a hostile job market. Just as the sugar daddy casts the aging nymph out of the mansion, some husbands do the same thing to aging wives. If the divorced gals manage to land a steady job, the retirement benefits are likely to be minimal. During a time of life when financial security would be a blessing, many women find poverty, in the form of the bill collector, knocking at the door.

Feminists who fought for "women's liberation" in their 20's helped to create our present sexual hell by their crusade against the traditional family. Now they face poverty and loneliness in their declining years. Young women do not listen to their advice because their predecessors have drastically fallen in status – being neither a mother, a wife, a careerist role model, nor a model of sexualized glamour. As they set Western culture on the path of destruction, they destroyed their own lives.

Woodstock in the suburbs

"Sex, drugs, and rock and roll" was the motto of the Woodstock rock festival (1967), which was the opening shot of the sexual revolution. Promiscuous sex, addictive drugs, and sensual music continue to be linked together by this motto. Interestingly, this trio is the formula of prostitution! A drug-addicted prostitute indulges the sexual excesses of men while playing alluring popular music.

Affluent suburban teenagers are having "house parties" consisting of sex, drugs, and rock and roll where Woodstock is privately reenacted. Such parties are typically held in the lavish homes of the kids with the richest parents. These hideous gatherings are actually worse than Woodstock, because they more closely resemble a pagan orgy than a party. Many naive girls are given drugs in their drinks to facilitate seduction. (One of my sources for this information is a suburban single mother of teenagers, although the phenomenon is widespread.)

Contrary to popular myth, such orgies have nothing to do with "doing what comes naturally." The education establishment pushes the myth that raging hormones compel normal young men into sexual frenzies and that sexual promiscuity is unavoidable. Therefore, youthful chastity is a lost cause, and orgies must be grudgingly tolerated. This is pure nonsense, of course.

Chastity in youth is normal and healthy. Orgies are highly unnatural, perverse, pathological, and self-destructive forms of behavior. The sexual appetites of young men must be artificially pumped up to higher and higher levels over a period of time before their libidos can operate at extraordinary and pathological levels. Only then can they crave the devil's festival of the orgy. An orgy is something a Dorian Grey would attend only after his portrait revealed a lot of debauchment and decay.

Pride in immorality and the death of shame

Heavy exposure to pornography from TV, the movies, magazines, and the internet have greatly revved up the sexual appetites of teenage boys. A long developmental process is required to reach abnormal hyper-sexualization. Such is the morally perverse quality of our sexual culture that young men often boast about being more oversexed than their peers, instead of being ashamed of their abnormality.

Years ago, a married man at the office boasted to me about sleeping with a woman I occasionally worked with. His boasting signified that he had no shame in either in adultery or the office affair. The woman knew he was married and had been promiscuous in the past. I knew just enough of the situation to know that all three members of this sad menage a' trois, suffered because of his infidelity. Nevertheless, I heard unseemly boasting instead of seemly expressions of regret and shame. The incident was painful to him in some ways, but he seemed bound to the weird male social code of mandatory boasting about sexual conquests.

In contrast, a virginal young man who has left pornography alone and has rejected the social code of hyper-sexuality is revolted by such boasting. He has natural affections and a natural sense of shame. He feels sick at the very idea of an orgy or of adultery. Such a person is not a prodigy of moral virtue. He is merely one who has developed according to God's design. A decent society would regard him as normal. In contrast, a sex-mad society will ridicule his "prudery" and "impotence."

My liberal friends have informed me that the differing sentiments of the chaste young man and the one who boasts about adultery or participates in abnormal sex are merely matters of taste. But this cannot be true. The adulterer has damaged three people (himself, his wife, and the other woman). The alumnus of casual or communal sex has ruined many lives to indulge his sick desires. He has done great evil – and evil is not merely a matter of aesthetic taste!

In contrast, the young man who is sickened at the very idea of licentiousness or a predatory man's harem will faithfully love, cherish, and protect a woman until his death. He is not this way because he has an aesthetic preference for being a straight arrow. He is this way because his conscience has not been deadened by moral perversion. He has not been transformed into a narcissistic monster like a Dorian Grey. Therefore, he likes the good things of life that God provides and can have a happy family life.

Sex in marriage

In its rightful place, the marriage bed is natural, wholesome, and blessed. However, when sex becomes an obsession or a fetish, it can be destructive to the union of souls, spirits, minds, and affections that marriage was intended to be at its best. One reason for the breakdown of many marriages is the disproportionate expectations that many couples have about sex and the exaggerated appetites they bring to the marriage bed.

When rock star John Lennon married Yoko Ono, they stayed in bed together for many days. During breaks in their sexathon, they allowed reporters into the bedroom to interview them while they were still lying in bed. This was not cute as the jaded reporters thought. It was a monstrosity. The incident perfectly illustrates the shamelessness and exhibitionism of the sexual revolution.

Lennon's sexual marathon was preceded by the movie Barefoot in the Park (1967), starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. The couple were temperamental opposites who were cemented together by a sexual marathon – which was depicted in the movie as cute, cuddly, and sweet.

While it is true that sex along with fidelity helps to bind a man and a women together in marriage, there are several other things that are indispensable to the marriage – such as love, commitment, fidelity, honesty, forgiveness, quality communication, teamwork, and spiritual unity. Such things tend to be neglected when sex becomes an idol and an obsession. The theory of Barefoot in the Park that opposites can be united in an enduring way by a sexathon is ridiculous. The plot and the characters of the movie were perfectly ridiculous – especially the dizzy nitwit played by Jane Fonda.


The moral of the story is that the sexual revolution has ill-equipped young men and women for successful, happy marriages. As a result of the epidemic of shattered marriages and divorce, the stage has been set for the social toleration of new kinds of sexual arrangements that can lead more fully to the sexual bondage of women.

The sexual revolution has resulted in the hyper-sexualization of men, and the bondage of women in prostitution and sex harems of various forms. These are the beginnings of sorrows if the sexual revolution is allowed to continue unchecked.

The sexual revolution may appeal to the lusts of the flesh of fallen man, but it is contrary to nature and the design of God for man. Such sin is a hostile alien invasion into God's good creation.

It is natural to get married and have children. Harems, adultery, promiscuity, and sexual excess are contrary to nature. Culture can defy nature for only so long before there is a human reaction against an inhuman and decadent culture. Sometimes all that is needed is one voice crying in the wilderness to set off the corrective reaction.

The sexual revolution militates against the innate conscience of man. The individual must fight against his own conscience in order to agree with a corrupt culture. A man gives joy to his conscience when he fights such a culture.

The myths and codes of a sexualized culture are absurd and contrary to reason. A man gives joy to his powers of reason when he debunks irrational myths and codes.

Almighty God is opposed to a wicked culture. He empowers his children with grace and the Holy Spirit to do battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil. The Spirit of God within a Christian rejoices when he says "no" to evil. If we are willing, God will provide opportunities for us to say "no" to this present, evil, hypersexualized culture.

A message from Stephen Stone, President, RenewAmerica

I first became acquainted with Fred Hutchison in December 2003, when he contacted me about an article he was interested in writing for RenewAmerica about Alan Keyes. From that auspicious moment until God took him a little more than six years later, we published over 200 of Fred's incomparable essays — usually on some vital aspect of the modern "culture war," written with wit and disarming logic from Fred's brilliant perspective of history, philosophy, science, and scripture.

It was obvious to me from the beginning that Fred was in a class by himself among American conservative writers, and I was honored to feature his insights at RA.

I greatly miss Fred, who died of a brain tumor on August 10, 2010. What a gentle — yet profoundly powerful — voice of reason and godly truth! I'm delighted to see his remarkable essays on the history of conservatism brought together in a masterfully-edited volume by Julie Klusty. Restoring History is a wonderful tribute to a truly great man.

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