Audrey Ignatoff
Being friendly is not a crime
By Audrey Ignatoff
November 9, 2015

Societal attitudes have changed a great deal over the last years. It used to be considered an asset to be a friendly and warm person, but now if you possess these characteristics, you may be thought of as some kind of pervert or sexual deviant.

This phenomenon can be attributable to some cases that have been widely covered in the media, including the Megan Kanka case, the Sandusky case, and recently, Bill Cosby. While these cases are extreme, it seems that a social paranoia has evolved because of these cases to wipe out social interaction between many people in public places.

I've been told of stories by men who were accused of deviant behavior, including harassment, because they merely approached a woman at a bar to chat. In some cases, they were even told to leave. It's no wonder that men are becoming more timid in approaching women, and that more and more social life is generated and maintained online. And, it's no surprise that women are finding men to be too passive, and can only find aggressive men in books and movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey. This is a very cold and unfulfilling way to live.

Nowadays, it is rare to see children playing outdoors. They are involved in organized activities only. It has come to the attention of many experts and psychologists that children who grow up this manner don't develop proper social and intellectual skills, and also lack spontaneity. They often want to run with the pack and this becomes a cause of bullying behavior, which is so prevalent today among our youth, and may even continue into adulthood.

The paranoia that has resulted from hearing about extreme cases of sexual abuse has gone too far. While people are interested in protecting themselves from deviants or sexual abusers, they are also closing many doors to worthwhile friendships and relationships. Opportunities to meet nice people in the real world may becoming a thing of the past. Not everyone who has a friendly and outgoing personality is a dangerous criminal!

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