Bob Kemp
Obamacare is 21st century eugenics (Part 6)
By Bob Kemp
September 28, 2009

January 30, 1933, Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. Once in power, Hitler set about to establish a dictatorship. On March 7, 1933, the Enabling Bill was passed which gave full powers to Adolf Hitler. Within months all non-Nazi parties, labor unions and organizations did not exist. Hitler used his powers of persuasion to win many over to his political ideologies and beliefs. If you opposed him, you did so at your own risk. When Germany's President Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, the armed forces leaders and others assented to the merging of powers of the chancellorship and the presidency. Adolf Hitler now possessed full and complete power in Germany, including supreme command of the armed forces of the Reich. From that moment on, until the end of World War II some eleven years later, everyone in the armed forces of Germany, as well as the Hitler Youth swore an oath to Adolf Hitler himself. They did not take an oath the nation or its Constitution, but to a man.

In the United States of 2009, supreme and absolute power is not so easily granted by the people. We have our nation's founding fathers to thank for this because they had lived under tyranny and knew what it looked and smelled like. They understood all too well that for one person to have such absolute power over a nation of people that the outcome for the people and the nation would be catastrophic. So the architects of our government created a system of checks and balance that, if followed and obeyed, would prevent any one person or group of people from stealing the power of government from the people. They gave us rules and laws, and they placed every citizen under the authority of these rules and laws. Our system of government does not allow for a person to be named supreme leader. But as with anything designed by flawed man, even our system of government has its weaknesses. You see, for our system of government to work properly and as it was intended to work, everyone must be involved. It requires full participation from we the people, not some of the people. That is exactly what we have, and that is exactly why we now have a government that does not properly represent the values and beliefs of the vast majority. What we do have is majority representation of a minority that is very vocal and militant in their beliefs. What we do have are conservatives that are too busy to show up at the voting booths, hoping that everything will turn out ok. We also have those lazy sluggards among us that are under the misguided idea that it's too much trouble to go vote and that their vote will not matter anyway. Unfortunately I have these people in my own family and it is infuriating to me they think like this. One member of my family whose name I will not mention actually told me we should vote for Mr. Obama "just to see what will happen". This is the height of irresponsibility and selfishness. To have read his bigoted books and to still think voting for Mr. Obama is as harmless as a walk in the park is beyond foolishness.

Here's my point: there are those in the House, Congress and the White House with their liberal/socialist ideas that are there simply because they have not been voted out of office. They got there because they make certain promises to groups that really are minorities politically speaking. These groups are well organized and know how to raise money so they can promote their cause to sheeple that cannot understand right from wrong; again a minority of people politically speaking. A majority of people that consider themselves conservative both morally and politically usually do not pay attention to what is happening on the politically left of our country. They are misled by the mighty and influential liberal media, taking what they are spoon feed as gospel and never bothering to do any independent investigating on their own to find out the truth of what truly matters to us. They go about their lives mowing their yards and washing their cars, working 50–60 hours a week, never noticing that a little more of what they are working for is being deducted from their paycheck. They never notice or care that those on social security are not receiving enough in benefits to keep up with the cost of living. They are probably unaware that there is currently a freeze on social security benefits for the next two years, imposed by Congress, the very same Congress that gave itself a raise again this year! They are oblivious to the world around them, and for some it's just too much trouble to get involved in the process, to take the time to do what is morally and politically right. They leave it to others trusting them to take care of the problem, leaving the soul of America in the hands of others. If these same people would get involved in the process, as it was designed for, then I do think and believe things would be much different in America today. Our founding fathers had a good idea, its weakness was in its reliance on a caring population to get and stay involved. Now, through apathy and indifference, there are those in government that believe they can usurp the authority of government not given to them and steal the reins of government from the people while they sleep. They will not attempt this tyrannical takeover of government by force for that would be too obvious. No, they will enact laws and policies among themselves, using their majority rule to change the very fabric of America and what she has stood for for hundreds of years. While you sleep, they are in their chambers conniving, plotting, conspiring treason and murder. Sleep too long, and when you awaken you will wonder what happened to your America, but by then it will be too late. Proverbs 6:9-11 tells us this, "How long will you lie there you sluggard? When will you get up from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest-and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man." This warning should not apply only to our lives as we go about earning a living and taking care of our families, but it must also apply to our spiritual and political lives as well. The good people of Germany were also more interested in comfort and convenience. They did not take the time to consider their actions or the consequences thereof, nor did they bother to question Adolf Hitler's political and racist views as he expressed them in Mein Kampf. In Germany, it was the politically right that brought Hitler to power while those on the left slept. Now, for us, the tables have turned. How much more can I stress the importance of every citizen being involved in the process in order for a republic form of government to work properly in the balanced way it was intended?

With Hitler now fully in control of the government and the military, he was free to do as he pleased. Opposition to him was silenced in whatever form needed to be used. Just as Mr. Obama's Department of Justice is investigating Humana for exercising their right under the 1st Amendment to inform their customers about how the current healthcare reform bill will adversely affect their lives, Hitler's government also investigated those that opposed it. Hitler's government silenced the opposition by throwing them in jail, burning down their homes and shops and making up laws to justify these things and so much more. And when it came to purifying the German race, the law was on Hitler's side because the good science of eugenics was on his side. It was said of eugenics that it was not racist, and there were safeguards in place to protect against abuse. The German government assured its population that nobody would be discriminated against under the law. The law would protect the rights of everyone. The laws passed under eugenics were designed to better the German nation, and who didn't want that. Any segregation that did take place was to simply protect the general population from the potential threat those segregated posed. Eugenics was also going to reduce healthcare cost to the state and to individuals.

Two months after Hitler came to power the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Progeny was issued. The law allowed for compulsory sterilization of "hereditarily determined" conditions. It required doctors to register cases of genetic disease unless a woman was past reproductive age. How much more efficient this could have been if everyone's medical history was on a computer network similar to the system discussed in the current healthcare reform bill. Hmm. Sterilization was mandated for all such persons, institutionalized or not. Those affected were in the following categories: feeblemindedness, schizophrenia, manic-depression, severe physical deformity, hereditary epilepsy, Huntington's chorea, hereditary blindness and deafness and severe alcoholism. Homosexuals would later feel the effects of this law as well as those born with mental retardation and Down's syndrome. The law also allowed for the sterilization of "asocial" people. Our understanding today of many of the things in this list has changed as science has improved, but only seventy-six years ago you could have been a candidate for forced sterilization if you fell into one of these categories because of the good science of the day. John Holdren, Nancy Pelosi and Mr. Obama would have thrived in this environment.

Genetic health courts (has a nice ring to it) were established to evaluate the cases that were referred to them by doctors. The law was amended in 1935 to allow for abortion within the first six months of pregnancy in the case of "hereditarily ill" women. On the other end of the spectrum, the Nazi government gave low interest loans and subsidies to encourage breeding among favored groups of people. The SS ran maternity homes called the "Well-of-Life" in which both single and married women who had been racially screened would live and give birth. The sterilization laws were a first step toward the holocaust. This cannot be argued.

By 1934 Germany was sterilizing five thousand people a month. C.M. Goethe, leader of California eugenics visited Germany to observe their eugenics laws being enforced. When he returned to California he informed a colleague that, "You will be interested to know, that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought...I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people."

Joseph DeJarnette was superintendent of Virginia's Western State Hospital. Virginia had passed its own sterilization laws in 1925. DeJarnette was quoted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch as saying, "The Germans are beating us at our own game."

Mass murder began in Germany in 1939 with the euthanasia program that was designed to rid Germany of its "useless eaters" as mental patients were referred to. This program gave birth to the gas chamber. It was heavily employed throughout Germany as a quick and effective means to exterminate the mentally ill, thus reducing the cost of their care to the state in the institutions they were removed from. In March 1933, Jewish and half-Jewish state employees as well as civil servants were fired. In 1935 the Nuremberg laws were adopted which defined who was and was not a Jew. Jews were stripped of their German citizenship and could not marry "citizens of Germany of related blood". There were other laws enacted soon after that was targeted against Gypsies, Jews, the offspring of German mothers and black French soldiers, homosexuals and any other "deviants", all leading to the holocaust.

Do you see the slippery slope a government can find itself on when it meddles in things better left alone? Eugenics laws passed in the early part of the 20th century desensitized nations and governments to the wrong they were doing, the dehumanizing of people, and blinded them to the future consequences of their action...all in the name of good science. If a goal, no matter how noble, strips an individual of the most basic and fundamental human rights, that of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then that goal is barbaric to its core. Any agenda that can only be accomplished by stepping on the rights of another is destructive. Government that is derived from the people has no right to oppress its citizens in any form or fashion. A wise citizenry is ever vigilant for any signs, both from within, and without, that threaten their republic and way of life. Not only must we be vigilant, but we must be willing to resist such attacks in every means possible and defeat the enemies of freedom and justice. If you could ask the men in the picture above how their government determined them to be "unfit" or "deviant" what do you think would be their answer? If you could ask them what their crime was, how would they answer? Perhaps some of them supported the Nazi party in the beginning. Perhaps those early supporters of the Nazi government were betrayed by the very ones they helped put in power. Perhaps they stood idly by while their neighbors, who they didn't like anyway, were rounded up by the government. And as they watched, they said to themselves, "It will never happen to me." Pride goes before a fall and a haughty heart before destruction!

In 1940 thousands of Germans were forcibly taken from old age homes and other custodial institutions and they were systematically gassed, all in the name of good science and for the sake of reducing cost to the state to care for these individuals. Some estimates say that by the end of the war as many as 100,000 persons were removed and killed from these institutions. Leon Whitney was executive secretary of the American Eugenics Society at this time. Of the eugenics work being carried out under the Nazi government, Whitney said "While we were pussy-footing around...the Germans were calling a spade a spade." The seared conscience of someone like this is unfathomable to a reasonable mind.

Before war broke out in Europe in 1939, American funding for eugenics research in Europe all but dried but. The monsters that Carnegie and Rockefeller had helped create had now taken on a life of their own, but the Americans were still secretly interested in the work being done. After the war, once the horrors of what the Nazis had sanctioned for over a decade came to light, eugenics was outlawed. During the Nuremberg war crimes trials, many people were put on trial for crimes against humanity. Among those were doctors like Dr. Victor Brack and Dr. Herta Oberhauser as well as members of the Genetic Health Courts and Nazi officers. It is ironic to point out that during their trials, both Dr.'s Brack and Oberhauser, defended themselves by exposing the fact that they were only doing what eugenicists in America and other countries were doing or wanted to do. They accused the tribunal of a double standard, which was of great embarrassment to the court.

Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer was a top-ranking Nazi officer and doctor. He was also the immediate superior of one Josef Mengele. Verschuer had strong ties to his colleagues in California, including Popenoe, so he escaped prosecution for his part in the holocaust. After the war Verschuer contacted his friends in California who by that time had gone underground and renamed their science "Human Genetics." Eventually Verschuer was able to rebuild his name and identity as a respected scientist globally. He became a corresponding member of the newly formed American Society of Human Genetics in 1949. In 1950 he was offered a position at the University of MÜnster at its new Institute of Human Genetics and he eventually became the school's dean. American eugenicists welcomed hearing from their former Nazi counter-parts whenever possible. Often times they exchanged correspondence by letter, but the American eugenicists kept quiet their relationships with these war criminals and would rarely even discuss such matters among themselves. Those that escaped being held accountable for their crimes resumed normal lives in Europe and in the Americas. They slept at night knowing full well their whereabouts were safe with their trusted American friends.

It is critical to our nation that especially those that hold to Judeo-Christian beliefs be involved in the political process at all times. We must be ever vigilant, ever watching from fortified walls for the approaching attacks that come our way. When we see and recognize our enemies, we must sound the call to others that hold our beliefs so that we may come together in strength and unison to defeat the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy. It is important also that we as Christian's never allow any group of people to be oppressed, segregated, and discriminated against or worse, even when we do not fully agree with their philosophy. First of all, the Bible teaches us that God is no respecter of man; in other words He shows no favoritism toward any person, even His chosen children. Did He not even deny Moses entry into the Promised Land? God judges every man according to His righteous standards that He established thousands of years ago. His standards have not changed because God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God has appointed Jesus to be the One that sits on the throne of judgment. Before this throne will stand every person to answer for himself, and Jesus will judge rightly and fairly. Second, God commands us to be concerned with the rights of others. Does not the Bible teach us we are to be kind, helpful and loving to each other, both believers and unbelievers? Even strangers and aliens are to be given certain rights and respect as a person created in the image of God. Thirdly, the United States is a land of laws, laws which must be enforced and obeyed. We have been placed under the authority of the government, and we are to obey the laws of our land...until the law(s) of the land are counter to God will and authority which trump man-made laws. When man enacts laws that oppose God's laws, then is the time for peaceful civil unrest and protest to oppose such laws. To do otherwise is to insult and deny the One whose name we bear. We cannot stand idly by while unborn babies are murdered. We cannot remain silent and not defend the rights of those American's we may disagree with. If we only speak out when those we fully agree with are being oppressed and tyrannized, then who will speak for us after the government silences them and then comes for us? If we allow those in power to oppress one group of people, sooner or later the oppression will spread to all groups, and no one is safe. The dehumanization of any people is the first step toward any holocaust. Government run healthcare under Mr. Obama, John Holdren, Nancy Pelosi, Ezekiel Emanuel, and Kathleen Sebelius, just to name a few, will dehumanize certain classes of persons in order to provide for the masses. They have already demonstrated this with their opinions and actions concerning abortion. The elderly of our society will be next. One final example from the past and then I will close this column.

Martin NiemÖller, was a staunch German nationalist and decorated war veteran of World War I. He was ordained as a Lutheran Pastor in 1931. He gave his support to Adolf Hitler to help get him elected, but soon changed his mind about this and became an outspoken critic of Hitler. After the war, NiemÖller was one of the founders of the Confessing Church in Germany. He was also one of the architects of the Stuttgart Confession of Guilt, a letter confessing the complicity of the church during Hitler's reign of terror on the continent.

In 1934 Hitler invited the most influential pastors from all over the country to a meeting to be held at the Reich's Chancery in Berlin. Hitler intended to use his powerful oratory skills and the impressive architecture of their surroundings along with the prominently displayed swastika's to calm any fears the church had about a Nazi government. I suppose he also wanted to intimidate them if he could. He spoke words of reassurance to the pastor's that they could continue with their worship services, that their tax exemptions would continue, that everything would remain the same under a Nazi government. Yes, the church had nothing to fear from the Nazi's.

NiemÖller was not impressed however. He knew what game was afoot, and he was not going to remain silent with what he knew. He knew Hitler was a liar. He knew the Nazi government, only days after taking power in Germany, had begun an assault against not only the Jews, but the Christian church as well. It became rapidly obvious that the Nazi government wanted to subvert the Christian church, and replace it with its own form of religion. The Nazi's sought to eliminate the churches influence completely in Germany. There were indications of this from the beginning, despite the reassurances the church received from the government. You cannot make a deal with the devil and expect him to honor it. History tells us that Hitler made treaties with nations and the Protestant and Catholic Church, but he did not honor a single one of them. He manipulated to get what he wanted. What he wanted was total domination and unquestioned obedience. NiemÖller was also smart enough to recognize a pattern could be taking shape and that Hitler's dragnet could, given enough power, extend to people's not yet concerned.

So NiemÖller made his way through the crowd and stood face to face with the German dictator and said to him, "Heir Hitler, our concern is not for the church. Jesus Christ will take care of His church. Our concern is for the soul of Germany." Other pastors standing nearby hustled NiemÖller away, fearing for his safety as well as theirs. Hitler's response to all this is chilling. He said to those standing there, "The soul of can leave that to us." The German church, for the most part, did just that. There were some that got involved in doing what they could to help others fleeing and hiding from Nazi oppression. But for the most part, the church remained silent and left the soul of Germany to the Nazi's. I do not have to tell you the rest of that story.

As for Martin NiemÖller, he remained outspoken against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government he help put in power. After Hitler had had enough of this thorn in his side, he was arrested in 1938. NiemÖller was imprisoned in both Sachsenhausen and Dachau Concentration Camps until he was liberated in 1945. He continued to be outspoken against tyranny and oppression for the remainder of his life. He died in March 1984 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

You see, we need people with courage like Representative Joe Wilson to be outspoken. We need people that are willing to hold others accountable when they step out of line.

Martin NiemÖller spoke to the United States Congress on October 14, 1968. The following quote is a part of the Congressional Record for that day. He repeated something he had been telling people for years. There are as many variations of this quote as there are people that quote it. But for my purposes, I will use his quote from that October day in our nation's capital. Here is what he said:

"When Hitler came for the Jews...I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned. And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned. Then Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church and there was nobody left to be concerned."

You can drop "Jews," "Catholics," "unions" and "industrialists" and insert whatever you want to replace those groups of people with. The one you cannot change is the final one. Take heed my friend.

To read more about Nazi Germany's plans for religious groups and organizations, you can go to and read chapter 7 for starters.

The following I copied and pasted from the home page of that site:

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression

Office of the United States Chief of Counsel For Prosecution of Axis Criminality

Nuremberg, Germany (1945-1946)

This eight-volume, 12-book series, also known as "The Red Series," is a "Collection of Documentary Evidence and Guide Materials Prepared by the American and British Prosecuting Staffs for Presentation before the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg, Germany." The Red Series makes available an indexed sampling of the evidence used to support the charges made against the major Nazi war criminals in their trial at Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946. Volumes I and II serve as an overarching guide for the Red Series. They contain essays that summarize and link together the documents that follow. Volume II also contains a glossary along with short biographies of the German defendants, as well as summaries of the individual cases against them. Original volumes of this series may be found in the collections of the Library of Congress and The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School Library, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia. (Library of Congress Call Number D804.G42 A4; OCLC Number 315871222)

Here is an exert from this series. Read it and then ask yourself if this does not sound like the goal of many in today's U.S. Government keeping in mind all we have discussed in this lengthy column:

(a) Statements of this aim. Martin Bormann stated in a secret decree of the Party Chancellery signed by him and distributed to all Gauleiters 7 June 1941:

"Our National Socialist ideology is far loftier than the concepts of Christianity, which in their essential points have been taken over from Jewry * * *. A differentiation between the various Christian confessions is not to be made here * * * the Evangelical Church is just as inimical to us as the Catholic Church. * * * All influences which might impair or damage the leadership of the people exercised by the Fuehrer with the help of the NSDAP must be eliminated. More and more the people must be separated from the churches and their organs the pastors. * * * Just as the deleterious influences of astrologers, seers and other fakers are eliminated and suppressed by the State, so must the possibility of church influence also be totally removed. * * * Not until this has happened, does the state leadership have influence on the individual citizens. Not until then are the people and Reich secure in their existence for all time."

Hans Kerrl, Reich Minister for Church Affairs, in a letter dated 9 June 1939 to a Herr Stapel, which indicated that it would be brought to the attention of the Confidential Council and of the defendant Hess, made the following statements:

"The Fuehrer considers his efforts to bring the Evangelical Church to reason unsuccessful and the Evangelical Church with respect to its condition rightfully a useless pile of sects. As you emphasize the Party has previously carried on not only a fight against the political element of the Christianity of the Church, but also a fight against membership of Party Members in a Christian confession. * * *

"The Catholic Church will and must, according to the law under which it is set up, remain a thorn in the flesh of a Racial State * * *." (129-PS)

Gauleiter Florian, in a letter dated 23 September 1940 to the defendant Hess, stated:

"The churches with their Christianity are the danger against which to fight is absolutely necessary." (064-PS)

Regierungsrat Roth, in a lecture 22 September 1941, to a group of Security Police, in the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) concluded his address on Security Police (Sipo) measures for combatting church politics and sects with the following remarks:

"The immediate aim: the church must not regain one inch of the ground it has lost. The ultimate aim: Destruction of the Confessional Churches to be brought about by the collection of all material obtained through the intelligence service (Nachrichtendienst) activities which will at a given time be produced as evidence for the charge of treasonable activities during the German fight for existence." (1815-PS)

To deny that such things that were suffered under the Nazi's cannot happen here is foolishness. Especially in light of the far left's current struggle to completely take over every aspect of our lives. How can anyone say our very most fundamental freedoms are not at stake? Already the Obama administration has taken over the two-thirds of the American car industry, the banks and housing. The unions are exerting considerable influence on the White House. The Department of Justice has launched an investigation into Humana for sending letters to its customers opposing healthcare reform, which is the next target and major industry this administration has its sights on. We cannot remain quiet. To do so is to invite disaster and ruin for our nation and our people for generations to come. We cannot allow another industry as important to every individual as healthcare to succumb to another government takeover. If we do, then we may find ourselves someday writing our own Confession of Guilt letter.

© Bob Kemp


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