Linda Kimball
The dark god of Gnostic progressive spirituality
By Linda Kimball
February 3, 2016

"We are at the dawn of a new consciousness, a radically fresh approach to our life...Perhaps the best name for this new segment of historical experience is the Interspiritual Age." Wayne Teasdale, "The Mystic Heart"

"At the outbreak of the modern era, the (gnostic) system of inverse biblical exegesis was once again activated." Ioan Couliano, "The Tree of Gnosis"

The Gnostic system of inverse exegesis begins with evolution, which has persuaded people,

" think of everything in nature as the fruit of a gradual growth rather than an original creation." Such inverse thinking means it is now impossible for educated Westerners to conceive of Biblical revelation because "in an evolving world, perfection obviously lay, not in the past, but in the future." (Franklin Baumer, "The Making of the New Spirituality, James Herrick, p. 150)

Western and American culture has been hijacked by an evolutionary spiritual ideology that Dr. Peter Jones, an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and Executive Director of truthxchange, calls neo-Gnostic Paganism. In the foreword to the book 'On Global Wizardry,' John Frame describes it as an historical and worldwide movement of enormous, cultural power that for centuries has sought to dominate our world. (p. 10)

Darwin's idea is taken by modern Gnostics as final proof that the universe is governed, not by the divine will of Jehovah Who created humans out of dust,

"...but by a virtually divine force Darwin called natural selection. Having produced human consciousness, evolution may brought directly under the control of its own product, Humanity, the accomplishment of natural selection..." (James Herrick, p. 150)

Grounded in an inverse evolutionary cosmogony Progressive Spirituality is vehemently anti-Revealed Word of God, the Genesis creation account ex nihilo which speaks of a fall by man from a good creation, and Jesus Christ God Incarnate, the Way, the Truth, and the Life who, in the minds of hostile progressive Gnostics, intolerantly declared that "No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

Progressive Spirituality holds that each world religion of nature shares a single universal truth – that the divine energy (i.e., the Force, evolution, prana, chi) or consciousness (i.e., Solar Logos, Mind of the Universe) has manifested itself through many deities in different places and at different times. Thus no one deity can express the totality of the divine energy or consciousness. This is polytheism.

Progressive Spirituality has eleven other essential beliefs:

1. The divine energy or consciousness is present everywhere within nature and man and is therefore the divine essence or spark in the minds of humans. This means that every person is a potential god because they are aspects of the evolving divine consciousness. This is idolatry.

2. The divine energy is represented by both female and male energies. These two major aspects of the divine are the goddess and god, although the divine, being beyond limitations of gender, is androgynous (transgender).

3. Animism: nature is infused with evolving divine spirit, consciousness, or life force and is thus alive with divine energy or soul, meaning Gaia (earth) is alive.

4. Magic and/or occult science: the principle instrument of initiates, adepts, and god-men employed to acquire hidden knowledge (gnosis).

5. Spiritual evolution: evolutionary progress over time resulting in apotheosis.

6. Subjectivism: there is no objective truth and reality; whatever one wishes to be true and real is subjectively true and real for that person. (1)

7. History as a record of events in space and time has no particular significance.

8. Religious pluralism rooted in mystical experience. This means that the only universal religious experience is the mystical experience.

9. Forecasting a pending, and for them a highly desirable natural selection of mankind in which progressive practitioners of Gnostic Spirituality enter the New Age millennium and the reactionaries face extinction. For the Apostles of progressive Social Darwinism, these casualties are a necessary price to pay for human evolution. (False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion, Lee Penn, p. 7)

10: Socialism as the new evangelism.

11. Praise for Lucifer as the light-bearer, angel of evolution, and giver of wisdom (gnosis)

Progressive Spirituality is a syncretic stew consisting of elements of Mystery Religion Babylon, occult Kabbalah, Egyptian Hermetic magic, pre-Christian and Christian era Gnostic paganism, Shamanism, Astrology, African pagan spirituality, Chinese spirituality, the spirituality of Quantum Mechanics, Deep Ecology and global change, Hinduism, Buddhism, Luciferian Theosophy, Wicca, evolutionary Christianity and new contemplative (meditation) techniques and other occult ways of contacting the spirit realm. (2) Uniting all of these movements is a determined commitment to evolution, magic science, subjectivism and tolerance that paves the way for a one world religion. John Frame comments:

"These movements are parallel to one another, even congruent. So they form a single movement in effect. They work together, drawing on one another for support and inspiration, affirming one another, while they unite in opposing biblical Christianity. The resulting movement is, then, a work of Satan, seeking to confront Christianity head-on." (p. 10)

In "The Aquarian Conspiracy," a book that has been called the New Age or Progressive Spirituality Bible, Marilyn Ferguson (1938-2008) concurs and enthusiastically reports that a great, shuddering irrevocable shift in consciousness is overtaking Westerners,

"It is a new mind, a turnabout in consciousness in critical numbers of individuals, a network powerful enough to bring about radical change in our culture. This network....has already enlisted the minds, hearts and resources of some of our most advanced thinkers, including Nobel laureate scientists, philosophers, statesmen, celebrities....who are working to create a different kind of society...The technologies for expanding and transforming personal consciousness, once the secret of an elite, are now generating massive change in every cultural institution – medicine, politics, business, education, religion and the family." (America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Hunt & McMahon, p. 34)

Ferguson lists a number of consciousness altering techniques:

".....Meditation, Self-Hypnosis, Focusing, Centering, Guided Imagery, Visualization, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Biofeedback, Dianetics, Silva Mind Control..." (America: Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Dave Hunt, Thomas McMahon, p. 43)

The altered state of consciousness in which a man supposedly enters into communion with the "Mind of the Universe" with the help of spirit guides is called "opening of the senses" in Scripture:

"Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand." (Numbers 22:31, also see 2 Kings 6:17; Luke 24:16-31)

Hypnotic trance-states are linked to ancient pagan religious practices and eastern mystical experiences that are essential to such practices as out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and Yoga. Historically, hypnosis has been an integral part of world pagan religious practices and pantheist systems stretching back to the mother of all such systems: Babylon.

In 'Recognitions' church father Clement records an evil deed committed by the Gnostic pagan magician Simon (Acts 8: 9-24) that bears a striking resemblance to the effects of modern altered state of consciousness techniques resulting in out-of-body-experiences. Clement reports that Simon committed murder by inducing a child to experience an out of body situation. By way of mesmerizing, abominable incantations,

"...he separated the soul of a child from its own body that it might become his assistant for the production of whatever apparition he might require. And he drew a likeness of the boy, and keeps it set up in the inner chamber where he sleeps, affirming that he...formed him of air by transformations such as the gods cause..." (Earth's Earliest Ages, G.H. Pember, p. 181)

In other words, by way of a consciousness altering technique, Simon drew out the spirit of the boy,

"...and then omitted to recall it, so that the spirit had finally separated from the body; and that he had done this for the purpose of procuring a (spirit) familiar....Simon....denied the murder of the boy by asserting that he had merely resolved a spirit-form which he had himself produced." (Earth's Earliest Ages, p. 182)

During trance states demons can interfere with and even possess the passive or empty mind, making occult meditation techniques open doorways into the realm of evil spirits and dangerous demonic deceptions.

Similarly, hallucinogenic drugs also assist users to experience an altered state of consciousness. There are as well certain types of music, such as electronic trance and heavy metal that enhance and in many cases produce in the mind and spirit of the listener an altered state, hence spiritual transformation. In secularized Westerners and unwary Christians alike, altered states eventually end in an altered world view.

As it was in the days of Noah

As Ferguson admits, many of the hypnotic-technologies being taught over and across our culture were once the private domain of ancient magicians and sorcerers. In fact, as Constance Cumbey reveals in her thoroughly researched book, "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow," many Progressive Spirituality historians claim their traditions originated in pre-flood Atlantis (during the time of Noah) and afterward were preserved in the ancient land of Babylon and surrounding plains of Shinar,

"...and from there disseminated throughout the earth, including Taoist doctrines of China, Mayan-Aztec teachings of Mexico and Central/South America; Great Spirit teachings of the American Indians, Hindu/Buddhist teachings of Asia, etc." (ibid, pp. 250-251)

Church Father Clement concurs. In the antediluvian world, fallen angels taught men the use of magical incantations that would force demons to obey man:

"After the flood Ham the son of Noah unhappily discovered this and taught it to his sons. This became ingrained into the Egyptians, Persians, and Babylonians. Ham died shortly after the fall of the Tower of Babel. Nimrod, called Ninus by the Greeks, was handed this knowledge and by it caused men to go away from the worship of God and go into diverse and erratic superstitions and they began to be governed by the signs in the stars and motions of the planets." (Recognitions of Clement 4.26-29)

The Tower of Babel was Babylon's founding edifice and spiritual center, said Brooks Alexander, research director for Spiritual Counterfeits Project. Brooks describes the Tower as an astral temple or gate-way into the dimension of spirits and the Divine Energy. It therefore represented the structure of the evolving universe of energy and matter:

"As the 'cosmic mountain' it tied heaven and earth together. It was the all-inclusive image of the totality of the universe." (The Big Lie, SCP Journal 29:2-29:3, 2005, Tal Brooke, p. 11)

The magical meaning of the Tower is the ancient Egyptian Hermetic principle of the universe or macrocosm's correlation with the microcosm, "as above, so below" symbolized by the Ouroboros – the serpent-powered cosmic tree of life represented by a snake biting its tail. "Below" corresponds to earth, initiate (aspiring god man), and Tower, and 'above' to a number of different astral planes and sub-planes comprising the void – the locale of gods and demons,

" the region inhabited by spirits of the air and other elements, and the various heavens and hells with their angelic and demonic hosts....With the help of ritual procedures, trained persons believe that they can 'rise on the planes,' and experience these regions in full awareness." ("Beyond the Body: The Human Double and the Astral Planes, Benjamin Walker, 1974, pp. 117-8)

From the time of Nimrod to our own, the serpent-energized Ouroboros with its astral planes and sub-planes has been well-known around the world in its' many esoteric (occult secret) traditions.

Brooks adds that in the ritual act of ascending the astral altar,

".... the priests acted out the stages of god-realization and the inner meaning of mankind's oneness with the cosmos. The Babylonian monarch was the focus of the occult power channeled through the activities of the priesthood. He was regarded as a divine being, a god-man."
(ibid, The Big Lie, p. 10)

With the help of spirit guides (fallen angels and demons), psycho-technologies and other occult rituals, initiates believed they could spiritually progress or evolve up the astral planes to visit the realm of the gods and become the mouth-pieces for the gods and goddesses.

According to occult lore, at the final level of initiation spirit entities (demons) fully possess the body of the monarch to replace his spirit. This means that the spirit of the monarch is no longer in residence as another spirit totally possesses and animates the monarch's body. This is why the monarch thereafter was regarded as a divine being, a god-man.

Upon possession of the monarch's body, the spirit exudes a powerful mesmerizing influence that draws much of the community into its sphere of influence and domination resulting in communal possession. Possession takes two forms, communal and individual. Communal or collective possession is,

"...strongly institutionalized, and ritualistically induced, but peripheral possession is more normally individual and spontaneous." (Demonic Possession: A Medical, Historical, Anthropological, and Theological Symposium, John Warwick Montgomery (ed.), Bethany, 1976)

Possession and Other Dangers of Mind-Altering Techniques

According to a 1987 New York Times article, psychologists who studied mind-altering techniques said that while participants are in this altered state group-leaders are able to implant new ideas and alter thinking processes, raising fears of mind control. (America: Sorcerer's New Apprentice, Hunt, McMahon)

This charge is so grave and frightening that former University of Wisconsin psychology faculty member Edwin Morse warns that graduates of new Spirituality (New Age) courses being required for employees of many businesses are often "psychologically scarred." Now in private practice and specializing in helping such people, Dr. Morse declares:

"These (mind-altering) groups are using hypnotic procedures and people are not being told about it." (ibid, America: the Sorcerers New Apprentice, p. 42)

Even school children are being taught the ancient art of centering, a psycho-technique that opens up their minds to the influence of demons. In his book, "America's Schools: The Battleground for Freedom," Allen Quist warns:

"New Age religion is now aggressively being taught in our nation's public schools." A model curriculum has been developed that "is clearly centered on pantheism." "Much of what passes for environmental education and multiculturalism is really indoctrination in pantheistic/New Age theology. The ACLU and other similar organizations have no objections to (pantheistic indoctrination). It is only Christianity that these organizations object to." (p. 51)

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, has also been following the explosive growth of Gnostic Progressive Spirituality. In a work entitled, "Teachers, Preachers and Greens: The Unholy Alliance to Transform America," DeWeese reveals the existence of a well-funded yet covert effort to alter the consciousness of American society through an aggressive assault on schools and churches. He reveals that the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City is one of the initiating centers of the assault and the home to the enormously influential occult spiritual Gaia Institute and Temple of Understanding – a politically influential U.N. Non-Governmental Organization. (

So-called 'extraterrestrials' are also at work. In "Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection," Gary Bates reports that the abduction phenomenon is occurring all over the world, including Third World countries. After considerable research, Bates connects psycho-techniques utilized by 'ETs" to hypnosis. So-called 'aliens' use hypnotic methods to enter into the subconscious mind to plant subliminal messages and alter thought processes to embrace the concept of naturalistic evolution which negates the Genesis account. (Bates, p. 262)

World-renowned UFOlogist and archaeologist Dr. Clifford Wilson is but one of many researchers who have pointed out how an entity calling itself "Ashtar" keeps popping up in UFO accounts. Along with Semjase (Samlazaz, Semjaza), who has been posing as a modern space-brother, Ashtar keeps appearing in UFO literature as well as ancient texts. John Keel, one of the world's most published and highly respected UFOlogists also noted this. Highlighting the element of deception he wrote:

"Thousands of mediums, psychics, and UFO contactees have been receiving mountains of messages from "Ashtar" in recent years.... Ashtar is not a new arrival. Variations of this name, such as Astaroth, Asher, Asharoth, etc. appear in demonological literature throughout history, both in the Orient and Occident. Mr. Ashtar had been around a very long time, posing as assorted gods and demons and now, in the modern phase, as another glorious spaceman." (Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, Gary Bates, p. 290)

In ancient Babylon, Ashtoreth (Inanna, Ashtar, Ishtar of the Acadians, Istar, Semiramis, Milcom, Cybele, Astarte, Isis, Demeter, Aphrodite; 1 Kings 11:5, 33; 2 Kings 23:13) was the androgynous consort of Anu, the supreme sky god.

According to Dr. Peter Jones, androgynous (transgender/bi-sexual) priests were associated with the worship of the goddess Istar from the Sumerian age (1800 BC). Their condition was due to their devotion to Istar,

"... who herself had 'transformed their masculinity into femininity.'" (Androgyny: The Pagan Sexual Ideal, Dr. Jones, truthxchange)

Who are Semjaza and Ashtar/Istar?

According to ANE Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser, Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Liberty University, Semjaza, the androgynous Ashtar and all other pagan gods are fallen, wicked Watchers, serpentine Seraphim,

"There are "good" serpentine beings (seraphim) who guard God's throne (so Isaiah 6's seraphim), and there are fallen, wicked serpentine beings (seraphim) who rebelled against the Most High at various times, and who became the pagan gods of the other nations." (Michael Heiser, Serpentine/Reptilian Divine Beings in the Hebrew Bible: A Preliminary Investigation," cited by Bryan Godawa, "Enoch Primordial," p. 363)

Globalized Gnostic Progressive Spirituality

The Book of Genesis informs us that before the great flood the antediluvian world was in a frenzy of wickedness, no doubt aided and abetted by the Watchers. God's wrath fell upon that world while a remnant was preserved in the ark. But scarcely had the waters receded when Ham rediscovered and resurrected the teachings of the Watchers from the antediluvian world. Utilizing these teachings, Nimrod turned the people away from the worship of God and revived the necessary elements of Mystery Religion Atlantis to establish his own post-flood version.

While Mystery Religion Babylon is the post-flood root of all mystery religions, in its' final version, communal and individual possession will become a global phenomenon as untold millions of people ritualistically act out the stages of god-realization and the inner meaning of mankind's oneness with the cosmos:

".....I can be saved only by becoming one with the universe. Thereby, too, my deepest 'pantheist' aspirations. It was especially the image of God which Teilhard saw in need of urgent redefinition. Modern man has not yet found the God he can adore, A God commensurate to the newly discovered dimensions of the universe." (Towards a New Mysticism, Teilhard de Chardin and Eastern Religions, Ursula King, p. 172

"Once again, but this time on a universal scale, humankind is seeking no less than its reunion with the 'divine,' it's transcendence into ever higher forms of life. Hindus call our earth Brahma, or God, for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine. This ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity. Its full flowering will be the real, great new story of humanity as we are about to enter our cosmic age..." (New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, Robert Muller, 1923-2010, U.N. Assistant Secretary General known as the philosopher of the U.N. and father of Core Curriculum, 1984, p. 84)

The Dark God of Progressive Spirituality

Progressive spirituality relies heavily on spirit revelations channeled through mediums such as Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Robert Muller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Neale Donald Walsh. Of these it is Blavatsky who reveals the identity of the dark god.

Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society to promote occult doctrine, religious philosophy and wisdom tradition. Theosophy holds that all nature religions are attempts by the Occult Brotherhood (fallen angels) to help humanity in evolving to greater perfection, and that each nature religion therefore has a portion of the truth. These teachings, which Blavatsky called 'The Ageless Wisdom,' had previously only been available to Secret Societies from the time of Babylon and Atlantis, but she obtained them from the Brotherhood during her travels to Egypt and India.

In her book, 'The Secret Doctrine,' Blavatsky reveals the name of the dark god:

"Satan and his rebellious host will thus prove to have become the direct Saviours and Creators of divine man . . . It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. Satan (or Lucifer) represents the Centrifugal Energy of the Universe, this ever-living symbol of self-sacrifice for the intellectual independence of humanity."

In volume II of "The Secret Doctrine" she said:

" is but view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the "Harbinger of Light" bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was the first to whisper: "in the day ye eat thereof, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil" – can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour...."

"And now it stands proven that Satan, or the Red Fiery Dragon, the "Lord of Phosphorus" (brimstone was a theological improvement), and Lucifer, or "Light Bearer," is in us: It is our Mind – our tempter and Redeemer, our intelligent liberator and Savior from pure animalism. Without this principle... we would be surely no better than animals" ((Theosophical University Press, 1888, p. 243)

In this light it becomes clear why leading Gnostic initiates and adepts speak of the necessity of the Luciferian initiation for all who wish to enter the coming utopian millennium.

Revelation reports that at some point the whole world will become drunk on the wine of Babylon, its' deluded celebrants convinced of their own deity when in reality they've received the mark of Satan.

The clearest answer to the apocalyptic atmosphere of our time is found in the Bible. We are living in the Last Days. History is winding down and Satan is mobilizing his forces for a final all-out assault – which we are already experiencing (1 Tim. 4:1 and 2; Tim. 3:1-4) The demonic realm is brazenly interacting with our own realm, and it is in this light that we can understand the growing epidemic of occultism, imbecility, pathological lying, violence, hatred, death-wishing, and other evils overtaking our society.

We are living in the days of a demonic nature, said Dr. Kurt Koch (1913-1987). For over fifty years Dr. Koch's name has been synonymous with authoritative and biblical insights and help for all who desire to understand or escape from the mesmerizing influence of the occult and demonic world. According to Koch, civilization is marching toward its own destruction and if we fail therefore to take our stand at the foot of the cross,

"... fail to build our house upon the Rock, (we will) be swept away by the turmoil of the End-times." (Demonology Past and Present, Koch, p. 37)


1. Subjectivism: why it will end the human race and damn the souls of men

2. Demonic Darkness: America's Invisible Wave of Evil

© Linda Kimball


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