Cliff Kincaid
Ukraine deserves the right to live
By Cliff Kincaid
May 23, 2023

I woke up this morning, turned on the television, and watched Rachel Campos-Duffy, a pro-life “conservative American television personality” on Fox, preach “peace” in Ukraine with Dennis Kucinich, the new campaign manager for RFK Jr. These two seem to think it’s a waste of money to support the people of Ukraine with weapons to defend themselves. They are advocating the peace of the grave for Ukraine.

Amidst the witty banter on the Fox & Friends Weekend show, this nice lady with a pro-life reputation did her best Tucker Carlson impression and made it clear that she wants the U.S. to abandon Ukraine to the Russians in the name of “peace.” Kucinich, once a proponent of a Department of Peace, eagerly agreed.

The author of, Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood, Campos-Duffy’s betrayal of the mothers who have lost their sons and daughters and husbands in Ukraine is sad. What accounts for her position?

Tune into any edition of the Stephen K. Bannon “War Room” program and you will quickly discover that Russian propaganda about Ukraine figures prominently in the “conservative” coverage of the war. These people despise Ukraine President Zelensky and his people, fighting for their freedom and resisting Russian aggression. They ignore the abundant evidence of an anti-communist revolution in the country that stretches back decades and resulted in hundreds of statues of Lenin and other communist figures being toppled.

When the Russians first invaded Ukraine in 2014, when Barack Hussein Obama was president, it was clear to many conservatives and liberals that one nation was waging an illegal and unjust war on another. Obama failed to help Ukraine resist. Hence, the Russians invaded again, on a much larger scale, in 2022, under Biden. They didn’t invade under Trump.

The problem with Biden’s approach is not that the weapons have been sent, but that they have not been sent fast enough and in sufficient quantities to turn the tide and evict the Russians from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

The Washington Post headline says it all: “Bowing to pressure, Biden relents on F-16s to Ukraine.” The report is that “Kyiv now appears in line to get F-16 fighter jets by the fall, as Washington agrees to let other nations send them into battle.”

Why has it taken so long?

But Bannon, Campos-Duffy, Kucinich, and their ilk pretend not to recognize the obvious. They blame Zelensky, NATO, and the United States for the war.

This is madness.

Like the betrayal of the South Vietnamese by a liberal Congress, when the communists took over as U.S. funding of our allies was terminated, this attitude by a kind and loving American mother like Campos-Duffy is truly mind-boggling. How could she turn a blind eye to the suffering of the families of Ukraine? How could she advocate a policy of abandonment of these brave people?

It's a question that should apply to other advocates of “peace.”

Unlike South Vietnam, members of the American Armed Forces have not had to fight on the ground in Ukraine. But some have gone voluntarily.

Indeed, the American spirit has been shown in several cases of Americans going to fight in Ukraine, the latest being Nicholas Maimer, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier who was killed by the Russians. He had told NBC News that advocates of abandoning Ukraine are “short-sighted,” adding, “Because of the spirit of the Ukrainian people, what they’re asking for is materials and not asking for our people. The kind of existential threat that Russia poses to the world, I think this is the right place to take a stand.”

Showing contempt for America, a Russian warlord posed with the dead body of Maimer.

“I think this is one of the most clear-cut unjust invasions in recent history," Maimer had said about the Russian invasion. “It's really obvious to everybody that it's an unjustified invasion. So I felt like my moral compass just pointed me towards it.”

It is obvious. And yet we find television personalities like the lady on Fox and former Trump adviser Bannon (and former Fox star Tucker Carlson) spouting nonsense about “peace” in Ukraine on Russia’s terms..

Kucinich, the former Representative from Ohio’s 10th Congressional district, is usually described as “a leading anti-war and pro-civil liberties voice.” In fact, as noted by researcher Trevor Loudon in his book White House Reds, he has been deeply involved during his political career with activists in the Communist Party USA and his proposed Department of Peace was “so blatantly designed to weaken America it never got much traction.”

“At the 2008 Russia World Forum,” Loudon notes, “the organization’s founder Edward Lozansky introduced Kucinich as a congressman ‘who was close to Russia.’ Kucinich went on to give an ‘eight-minute presentation about how we should be friends with Russia.’”

It is bizarre that RFK Jr. campaign manager Kucinich would now proclaim himself a “Kennedy Democrat,” when the Kennedy Democrats, JFK and RFK, were strong anti-communists and both were assassinated by Marxists. One of the killers, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a former Marine and marksman who had been living in Soviet Russia and was a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. His handlers were upset by JFK’s policy of overthrowing the communist Castro regime in Cuba. The other, Sirhan Sirhan, was a Palestinian Marxist upset by RFK’s support for Israel.

Ironically, RFK Jr.’s own son, Conor, volunteered to fight for Ukraine, saying, “Like many people, I was deeply moved by what I saw happening in Ukraine over the past year. I wanted to help.” He joined the International Legion there.

During a separate segment of the Fox & Friends program on Saturday morning, Rachel Campos-Duffy performed a worthwhile service by interviewing a medical specialist on the dangers of young people smoking marijuana. The doctor noted that dope inhibits the ability to think clearly.

But the idea that “peace” in Ukraine can be achieved by letting the Russians dominate this former Soviet republic is not clear thinking, either.

Campos-Duffy once tweeted an “Alert to Americans still flying Ukraine flags,” suggesting it was a mistake to rally behind Ukraine since President Zelensky was talking to “America’s enemy China” about the communist nation’s stance on the war. This was a foolish interpretation of events. Zelensky doesn’t expect any support from China but wants China to refrain from further support of Russia. What Campos-Duffy doesn’t understand is that Russia is an enemy, too.

She comes across as a good wife and mother who had a lot to offer, especially on the abortion issue. But on foreign policy, in proclaiming her agreement with far-left Democrat Dennis Kucinich, she exposed herself as a dazed and confused thinker, much like the potheads she wanted to expose.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

    © Cliff Kincaid


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