Cliff Kincaid
Press Conference on America's 'Reefer Madness'
By Cliff Kincaid
May 18, 2024

For those who think marijuana is a harmless drug and that “Reefer Madness” is the name of a funny out-of-date movie, consider the case of Bryn Spejcher. She experienced what is called “cannabis-induced psychosis” and stabbed her boyfriend Chad O’Melia 108 times, killing him, then stabbed her dog and was trying to kill herself when the police arrived. She was arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

On Monday, May 20, 2024, Spejcher will be available to talk about the dangers of “recreational marijuana” at the National Press Club (529 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20045) during an 8-11 a.m. news conference.

It turns out that “reefer madness” is very real and accelerating in America, taking its toll on young people and their families, and constituting a national security threat. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the mind-altering or psychoactive component of marijuana, attacks the brain, creating more mental illness and violence, and has been linked to birth defects in pregnant women.

Marijuana is already all over the country, in its legal or illegal forms, with the legal market the result of the success of the Russian-financed Curaleaf company, generating profits and taxes for politicians in many states. Meanwhile, we are constantly learning more about how the communist Chinese are funding “illegal” pot operations in America in such states as “conservative” Oklahoma. Last year four people were shot and killed at a Chinese-sponsored marijuana growing operation in Oklahoma. The dead were Chinese nationals.

It appears that the Russians have cornered the “legal” part while the Chinese go after the “illegal” market.

In Russia and China, however, marijuana remains illegal. Indeed, WNBA star Brittney Griner was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison for bringing marijuana into the country. Biden then exchanged her for the powerful Russian arms dealer and former Soviet military officer Viktor Bout, the legendary “Merchant of Death” who was serving a 25-year sentence in U.S. federal prison.

The National Press Club event on Monday is sponsored by Roger Morgan, a 30-year drug prevention activist who founded the Take Back America Campaign and is demanding that leaders of both major political parties address the violence and death caused by America’s national drug policy and the loss of thousands of Americans a year to drugs like fentanyl and marijuana.

The National Press Club conference room holds forty people. To secure a seat and receive a security code required to enter, please email

“While the government has the responsibility to protect the people, they have failed to do so, largely because of the influence of money flowing from a billionaire with evil intent: George Soros,” says Morgan. “America has become a narco-nation.”

Smoking cigarettes, of course, causes cancer, suffering, and death. My own mother died from lung cancer after smoking for decades. My father smoked for years but then gave up the habit. But marijuana, with some of the same carcinogens, is now given the seal of approval because it generates a “high” acceptable to the liberal elites who want to leave people in a brain-damaged fog capable of being directed into “progressive” causes.

Known as the godfather of drug legalization, George Soros understands that pot is the perfect commodity, guaranteed to keep customers coming back for more, in higher and higher doses.

Thanks to George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, Oregon decriminalized LSD, cocaine, and heroin in an “experiment” that even liberals concede totally backfired and has since been repealed. However, legalization of marijuana continues at a rapid pace on a state-by-state basis, to the extent that “Big Marijuana” is now on track to be a $112 billion dollar business in America.

Despite the debacle in Oregon, it probably won’t be long before you can take LSD and other psychedelic drugs, perhaps under the watchful and approving eye of the government.

As I noted in a 2013 article on LSD as “medicine,” a key Obama supporter by the name of Ashawna Hailey was a pioneer in the field of psychedelics, as well as transgenderism. Ashawna Hailey was once a “he.” Shawn Hailey was born a man, but “changed his gender” to female and his name to Ashawna.

This is how he marijuana legalization movement got started. Video footage of a pro-marijuana event many years ago showed Ed Rosenthal, formerly of High Times magazine, speaking to dozens of marijuana activists. “With all the talk about medical marijuana, I have to tell you that I also use marijuana medically (laughter),” he said. “I have a latent glaucoma, which has never been diagnosed (more laughter). And the reason why it has never been diagnosed is because I’ve been treating it (laughter)… But there is a reason why I do use it. And that is because I like to get high. (cheers, applause). Marijuana is fun.”

Another video excerpt showed Richard Cowan, former director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, saying that “The key to it [legalization] is medical access because once you have hundreds of thousands of people using marijuana medically under medical supervision the whole scam is going to be blown. . . Once there's medical access and if we continue to do what we have to do—and we will—then we'll get full legalization.”

In Frederick County, Maryland, where I moved, David Frederick Miner IV, 21, entered guilty pleas to involuntary manslaughter and two counts of 2nd-degree assault for killing his mother. He was hallucinating on LSD. He was sentenced to ten years in prison for the involuntary manslaughter count, and was given 20 years suspended sentence for the 2nd-degree assault counts, when he resisted arrest and attacked the police.

The menace of LSD was unleashed by the CIA in the notorious MK-Ultra mind control project. Look up the name “Frank R. Olson.” My new dentist is housed in an office in a building dedicated to him.

Ironically, MK-Ultra was conceived as defensive in nature, to guard against communist brainwashing techniques. It may now become official U.S. government policy.

Some observers say marijuana and other drugs have become the Soma of the “Brave New World,” to keep the people distracted and from using critical thinking to solve the real problems facing America.

America is so far gone that, in a hearing supposedly addressing global threats, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon demanded to know why the Intelligence Community wasn’t hiring more potheads. Avril Haines, director of National Intelligence, declared the Intelligence Community was open to potheads, as long as, presumably, they weren’t smoking on the job.

“The White House and Senate are under the control of George and Alexander Soros,” Roger Morgan says of the main financiers of the drug legalization movement. “It cannot continue or we will not have a country worth living in. It is unsafe now.”

The push to legalize the drug began under Barack Hussein Obama, who won the presidency despite a personal record of heavy marijuana use in the “Choom Gang.” Biden, who once opposed legalizing the drug, has changed course. It is a strange development that his own son Hunter Biden’s drug- and alcohol-fueled lifestyle has not caused Biden to crack down on illegal and legal drugs. Instead, it is apparent that he has adopted a pro-marijuana policy to attract votes from stoners during the presidential campaign.

Another factor may be the fact that Joe Biden’s daughter was busted for weed.

President Trump lost his brother to alcoholism and should consider speaking out against the Soros-funded marijuana craze before more lives are ruined and lost.

In previous remarks, directed at President Trump, Roger Morgan said that “America can never be great again if a major percentage of its young people are brain damaged, mentally ill, addicted or dead.” He wants the former president to address the problem in his campaign.

In the past, Trump has correctly indicated marijuana could be a root cause of much of the gun violence in the United States because of genetically engineered or high-potency marijuana causing psychotic breaks in people.

Therefore, if the federal government wants to stop gun violence, one place to start is enforcing federal laws against marijuana. But Biden refuses to do that.

Indeed, the Biden administration’s “Department of Justice” has just declared that marijuana is not as harmful as people once thought and should be “re-scheduled” under federal law. It could mean billions of dollars in more sales for marijuana businesses, at the expense of young brains.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

    © Cliff Kincaid


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