Larry Klayman
WikiLeaks has done the world a service
By Larry Klayman
December 4, 2010

No, this is not another article threatening WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange with criminal prosecution, imprisonment or even death. To the contrary, before conservatives, libertarians and other independent-minded people "drink the Kool Aid" of our nation's and the world's foreign-policy establishment — which was exposed to be composed of incompetent and dishonest fools in their dealings with rogue terrorist states in particular in WikiLeaks' 250,000 document dump earlier this week — consider just some of what was revealed by Assange and his minions.

First, it was learned that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have looked the other way as China and North Korea have been steadily arming the radical Islamic Iranian regime with missiles that could shortly be delivered, nuclear-tipped, to Israel and Europe — as well as supplying these Neo-Nazis with the technology to produce intercontinental missiles capable of hitting the United States.

Second, the leaks reveal that even Arab states like Saudi Arabia want President Obama to quit his policy of appeasement toward Iran and instead remove its leadership, as well as militarily destroy its nuclear program.

Third, the documents that were released show that these same Arab states are not so concerned, if at all, with the creation of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel — as Obama and Clinton have been claiming is necessary for peace — but instead see Iran as the real threat. This ruse has always been the case. Yet the "mullah in chief" and Ms. Hillary lash out and continue to persecute Israel, not only unmasking their dishonest stupidity but in Obama's case also his leftist anti-Semitism — "Jimmy Carter style."

And, the leaks also show that even Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia recognize what to any sane person is also apparent: that the protracted war in Iraq was a huge disaster, with not only over 4,000 American GI's dead, but over 45,000 wounded, and with what now is a so-called democratically elected government loyal only the radical Shiite mullahs in Tehran.

Thanks to WikiLeaks "leaking" these documents — and I do not condone any conduct that was illegal (but experts, including yours truly, say that illegality will be hard to prove under the Espionage Act of 1917) — Obama and Clinton have now been exposed to be the naïve, incompetent and deceitful "Keystone Cops" that they are. If Assange did not play a role in removing the classified State Department cables but instead just received them "over the transom," as would be the case with newspapers that routinely publish even stolen government documents, then he has committed no crime under our law. It is rather up to the Obama administration to shore up American cyber-security. And, ironically, it was President Obama who promised during his 2008 presidential campaign greater transparency in government. So it's hypocritical to scream and threaten to prosecute WikiLeaks' founder, much more sic Interpol on him, as occurred earlier this week, when we now see the inner workings of Obama's and Clinton's failed foreign policies. Mr. Obama, you just got greater transparency: "You asked for it, you got it, Toyota!"

The threat by Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, to prosecute Assange and WikiLeaks is like the pot calling the kettle black — no pun intended. Holder and Hillary Clinton herself should have been indicted for their participation in the sale of pardons at the Justice Department during the reign of President Bill Clinton. And Holder should also have been criminally charged for obstruction of justice for, during the Clinton years when he was deputy attorney general, indicting Nolanda Hill, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's "main squeeze," during the Chinagate scandal (which I largely uncovered at Judicial Watch) to shut her up on what she knew about Hillary Clinton's illegal selling of seats on Commerce Department trade missions and the relaxation of foreign export controls to China in exchange for large campaign contributions from China (which were also illegal) to husband Bill's presidential re-election effort.

I feel strongly about such threats, because when I was uncovering the Chinagate scandal and deposing the CIA agent who briefed Chinese Clinton-planted spy John Huang at the Commerce Department, the Clinton Justice Department falsely accused me of disclosing the identity of the CIA agent and suggested that I would be criminally prosecuted. Short after it did this, the Clinton Justice Department attorney told me that if I dropped the Chinagate case, which was exposing damaging information almost daily about the Clintons, they would not proceed. Using a few expletives, I "politely" declined to be blackmailed. See my new book, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment" for a full account.

These types of threats are themselves illegal, as they constitute a misuse of the legal system and government powers, which belong to "we the people," not establishment hacks who want to cover up their own incompetence, corrupt policies and crimes, as is true here. Indeed, the similar threats by the Republican establishment are also despicable, such as Rep. Peter King's outrageous declaration that Assange and WikiLeaks be declared "terrorists" and put on a so-called "watch list." After all, it was the Republican administration of President George W. Bush that got us into the mess in Iraq, all the while neglecting a country of true strategic importance, Iran, which now threatens the United States, Israel and the West with nuclear holocaust.

And yesterday it was reported that "establishment governments" whose failed foreign policies have been exposed are engaging in cyber-attacks on the Internet host providers of WikiLeaks, without legal authority to do so. So who are the real criminals here?

Whatever your opinion about Julian Assange, he did a real service to our nation and the world in revealing, in particular, the dangerous internal workings of the corrupt Obama foreign-policy establishment. And if Assange and WikiLeaks, who serve as media watchdogs in effect, are silenced by the "mullah in chief" Barack Hussein Obama, Czarina Hillary Clinton and the rest of their sympathetic establishment political hacks, who is next; Fox News?

© Larry Klayman


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