Larry Klayman
WikiLeaks sparks revolution
By Larry Klayman
December 11, 2010

This week marked a milestone in our nation's history — and the American people smell a rat. "Washington, D.C.," is not only rotten to the core, it is now clear to all that the government establishment wants to destroy us. The revolution has finally begun.

Last week's column was about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, the media watchdogs who released on the Internet over 250,000 pages of allegedly classified State Department documents exposing the rank deceit, corruption and stupidity in our foreign-policy establishment. Despite condemnation of Assange by even political commentators on the right — one incredibly calling for his assassination — conservative, libertarians and all of the other readers of my column responded in unison, agreeing that I am "right"; WikiLeaks did the world a service, and government threats to prosecute Assange are not only just another example of the establishment not liking to be exposed in the light of day but are also abhorrent.

However, the threats by Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Obama, himself, were just Round 1. This week, on what are likely to turn out to be trumped-up charges that Assange engaged in "unprotected sex" with two women who just happened to wander into his bed (no, this is regrettably not a Hollywood comedy), the Obama administration put Interpol up to arresting Assange in Great Britain — where he had been hiding — using Swedish law as the vehicle. He was taken into custody not because there was "probable cause" that he had committed any crime or even civil offense, but because he would not agree to questioning — which under American law, at least, he did not have to do thanks to our "Fifth Amendment" right against self incrimination. So the Obama administration put up British authorities to use Swedish law to arrest Assange using as a pretext his refusal to incriminate himself, since our legal system will not allow for this.

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Simultaneously, the Obama administration orchestrated additional Internet attacks on WikiLeaks, illegally coercing credit-card companies to shut off services so the organization could no longer raise money. And former Democrat and now so-called independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who not coincidentally also happens to be a close friend of Hillary Clinton, called for new laws that would allow the United States to prosecute Assange, since obviously under our current laws he has done nothing wrong, if he simply received and published the classified documents and did not participate in their removal from government custody.

So here we have it; our foreign-policy establishment is "de whored" for the corrupt fools they are — just a few examples: getting down on their knees to the neo-Nazi Islamic fanatics in Tehran who want to wage war on Christians, Jews, their own people and the West, among other dumb and politically motivated policies like continuing to prosecute the costly and counterproductive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — and this evil establishment government empire strikes back by attempting to destroy the messenger. Sound familiar? This is an age-old technique used for centuries by despots, dictators and arrogant sovereigns who see "we the people" as simply inferior nuisances (which they think they can easily crush), to their own designs, schemes and criminality.

At the same time "our government" was out crushing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, it was hard at work in Washington, D.C., defecating upon the interests of American citizens. And on this score, I am not just talking about Democrats and the Obama administration.

For instance, despite knowing that first responders like my brave and heroic client who sued to stop the Ground Zero mosque, Vincent ("Vinnie") Forras, had been deprived by the victims-relief fund of monies to adequately pay even for their medications (Vinnie takes 23 prescription drugs for ailments and serious illnesses that resulted from the chemicals and toxins released at Ground Zero that tragic day), Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked passage of an appropriations measure that would have provided additional resources to the victims of 9/11. Coming as it did during the Christmas season, this was a cruel slap at our nation's heroes and further endangers and harms their well-being and health. Already, over 1,200 poisoned first responders like Vinnie have died following 9/11, with another fallen brother having passed away just this week.

At virtually the same time Congress was showing our nation's heroes the back of its hand if not its derriere, it found time to appropriate and release about $4.5 billion of taxpayers funds to pay for what in effect are "reparations" for African-American farmers and Indians who were allegedly discriminated against by the government over the last many decades. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this, if indeed the monies were being paid to those who were legitimately discriminated against.

However, despite hard evidence that these government programs are rife with fraud — which I helped bring to their attention over the last months — Republicans chose to let this appropriation and disbursement go through, instead planning to use this soon-to-be huge scandal come to full light later, conveniently during the run-up to the 2012 presidential and congressional elections. In this way, they intent to politically weaken Democrats and Obama much like they cynically only used the impeachment of President Bill Clinton to keep Al Gore from being elected president in 2000 — rather than having the criminal degenerate removed from office as should have been the case. In short, rather than blocking these "reparations" until full hearings could be held in the new Congress before a Republican House of Representatives, Republicans did not care about saving billions of taxpayer dollars during the current state of economic "depression," but instead chose only to use the scandal, much like they did Monica Lewinsky, to simply later "do a number" on their political opponents.

The contrast between not funding relief for the first responders and paying out fraudulent claims by black farmers and Indians is remarkable and outrageous. It is even more disgusting when one considers that most of the black farmers who were discriminated against in not getting government-backed loans over the years will not get compensation even now. It turns out that black Muslim friends of Obama and others used this agricultural loan program to defraud the government by using fictitious third parties (lawyers call them "surrogates") to submit false claims. Anyone who could supposedly "remember" that he or she had submitted a loan request could simply so certify without any requirement of actual documentary evidence. And, once certified, the party would then ultimately receive in excess of $50,000 and perhaps even more under what came to be known at the "Pigford settlements."

As far as WikiLeaks is concerned, the people have answered. Just yesterday, ordinary citizens and others deluged the Internet providers who have, as a result of government establishment's coercion, shut down the media watchdog. Because of the volume of traffic, some of these Internet sites were themselves temporarily shut down. I do not condone this response, but it highlights the simple and obvious fact that the people are not going to take the ever-increasing lawless, heavy-handed and politically motivated actions by the government lying down. And, what is next? Riots and other violent reactions on a grand scale.

While I prayed that it would not get to this, it is clear that we are already in the early stages of an eventual full-scale revolution. Will the government establishment pull back, start acting in the interests of ordinary Americans rather than just itself, and avert this potential disaster? While that is the question of the day, I am not hopeful from what I have seen recently from both political parties.

© Larry Klayman


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