Larry Klayman
Why violent revolt lies in our future
By Larry Klayman
December 18, 2010

President Ronald Reagan used to say that the scariest words in the English language are: "Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Two hundred or so years earlier, our Founding Fathers had essentially the same thoughts when they declared independence from the British Crown based on its refusal to take into account the grievances of the colonies and its peoples, and instead attempted to beat them into submission.

Today, as we observe the holidays and ready ourselves for a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives in the New Year, in the face of continued control of the Senate and White House by the Democrats and President Barack Obama, these words and thoughts ring louder than ever. Never before in the history of our sacred nation has the "State of the Union" been worse and indeed more hostile to the needs of the American people. And both Democrats and Republicans are responsible!

I have written in earlier columns that I sincerely believe that we have entered a new revolutionary period in American history. With each passing day, I become more convinced of it. And, regrettably, I believe that we are only a year of so from violent revolt if things do not radically change "on a dime."

Here are the signs of the violent revolution to come:

First, the economy continues in a tailspin, with unemployment increasing. Families do not have the financial means, even assuming they are able to bring home a salary, to pay for their children's higher education, buy a new car, much less put good wholesome food on the dinner table. Couple this with glacial growth in the economy, our dependence on foreign capital to keep the nation afloat and the continued real-estate crisis and the picture is more than bleak. And God forbid we have another large terrorist attack or an oil field or two in the Middle East blows up — the entire world economy could easily go down for the count. People get real upset when they do not have money; plain and simple. Just ask any employer who has missed or is late on a pay period for his employees. He or she is lucky not to be lynched. Our government has not only missed several pay periods, it is taxing the populace into submission and wasting these revenues on projects and graft that return nothing but more hardship.

Second, the prospect of war overseas looms large and is imminent. Thanks to the neglect of three successive administrations toward Iran, the fanatical mullahs of Tehran are on the verge of acquiring atomic weapons and undertaking in earnest their long-desired quest of worldwide Islamic rule. Because of President Obama's and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's policy of appeasement, the situation is now even more dire and will require almost certain military intervention by Israel and the Western powers to stop the potential Holocaust that looms on the horizon.

Then there is North Korea, which already has atomic weapons and had just this week threatened a nuclear war against its southern neighbor, the United States and its allies. Of course, that's not to forget about Hugo Chavez, that communist Venezuelan despot Obama hugged and fawned over at the Summit of the Americas a couple years back. He has just acquired hundreds of missiles from Vladmir Putin's Russia. Chavez is, not coincidentally, a close ally of not only Castro's Cuba, but Iran and North Korea. These "trouble spots" are on the verge of blowing up, requiring massive U.S. resources, financial and otherwise, to address. This in turn will put even a greater strain on the American economy and our nation's military, particularly with the continuing counterproductive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our government has more than failed big time; it has lead us into an international hellhole.

But the crises domestically and internationally are not all. "Above all," it's the arrogance, indifference, incompetence, immorality, corruption and slough of our government officials and their body politic, and the media, which are destroying the country.

Our Founding Father and perhaps greatest American president, John Adams, declared just days before signing the Declaration of Independence that without ethics, morality and religion, we can change our rulers and our form of government many times, but we will have no lasting liberty.

The cesspool of Washington and our state capitals, furthered by what is generally a degenerate mainstream media, has had more than a corrosive effect on our Judeo-Christian culture. The people have lost any respect for their so-called "leaders."

Last week I was watching an episode of Glenn Beck on Fox News. While I generally agree with Glenn and believe he has served the country well, he went off on blasting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for releasing hundreds of thousands of allegedly classified government documents into the public domain. Beck called Assange a "traitor!" Then, turning to the studio audience, Glenn asked them, with a confident air that they would agree with him, what they thought of Assange. All but a few in the audience refused to condemn Assange and WikiLeaks, despite the respect and adulation they have for their television mentor. The response of the group was telling and scary. The American people sided with Assange and WikiLeaks and threw cold water into their adored host's face. And why was this? Because "We the People" have come to see the government as so evil that even if it takes allegedly illegal means to bring it to its knees, to prevent its further oppression, this seems justified.

There we have it in a nutshell. No matter how hard the conservative and leftist media may try to twist the minds of the American people, they have a mind of their own. And, as of today, that mind is on rebellion against the government, at all costs.

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