Larry Klayman
Remember the Bastille!
By Larry Klayman
January 15, 2011

President Barack Hussein Obama and his band of socialist comrades in the media got a "gift" last Saturday. Dancing with glee on the "graves" of those shot in Tucson, like a congresswoman, federal judge and beautiful young girl, the mullah in chief, along with his venomous ultra-leftist allies at MSNBC and the New York Times in particular, wasted no time in exploiting the tragedy.

While totally predictable, it was an unprecedented, disgraceful display of the left's unprincipled crusade for continued political domination of its communist-inspired sick version of God, also known as our so-called government, reminiscent of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky — who believed and practiced the adage that the "ends justify the means." A new low has been experienced in American "politics," but it did not come from the tea party, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Fox News or activists like yours truly with our alleged vitriol in exercising our rights of free speech.

But despite the obvious cheap and dangerous tactics of the "Obamaites," the Republican Party and even some conservative voices like Fox News hit the deck and went into a pre-natal crouch, covering up their fallen bodies like criminals caught in the act and then subdued by the police with billy clubs.

First, the pure establishment speaker of the House, John Boehner, along with his equally establishment boy sidekick, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, put off the vote on repeal of Obamacare. It seems that Rep. Giffords voted for Obamacare, and when the left proclaimed that the shooter was acting for tea partiers and the majority who oppose it, the elephant took the bait, defecated on itself and then retreated faster than Saddam Hussein's armies.

Second, believing that they are better than the rest of us and have special rights, Republicans like Rep. Peter King of New York, in fitting with his last name, hypocritically proposed what is in effect a new "hate crime" law, providing that anyone carrying a gun within 1,000 yards of an elected government official be prosecuted. Yet another new law? Not only would it be contrary to the Second Amendment, but it signals to "We the People" that government officials consider themselves to be more worthy of "protection" than average citizens, and that they are in effect the equivalent of "American nobility." King, who on occasion makes some sense with regard to terrorism issues, has really lost it otherwise (he also recently proposed a new law, which would be illegal ex post facto, to prosecute Wikileaks), and no one in the Republican Party even criticized him for this stupidity and disgraceful show of elitism and superiority. And, Republicans had in the past steadfastly opposed special crimes for classes of victims, like black, gays and lesbians. Not so when the ruling class is involved! Let's solve every perceived issue with a new law. It's no wonder the Republicans were removed from any control of the government in 2008. It thus appears that they have a "death wish" to be removed again in 2012 from even their new minimal control of the House of Representatives!

Third, watching the neutering and self-flagellation of his fellow Republicans, Roger Ailes, the Republican ad man who was instrumental in getting Ronald Reagan elected president and the News Corporation guru who built Fox News into a mega-powerhouse — the one network that challenges Obama and the ultra-left (and did so successfully in the last election cycle) — also quickly fell on his sword. Roger, with lightning speed, issued a public statement that he was telling his commentators to cool the rhetoric. I had my differences with Roger in the past, but developed a new admiration for him and Fox News in the last two years because of their rightfully cutting Obama down to size.

All the while patriots like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, tea partiers, conservatives, libertarians, people of faith and others who stood up to Obama and the Clintonistas (who have reinfested our government under Obama) were left hung out to dry.

All of this was unnecessary if Republicans had unflinchingly held to their own claimed principles and prior political rhetoric. It's not political discourse that has been and was the so-called problem, but it's the government, stupid.

The government has during the last three administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama in particular totally broken away from the American people. It ignores the will of the people, does what it wants (when it does anything at all) and treats itself — as we see with Rep. King's deplorable proposed legislation — as above the law. The nation has had it! As before 1776, our first violent uprising, "We the People" are in a revolutionary mood and mode. In Tucson last week, it was a crazy leftist who went on a rampage. Next time, it could well be sane persons or groups who regrettably see no choice but to resort to violence because of how the government has treated them.

I, for one, do not condone or want it to come to this, and will do all I can through legal means to try to prevent revolution. But as I have written before, we have entered into a revolutionary state. And, this was not caused by the so-called vitriol of those who have stood up for our God-given rights. Indeed, without the means to strongly express dissent with free speech — which lets off the steam of societal anger — what is the alternative for those left out and alienated by our government? Widespread violence, of course.

So before Obama and the left succeed at cutting off free speech, we all need to remember that without a voice, the people will widely take matters into their own hands. That day is not far off unless our political "elite" grow up, act responsibly themselves and start to earnestly seek to address and resolve the grievances of "ordinary" Americans, whom they foolishly now consider to be the "rabble." If the governing class continues to borrow from Alexander Hamilton and believe and act as if the citizens are a "great beast," then the beast will surely soon devour it. Remember the Bastille!

© Larry Klayman


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