Larry Klayman
China and Iran: A Clinton-Obama shakedown?
By Larry Klayman
January 22, 2011

To say the least, it was a bizarre week. Republicans, after having been accused of a "lack of civility" by the left in the wake of the Arizona shootings, "civilly" voted, in vain, to repeal Obamacare, all the while "sanitizing" their speech along the way. No longer are words like "job killing," "targeted death panels" and the like kosher, as this could allegedly incite more crazies to take matters into their own hands.

The humiliating stupidity of the Republicans reacting to the vicious attacks of MSNBC and other Obama sycophants ironically reminds me of the period after the French Revolution, when, to restore "civility" and "equality," the French designated all days of the week the same, and everyone was addressed by one name; no kidding. The problem was that no one could figure anything out; what point in time they were at or who it was they were talking to — in other words, the French had no clue. Sound familiar? That's the state of our union today; the so called government is clueless to the real needs and grievances of the American people.

But one thing did become very clear this week with Chinese President Hu's state visit to Washington, D.C. President Barack Obama, with the obvious complicity of his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton — the mastermind of the Chinagate scandal during her husband's administration — bowed down to their communist comrades in Beijing, handing the socialist dictatorship equal world-class status to the United States as a superpower. The scene was so embarrassing — and I am not talking about the ridiculous "tent like" red and black dress first lady Michelle Obama wore to the state dinner at the White House in Hu's honor — that even the Washington Post, the nation's leading liberal newspaper, declared that Obama and Clinton came away from the summit with little to nothing in exchange. But is this really true?

Regrettably, the Post conveniently forgets that when Ms. Hillary — the shakedown queen of illegal campaign contributions and personal largesse — is involved, the past is likely a prologue. It does not take a razor sharp memory to "remember" that during the Clinton administration, when it appeared after two years in office that hubbie Bill would lose his re-election bid — circumstances similar to what Obama now faces — Hillary, in concert with Deputy White House Chief of Staff Harold Ickes, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, chairmen of the Democratic National Committee Sen. Chris Dodd and Marvin Rosen, Vice President Al Gore and a host of other co-conspirators, traded away U.S. national security secrets and other "favors" to the Chinese for large campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election effort. Does two and two equal four, or as they say down South, "do fat dogs pass wind? (trying to keep it "civil")."

So the big question is: Did Obama and Clinton get something in exchange for bowing down to the Chinese this week?

Lets look at other strong circumstantial evidence that the Obama-Hillary Democrat shakedown re-election machine is likely in full swing, a la 1996.

"All the president's men" have made it known that they will need to raise over $1 billion in campaign contributions to have a chance at re-electing Obama president and the Democrats retaining congressional power in at least the U.S. Senate in 2012. Even Chinese money, which flowed in the millions of dollars into Democratic coffers in 1996, will not be enough this time. Where else, then, can Obama, Clinton and their leftist comrades look to raise and launder the additional resources to retain power, so the Democrats can achieve unbridled political force to ram through one socialist initiative after another between 2012 and 2016, which would be Obama's second term? One word: Iran.

And the circumstances are strikingly similar to the "Chinagate," the campaign-finance scandal I triggered in 1996 with the discovery and testimony of Clinton crony and Chinese spy John Huang at the Clinton Commerce Department

Iran, which is incredibly rich and also specializes in bribery, has a great interest in owning the Obama White House and Hillary's State Department. And own it they have! During their first two years in office, Obama and Hillary have looked the other way to the torture, rape and execution of those brave Iranians who are fighting for freedom in the streets of Tehran and continue to follow a policy of appeasement toward the fanatical Islamic mullahs who are pursuing a nuclear strategy to someday exterminate not only Israel, but Christians and Jews worldwide. Why would Obama and Clinton take this tack, which is contrary to our national heritage, compromises and harms American security interests, and subverts freedom for the Iranian people, who are natural allies of the United States, the West and Israel? Money, lots of it, to re-elect the Democrats in 2012.

Corruption in our so-called government has reached epic proportions. Republicans as well as Democrats are to blame. But one must ask, who now controls the foreign policy of the United States? A Republican House of Representatives clearly does not! The Obama administration, chock full of recycled Clinton greasers, like Hillary, Attorney General Eric Holder at the Justice Department (who sold pardons) and perhaps not coincidentally newly appointed White House Chief of Staff Bill Daly (the Commerce Secretary who replaced Ron Brown when "conveniently" he died in a plane crash just before I was to depose him) are likely drawing from their old playbook and shaking down both the Chinese and Iranians for huge campaign cash.

As during the Clinton administration, we must get to the bottom of this! The United States must not be compromised and disgraced by being bought and sold like an oriental or Persian carpet in some Chinese market or Middle Eastern bazaar! And, after all these years its time for Hillary Clinton and others likely complicit in her criminality, including now Obama himself, to finally be brought to justice. With the dire and fast sinking State of the Union, the stakes are much higher today than they were in 1996.

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