Larry Klayman
Obama at the helm with the world on the brink
By Larry Klayman
March 13, 2011

The world economy in an imminent free fall over rising oil prices; Middle Eastern radical Islamic violence is spreading, threatening Israeli and Western security interests; and now we are hit with huge earthquakes and tsunamis — and our president, Barack Hussein Obama — the supposed leader of the planet — holds a news conference yesterday where he sounded more like someone who had overdosed on anti-depressants and tranquilizers than a leader who is alert, engaged and aggressively on the job. In a rambling, lackluster and defensive display of his now-patented and cocky inflated ego, the "mullah in chief" defended his administration's policy to curtain drilling for oil to create energy independence, gave mild if not unconvincing condolences to the Japanese people and then — in response to questions about the Middle East — attempted to distinguish between real assistance for the freedom fighters there and U.S. policy.

It is this latter statement that causes me the most concern in a dangerous world that is on the brink of total disaster!

Specifically, when asked by White House reporters why he had not done more to help the Libyan freedom fighters — who are now on the verge of being overrun by Col. Gadhafi's mercenaries — Obama responded pathetically by stating, in so many words, that there is a difference between the reality of Gadhafi's likely victory and U.S. policy. The president elaborated by claiming that while his administration supported the Libyan opposition, and has been in contact with it to discuss bringing freedom to the country, the U.S. policy was not to intervene militarily at this time. The absurdity of this is apparent to anyone who is not on drugs; Obama and his equally compromised secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, send their "best wishes" to the forces of freedom, but do nothing meaningful to bring freedom about — even when it is in America's clear self-interest. But at the same time, they claim to side with the freedom fighters, alienating further the eventual likely victor, Gadhafi — who, once he succeeds, thanks to Obama's non-intervention, in consolidating power most likely will reinvigorate his past violent and terrorist ways. All the while, Libya's oil supply remains shut down, and the price of petroleum continues to rise worldwide. "Frigging brilliant," to put it diplomatically!

But there are other problems with Obama's incoherency. Why is it that he is in contact with the Libyan opposition but has consistently shunned the Iranian freedom movement, as if it is a leper? Iran, along with Israel, as the key to more stability in the Middle East and the world, is much more important than Libya in the overall scheme of things. Iran has greater oil reserves, now controls through its terrorist surrogates, Hezbollah and Hamas, most the Middle East, and is on the verge — if this is not already the case — of possessing nuclear weapons, which the regime has more than suggested it will use to destroy Israel and the Jewish and Christian people — all infidels Allah wants dead under the mullahs' brand of Islam and their quest for worldwide Muslim domination.

Is the reason for Obama's diffidence that Iranian freedom fighters have largely broken away from identifying themselves as Muslim, and Obama — a closet Muslim — is offended by this? Is it that Obama in his heart wants the Islamic worldwide revolution to succeed? Is it that Obama's latent anti-Semitism causes him to take actions that harm Israeli security, perhaps fueled by his associations with American black Muslims like so-called Rev. Louis Farrakhan — the premier domestic Jew hater of the modern age? Is it that, in the vein of his father, a Muslim anti-American Kenyan communist, he wants to cut the United States down to size and realizes that regime change in Iran will work in American interests? Or is it, as I have theorized before, that the mullahs in Tehran are secretly pumping cash into Obama's re-election campaign, as China did during the Clinton presidency when it looked like Bill was not likely to be re-elected without big money on hand? All of this is certainly possible. How else to explain the apparent stupidity of Obama and his secretary of state's actions and non-actions during a pivotal moment in world history?

Obama will not likely win the next election; his pro-Muslim, anti-Semitic, if not bribed, state is now even apparent to many of his past supporters on the left — particularly liberal Jews and progressive whites, and other previous constituencies. But, assuming that the nation survives until 2012, what will follow is equally concerning.

None of the presidential candidates on the Republican side have any real foreign-policy experience. And, it is now more apparent than ever that the fate of our country is tied to the fate of the Middle East and the world. It is no longer enough that an attractive, charismatic new face comes along — be it Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney or even Newt Gingrich — although I don't think we can call Newt's cherubish and devilish face new, attractive or charismatic. We need someone with real experience, a vision, a plan, and someone who is prepared, in the words of President John F. Kennedy, to pay any price for liberty and freedom — so long as it is logical and well thought out and not a repeat of Lyndon Johnson's Vietnam or Bush's Iraq debacles. A President Richard Nixon, even with Watergate, would be far better than anyone on the horizon. Wait! I hear that he is tan, ready and rested for another comeback. Frankly, even a corpse in the White House would be better than our last three presidents — "world leaders" who have helped bring us to the brink of self-destruction!

But apart from all of this, what is also without doubt is that the American people need to go into a state of high alert. They need to demand more, by whatever non-violent means they can, from their leaders! And American Jews and Persians in particular need to become more demanding of Obama in the short term. These peoples, whose own futures and heritages in Iran and Israel are being so harmed by this president, need to wake up and take the initiative, because Obama is also severely damaging their American security and economic interests in the process. I have a few things up my sleeve to push this along. Watch and see what I do, not — a la Obama — what I say.

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