Larry Klayman
Enablers of Muslim hatred and revolution
By Larry Klayman
September 4, 2011

A week ago, after the conclusion of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Courage" event, I was walking in Jerusalem's Old Jewish Quarter on my way to visit anew the place where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Somewhat lost, what appeared to be a gentlemen approached me, introduced himself as Joseph and offered to lead me in the direction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is this holy spot. Looking at him in the eyes, it became apparent to me that his name was not Joseph, and that he was likely a Palestinian passing himself off as a Jew.

Having had experience with this kind of approach during a prior visit to Israel — which is to cleverly solicit money for a "kind gesture" — I walked a few steps side by side with "Joseph" and politely thanked him for his offer to lead me in the right direction, suggesting that I did not need his help. Realizing that he would not make a buck from me, in a quick and ferocious response, sneering, the "gentleman" beared his fangs and cursed me out violently as a "damn American" and most likely a Jew — which he must have concluded based on my walk through the Old Jewish Sector. The Palestinian's reaction was not only frightening but very instructive. The bottom line is that most Palestinians hate our guts, no matter how much they may try to pretend otherwise for financial, territorial or other gain.

And therein lies the rub. The Palestinian people, once so similar in education and mentality to Jews in particular, have learned to vehemently hate us. Their culture has degenerated in many ways into a barbaric one, bent not only on the destruction of Israel, but the Jewish and Christian peoples in general. That is a sad fact of life.

It is, however, a reality that must be recognized and dealt with as we approach a United Nation's General Assembly meeting this month, which — to futher Arab interests — is bent on creating a Palestinian state on the West Bank. While our "mullah in chief," Barack Hussein Obama, has said that the United States will veto any such resolution, this "commitment" is not convincing in the long term. For Obama's support of Israel at the U.N. is simply by political necessity at this time, since his poll numbers are dismal and he needs to hold support in the American Jewish community to have any chance of being re-elected in 2012. Over the longer term, Obama and his band of self-hating Jewish leftist/socialist advisers in the White House, are bent not only on the destruction of the Jewish state, but the advancement of Muslim interests domestically and around the world. Having been born to a Muslim Kenyan father, the president is a Muslim according to Islamic law, and he certainly has shown these sympathies over the last few years — including a widely viewed YouTube clip showing a Freudian slip to ABC's George Stephanopoulos, where Obama seemingly admitted that he is of the "Muslim faith."

One can only hope that Israel will be able to hold out long enough in preventing a Palestinian state on the West Bank to be imposed on it, for a new, more sympathetic American president to come to power in 2012. While Israel can and should stand on its own two feet, without the United States, the nation will be surrounded and threatened by an even greater sea of hostile Arab interests bent on its destruction.

But the Palestinians and Obama are not the only concerns these days when it comes to furthering Muslim hatred and revolution. Even the Jewish mayor of New York City has been coopted to this cause. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the media tycoon who owns Bloomberg News and other prominent outlets, has prostrated himself to Muslim interests by vociferously supporting and actively furthering the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero — no doubt to pander to Muslims as Bloomberg has numerous business interests in the Middle East.

But as if this were not enough from the mayor of the world's most important city, after inviting the Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Rauf to speak at this year's 10th anniversary commemoration of September 11 — a "kind gesture" quickly shouted down by the residents of New York City and elsewhere — Bloomberg, in an act of claimed fairness, now has disinvited Christian and Jewish clergy to speak there on this sacred of all days. And, to top it all off, the mayor has also banned all first responders, firemen and policemen who were not injured themselves on that tragic day from appearing at the ceremony. It would seem as if the mayor feels the necessity to get down on his knees to those who hate us and want to wage full scale revolution for the Islamic cause.

All of this points out how and why "We the People" must wake up and oppose destructive political leaders like President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg, who either by design or stupidity — or both — couldn't care less not only about Israel and Judeo-Christian culture, but also the future of our nation as one nation under God, one that is non-Islamic.

As our country sinks further into an economic abyss, and today's jobs report shows that we are likely entering another deep economic recession if not depression, we must not lose cite of the need to not only clean up our budget mess, but oppose with body and soul the march to worldwide Muslim domination. Sadly, some of our own most powerful political leaders are its enablers. And, when the Second American Revolution finally breaks out in full force — as it surely will given the current worsening state of affairs — these so-called leaders will surely see that our law and God's law, not Shariah law, will finally hold them accountable for their traitorous sympathies and acts.

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