Larry Klayman
False hopes, grim reality and Hillary
By Larry Klayman
September 26, 2011

It always amazes me how naïve many in the conservative movement are.

While optimism is generally a good thing, there is no cause for hope these days, unless We the People take matters into our own hands and wage a Second American Revolution.

The endless, if not ridiculous, Republican presidential debates, designed more for self-aggrandizing "loser" candidates who want to increase their "market value" for media and other business ventures after they lose — Mike Huckabee, now with his own prime-time weekend show on Fox News, however much a nice man, was a good example during the last presidential election cycle — and cable networks who want to boost their ratings may be entertaining of sorts, but they do not offer the vision — with real leaders — for the future of this nation. In the words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who last Friday branded the United Nations and its push to create a Palestinian state on the West Bank, "theatre of the absurd," so too are these presidential debates which create only a "mirage" that things will change in Washington, D.C., after the 2012 election.

As the French say, "The more things change the more they remain the same." And perhaps it is no accident that the phrase "theatre of the absurd" came from French existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. For the existential French movement believes that life is not rational and essentially meaningless. According to Sartre and his progeny, life is godless and devoid of spiritual meaning. That is the state of the United States by and large today, as far as our so-called leaders are concerned, no matter what false spin they may spew forth to the American people. Actions speak louder than words, an American expression!

As just one example, this time from the Democratic side of the aisle, our president, Barack Hussein Obama, Muslim under Islamic law as his father was Muslim and clearly Muslim in his heart, is in the process of orchestrating what Netanyahu branded "theatre of the absurd" with regard to Israel, a vital ally and one that is essential for U.S. national security in the oil-rich region of the Middle East. Having disparaged Israel and its leaders for the last three years, sided with Arab states bent on its destruction, supported a false "Arab Spring" that resulted in the removal of vital allies like former President Mubarak in Egypt, giving rise to the ascension of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in not only Egypt but several other Arab states which surround Israel, it should come as no surprise that the Palestinian Authority, which already was granted autonomy by Israel to govern itself on the West Bank, and its comrade in arms, Hamas, the terrorist group which rules Gaza and subjects Israelis to constant rocket attacks, has circumvented direct negotiations with Israel and gone to the "terrorist friendly" United Nations to impose a Palestinian state on the world. Coupled with the appearance if not reality that Obama and his administration — including the self-hating ultra-leftist Jews Obama surrounds himself with for political cover in the White House — are anti-Semitic, the Palestinians obviously felt emboldened to pursue this course. They have a not-too-stealth ally in the president of the United States and his sleazy minions. In effect, Obama stood by and let this happen.

But now that recent polls and election results show that Obama and his fellow Democrats are rapidly losing their traditional hold on Jewish political donors and fundraisers, our glib "mullah in chief" — two faced as ever — seeks to create the newly crafted impression that he is now solidly behind Israel and direct negotiations, rather than a United Nation's imposed Palestinian state. Promising to impose a veto in the Security Council if the United Nation's General Assembly votes for Palestinian statehood, Obama creates the appearance of false leadership for Israeli interests. In exchange and desperate for the administration's support, Obama obviously required words of thanks from Netanyahu and his more conservative Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman — as a means to boost his sinking ratings among American Jews. In effect, Obama held a gun to Netanyahu's and Lieberman's head to boost his standing among Jews. This charade is not only sickening, but dangerous.

This is because at the same time that Obama was proclaiming his new found fealty to Israel and its security interests, he and his criminally compromised Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — let's not forget "Chinagate" and more than 40 other scandals during the Clinton administration (read my book, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment") — were busy boxing Israel in to direct negotiations sponsored by the so-called Quartet. The Quartet, not coincidentally comprised of none other than the United Nation's itself, Russia, France and the United States, has now effectively given Israel an ultimatum. Either make "peace" quickly with the Palestinians by agreeing to statehood on the strategic and religiously paramount West Bank, or risk statehood being imposed by the United Nations. And, this is a veiled threat by Obama and the Quartet that if Israel does not eventually accede to their concept of statehood, that the United States will not veto any subsequent resolution imposing statehood in the Security Counsel.

And what about Ms. Hillary? It is now clear, given the recent statements of her former political advisers, James Carville and George Stephanopoulos, that Obama is likely to be defeated in 2012 as things now stand — that she and her "loving" husband, Bill, are angling to have her made Obama's vice presidential candidate. Indeed, it is ironic that liberal Jewish voters, many of whom I have come into contact with over the last three years in cafes, restaurants and elsewhere, have lamented that Hillary is not now president — rather than what they now have come to perceive as an anti-Semitic Muslim in the White House. So don't be surprised if we see an Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012.

If the situation in the Middle East and at home is not frightening enough, then wake up to this even worse prospect, America. Our political leaders have not only failed us and subverted our interests, but are poised to destroy what little we have left as a nation.

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