Larry Klayman
Halloween? The real demon is government!
By Larry Klayman
October 30, 2011

Isn't it great? The future looks bright — "Tout va bien," as the French say. The 2012 elections and their results will solve all of our nation's and the world's problems.

President Barack Hussein Obama, if he is re-elected president, promises renewed prosperity with his economic plan. And, if you read the leftist press you would think that he is the greatest international statesman since President Woodrow Wilson. His self-proclaimed victory in removing Col. Gadhafi from Libya is being hailed as his latest crowning achievement.

And, if you think Obama is not the right choice, then there are the Republican presidential candidates. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and company also promise easy solutions if they are elected president — everything from new economic plans to flat or "flatter" taxes to repealing Obamacare, to name just a few. It's as if we can be assured of these "quick fixes" if "We the People" are just smart enough to vote for them. All of a sudden, their simple presence in the White House will unite the political factions in Washington, D.C., and a new dawn will occur. Congress will just lie down as lambs and follow them to the promised land.

If you drink this Kool-Aid and believe all of this, you must be on drugs. It's certainly appealing and an easy way out to think that all will be well post-2012, but if the past is a prologue — which regrettably it is — don't expect major changes to our sad and sinking way of life in the future. We are currently headed in only one direction: down!

Indeed, Americans — left, right and center — are coming of age in their understanding of the way our government works, or should we say, does not work.

This week, following similar front-page articles in the last few weeks, even the New York Times — which generally worships at the altar of the likes of President Obama, liberal Democrats and big government — finally threw in the towel. Here are excerpts of what it was forced to concede in a column titled, "New Poll Finds a Deep Distrust of Government," dated Oct. 25, 2011:

"With Election Day over a year away, a deep sense of economic anxiety and doubt about the future hangs over the nation, according to the latest New York Times/CBS poll, with Americans' distrust of government at its highest level ever.

"The combustible climate helps explain the volatility of the presidential race and has provided an opening for protest movements like Occupy Wall Street, to highlight grievances about banks, income inequality, and a sense that the poor and middle class have been disenfranchised.

"Almost half of the public thinks the sentiment at the root of the Occupy movement generally reflects the views of most Americans.

"With nearly all Americans remaining fearful that the economy is stagnating or deteriorating further, two-thirds of the public said that wealth should be distributed more evenly in the country. Seven in 10 Americans think the policies of congressional Republicans favor the rich. Two-thirds object to tax cuts for corporations, and similar number prefer increasing income taxes on millionaires.

"The poll findings underscore a dissatisfaction and restlessness heading into the election season that has been highlighted through competing voices from the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements, a broad anti-Washington sentiment and the crosscurrents inside both parties about the best way to proceed.

"In February, a CBS News poll found that 27 percent of the public said the views of the Tea Party movement reflected the sentiment of most Americans. In the current poll, 46 percent of the public said the same of the Occupy Wall Street movement. 'They do reflect the discontent of most Americans,' said Sheila Shriver, 69, a retired special education teacher and independent voter from Columbus, Ohio. 'People are unhappy with the way the country seems to be moving, especially when it comes to lack of jobs. Washington hasn't even been concerned about that.'"

So there you have it. Both the left — Occupy Wall Street — and right — tea party — movements are about ready to literally burn Washington to the ground. And, these movements do not even represent all Americans who feel that the government has ignored their grievances for too long.

Add to this mix the real likelihood, with an unstable and increasingly radical Muslim Middle East, that there will be a catastrophe there in the near future — with oil prices rocketing — and you have a formula for massive revolt and revolution not just in the United States, but around the globe.

I know I am preaching to the "choir," and preach I have over the last year. But if any of you think that a political messiah will bail us out of our swift national decline, then wake up!

In the next few days it will be Halloween. Demons will roam the streets in costume looking for sweet handouts, but the real demons lie inside our government in Washington, D.C. It's time that "We the People" perform the last exorcism, before we have to administer the "last rites" to our beloved country.

Please send your thoughts to me about ways you would address this crisis. But please don't tell me that re-electing Barack Obama or electing Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and company as president is the solution. We, as "one nation under God," not the devil, do not have time for this nonsense!

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