Larry Klayman
Muslim immigration is biggest threat
By Larry Klayman
November 28, 2011

I hate to say it; Newt Gingrich is right on illegal immigration, and the rest of the Republican presidential field — and their enablers — are acting like political whores. Not that Newt is above whoredom; its just that he got it right this time!

What would you do if you were a Mexican, living in poverty, with young children? Would you try to cross the Rio Grande and take your loved ones to a better life? Or would you wait your turn in the "immigration line," likely for many years before your turn comes up? Meanwhile, the Mexican government — perhaps the most corrupt in the world — continues to exploit your family with ineptitude and graft that even surpasses our own federal government in Washington, D.C.

While I hardly condone illegal immigration, which threatens our sovereignty and security (I intervened on behalf of Latino Republicans in the now famous Arizona case involving SB 1070 to support the anti-immigration law), I understand — as I am sure you do — why Mexicans in particular have been fleeing their country for decades for the promise of a better existence in the United States.

With this reality in mind, and given the millions of illegals who have been living here for a long time, Newt proposed, as President George W. Bush did before him, that we devise some system to weed out and protect those immigrants, who, despite being here improperly, have contributed to and are not a threat to our nation, not just attempted to suck it dry. For this, Newt was vilified and attacked by the ever flip-flopping, converted liberal Mitt Romney and a host of other would-be presidential Republican contenders. This is despite the impracticality of deporting tens of millions of illegals who have been residing in America for decades. And, whatever their "original sin" in coming here without the permission of "our government," their crime was certainly not one against humanity, but a regrettable result of the cesspool that Mexico in particular finds itself in. And, it is also the result of our government not having pressured and, if necessary, used military force to compel Mexico to close the borders and reform its system. If we can attempt "nation building" in Iraq, then why not Mexico, which also has huge oil reserves and is much more strategically important to the United States?

I am sickened by the Republican field. With few exceptions they not only lack the experience to be president, but also common sense. Not that Barack Hussein Obama, the mullah in chief, is the answer. He and his socialist, radical, Muslim-loving comrades need to take a hike to Egypt where they can join the Muslim Brotherhood and rule over a country more suited to their hearts' desires. But the reality is that Obama's re-election seems increasingly likely with each passing day, if not Republican presidential debate. These debates have exposed just how bereft of talent the Republican presidential field is. And, it's a remarkable and sad day when the words of Newt Gingrich — a scandal ridden leftover from days past — make more sense than the rest.

If we really want to protect our borders and enhance our national security, we should start with not only with policing our border with force — and if necessary using the military against the Mexican government — but also banning all immigration from countries on the terrorist watch list.

The major threat to this country is not from south of the border, Mexican drug gangs notwithstanding, but from Muslim immigrants here in the United States who sympathize with their terrorist brethren in the Middle East and are prone to collaborate with them. We must finally face this reality.

For many years since Sept. 11, I have struggled with politically correct notion that Islam is a legitimate religion. And, in these years I have come to conclude that it is not; rather it is a worldwide evil political movement bent on revolution at the expense of Christians, Jews and many of its own people who do not believe in killing all infidels. There are good Muslims, but most of them have shunned the "religion" and no longer practice it.

This week's events in Egypt underscore why immigration needs to be controlled from countries in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood just cut a deal with the military to accelerate presidential elections, and radical Islam in on the march in not only Egypt, but Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco and, yes, even Iraq — where we have sacrificed thousands of lives and billions of dollars. Mexican illegal immigration is important to stem, but I do not hear the Republican presidential candidates, and especially President Obama, talk about the porous immigration policy from the Middle East.

Its time that we wake up and face reality. The biggest immigration problem is not from Mexico, but those Muslim countries that want to destroy us and wage worldwide revolution in the name of Allah.

© Larry Klayman


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