Larry Klayman
The biggest whore of all
By Larry Klayman
April 8, 2012

Just when we thought governmental and media "whoredom" could not get much worse, the last few weeks' events prove us wrong yet again! The Supreme Court deliberations on Obamacare, President Barack Hussein Obama's attack on its so-called sovereignty, the racist Trayvon Martin controversy and, last but not least, Obama administration meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood in our nation's capital show that the "pink slime" of our politics and foreign affairs is in full force and increasing. The country is in rapid free-fall, and these events underscore just how decadent, dishonest and cancerous our body politic is. The deadly virus and stench emanating from our corrupt political system and its enabling media is overwhelming. We appear to be in our last days!

First, there is the matter of the Supreme Court's conduct over Obamacare. While many conservatives, libertarians and legal purists have rightly screamed foul over President Obama's offensive and arrogant attack on the Supreme Court — where he suggested that it has no authority to overturn on constitutional grounds the so-called will of the people as enacted by a corrupt Democratic Congress — the conduct of the Court itself, ironically, is almost as whore-like as Obama. To allow Justice Elena Kagan, who had a clear-cut conflict of interest, sit on this case, reminds us that "our Court" is not the people's court, but instead belongs to the justices themselves — that is the Washington, D.C., establishment.

When push comes to shove, the justices circle the wagons to protect themselves, not the interests of the American people. And, having been chosen to sit on the bench through a corrupt system of political patronage, what we have are not ethical jurists who want to meet out the rule of law, but instead feather the nests of the benefactors who got them their jobs. How else can one explain the predictable split of legal opinion over Obamacare among the conservative and liberal justices of the Court? The law does not govern, only corrupt politics does — no matter what one's view of the constitutionality of this destructive and socialist health-care legislation.

Then there is the Trayvon Martin controversy and the exploitation of racist elements of society by the president, his compliant leftist establishment and the liberal media.

No one would ever doubt that the likes of the so-called Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the media hacks of MSNBC would use this unfortunate incident to whip up racial divide and hatred for their own monetary benefit, but to see our president join in the chorus of exploitative white haters underscores just how low their whoredom has sunk. Obama's vocal and loud endorsement of Trayvon Martin as a boy he would like to have sired sent a message to the nation and the world — much like his offensive threatening statements about the sovereignty of the Supreme Court — that he does not respect the rule of law and that he, as the nation's fuehrer, can decide for the rest of us who is guilty and who is innocent. And, true to his black-Muslim leanings and associations, President Obama refused to, as is the correct approach, keep his mouth shut so as not to influence law-enforcement authorities or any eventual jury. Instead, he improperly used his office to judge for himself, and then broadcast, who caused the sad death of this young boy.

Noticeably, this rush to judgment that Trayvon Martin was a victim of a hate crime does not apply for the president when whites, and especially Jews, are the victims. Jews, who are at the top of the list for hate crimes in this country, have been repeatedly victimized in recent years, particularly by Muslims and black Muslims in the New York City area. And, in the face of this, not a peep from Barack Hussein Obama. But this comes as no surprise, given the president's association with Jew haters, the likes of which comprise his pastor Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and, last but not least, the anti-Semite and now-deceased Harvard law professor Derrick Bell, to name just of a few of his racist friends. Indeed, just recently Jeremiah Wright, having previously attacked even secular leftist Jews like David Axelrod, one of the president's political advisers, for having been responsible for allegedly not allowing him to speak with Obama in recent years, also endorsed the March 30 "March on Jerusalem," organized by haters of Jews and the state of Israel.

This leads us to, and further explains, not only the president's own antipathy toward Jews and Israel in general, but his administration's meetings this week in Washington, D.C., with Egyptian representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, who have seized political control of Egypt, the biggest and most powerful Arab state in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood, of course, spawned al-Qaida and is a radical Islamist terrorist group. It now controls the Egyptian parliament, former President Hosni Mubarak having been deposed with Obama's blessings and help. And just recently, it has fielded a radical Islamic pro-Shariah law presidential candidate in the upcoming Egyptian elections who views Jews and Israel as enemies the Muslim Brotherhood must help Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinians destroy.

So, once again, Obama has shown his true colors; he is a racist, black-Muslim sympathizer and Jew-and-white hater himself. For this, with all of the whoredom on display in the last weeks, he wins the prize for the biggest and most evil whore of all.

We live in a dangerous world, and our president is making it even more perilous. He is playing a key role in fomenting racial and religious hatred and undermining our democracy and our nation's security by endorsing terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and consistently allowing the Islamic republic of Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves, and we may soon join them — particularly given the Iranian mullahs' vows to use these weapons to wipe not only the state of Israel but all infidels, Jews and Christians alike, off the face of the earth — according to the Islamic will of Allah!

© Larry Klayman


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