Larry Klayman
The legal cesspool of the Martin case
By Larry Klayman
April 16, 2012

I have been a lawyer for nearly 35 years, and with each passing day, week, hour and year I have seen what should be a noble profession sink into a cesspool of corruption. It is now so bad that even Kim Kardashian's pathetic and staged reality television series looks genuine in comparison. Nothing bears this out more than the sad and disgusting tragic-comedy now playing out in Sanford, Fla., and the nation with regard to the racially stoked Trayvon Martin case.

The drama began with a teenage boy, Trayvon Martin, being shot and killed by a white Hispanic young man, George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was the head of a so-called neighborhood watch group that patrolled his gated community where there had been numerous burglaries in the recent past. Zimmerman observed Martin, who was hooded and looked to him like an outsider, walking suspiciously in the neighborhood. He called the police, and they told him, it appears from the 911 tapes, for his own safety, not to follow Martin but that they would intervene instead. Zimmerman followed Martin in any event. The rest is a matter of dispute, as the two apparently got into an altercation, and Zimmerman claims to have shot Martin in self-defense, invoking Florida's so-called and not-so-uncommon stand-your-ground law (it exists in 28 states).

But the death of Trayvon Martin is not the only tragedy in this case. What we are witnessing is the death of justice and our legal system as a whole.

Sure, President Barack Hussein Obama — for his own political purposes to shore up his voting base for the 2012 elections — fanned the flames of racial tension and divide by endorsing Martin and deep sixing Zimmerman's account of the story. Proclaiming that if he had a son, he would "look like Trayvon," our white-hating lawyer president arrogantly and cleverly broadcast his verdict about the incident. Then, true to form, other white haters and black vigilante bigots like the degenerate Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (I refuse to call them "reverends") entered the fray, accusing the predominantly white police department and state prosecutor's office of attempting to let Zimmerman off scot-free when they did not immediately arrest him, but instead chose to be prudent and investigate first.

When there was no immediate arrest for some weeks as the state investigated and weighed the facts, the racist lawyer-in-chief Obama, through his equally racist black attorney general, Eric Holder, sicced the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department on the state prosecutors and the police department, opening an investigation that could have potentially led, ironically, to the criminal indictment of these Florida officials if they did not arrest and criminally charge Zimmerman.

And, when even this political and legal intimidation did not produce immediate results for Obama and his black racist minions, the New Black Panther Party, which has been immune from scrutiny under Obama Justice Department for its own racist illegal tactics at polling places and elsewhere, issued a bounty on Zimmerman's head, calling for him to be taken dead or alive. Of course, neither Obama nor Holder took any action to hold these black racists legally accountable for the death threats, as they are "bros" to the cause of exacting their pound of flesh from "Whitey" for years of persecution leading up to and following the Civil War. Instead, Holder, also on behalf of Obama, praised Sharpton and his racist allies at one of Sharpton's events.

While this racist behavior was to be expected, what was even more disgusting to me — as a lawyer who believes that the profession should be noble and beyond political and other influences — was to witness the conduct of Zimmerman's own attorneys and the recent indictment of Zimmerman by a political hack and newly appointed state prosecutor to the case.

A few days ago, Zimmerman's first set of lawyers chose, after only two days of allegedly losing contact with the understandably frightened Zimmerman, to hold a televised press conference, during which they dissed Zimmerman, chided him for not being in contact with them, revealed a long list of other attorney-client confidences and then claimed that they would no longer defend him. This spectacle, obviously designed to "cya" the derrieres of the lawyers — who were likely already fired by Zimmerman and his family — was revolting to anyone who believes in the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship. It was obviously motivated by lawyers who wanted to have their last hurrah and advertise their services for future financial benefit. And, while the Florida Bar will now have to take up the issue as to whether these lawyers should be disbarred, their actions had already done irreparable damage to Zimmerman, as it looked to all concerned that even his own lawyers thought he was guilty.

Predictably, under this cover, only a few days later the newly appointed special prosecutor, Angela Corey, who has a reputation akin to an opportunistic legal executioner, followed on the heals of Zimmerman's own lawyers, succumbed to black racist political pressure, if not the threats of the New Black Panthers, and predictably indicted Zimmerman on criminal charges of second-degree murder — not even properly allowing a grand jury of Zimmerman's and Martin's peers to make the decision whether to indict.

And, if the stench emanating from this indictment was not enough, enter Zimmerman's new so-called defense attorney, Mark O'Mara, who not only had praised Angela Corey for her "integrity," but proceeded to undercut Zimmerman's defense. In a statement to the media Thursday, following his client's initial bond hearing, this "legal genius" — succumbing to the political correctness of this racially stoked case and trying to make himself look good to the leftist media — told the press: "It's (the stand-your-ground law) is going to be a facet of this defense, I'm sure. That statute has some troublesome portions to it, and we're going to have some conversations and discussions about it as a state. But right now it is the law of Florida, and it's a law that is going to have an impact on this case."

So there you have it; no one, not even Zimmerman's lawyers, is on his side. O'Mara undercut the one law that may save Zimmerman from a conviction and life sentence. The Obamas, Holders, Sharptons, Jacksons, Coreys and even Zimmerman's own lawyers are playing a corrupt deadly game, which is hastening the death of our legal system and our right to due process under the law. And with this death will come revolution by "We the People," as the people will have been left with no other recourse.

Rome, that is, the nation, is burning, not just Sanford, Fla.!

© Larry Klayman


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