Larry Klayman
Obama's 'foie gras' attacks
By Larry Klayman
May 27, 2012

The French delicacy of foie gras — light brown goose liver served in many culinary forms — should become the official food, if not symbol, of President Barack Hussein Obama's 2012 campaign to win re-election to the presidency.

Produced by ramming a feeding tube down the neck of a 3-month-old goose to force feed him with grain over a two to three week period, the bird's liver gets enlarged from about one ounce to a whopping pound and a quarter, increasing it to a bloated size ripe for harvesting at slaughter. This technique, according to the California Legislature, is so inhumane that it has just banned this practice, as have about 12 countries.

Of course, producers of foie gras, who are trying to repeal the prohibition, claim that this forced feeding is the only way to raise the goose to maximize its profitability and luscious taste, frequently in the form of a pasty paté spread on bread or whatever else suits one's fancy.

As the son and grandson of Philadelphia meat packers — indeed, I worked in my family's pork slaughterhouse as a young boy — I might have been convinced to side with the foie gras producers, but I have come to sympathize with the geese instead — given the experience we American citizens have had with being force-fed and effectively taken to slaughter over the last three and a half years by an unkosher socialist "butcher in chief," President Barack Hussein Obama. Our plight is much worse than the fatted goose, which is merely fed grain. We the People have had rammed down our throats Obama's brew of anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian poison, all designed to kill the vision for our nation, conceived of by God through our Founding Fathers. This vision, which has been carried out over the last 236 years since the Declaration of Independence, rests not only on individual liberties and "Philadelphia freedom" for all, but also was intended to sustain and ensure a Judeo-Christian culture for our hard-won nation.

First and foremost, the American people were defrauded into electing as president a person who, even if he was not born in Kenya but Hawaii (Hawaii is unlikelihood given the doctored birth certificate Obama eventually produced), is the offspring of a Kenyan Muslim father. As provided for in the Constitution, only a "natural born citizen" can become president — that is, someone who is sired by both an American citizen mother and father. Thus, Obama was not eligible to be president of the United States, and his false claims that he is eligible is a poison he falsely rammed down the voters' throats. This lie not only got him and his accomplices control of the White House and executive branch of government, but has severely harmed our nation, given his anti-American sympathies and acts to aid foreign Muslim countries and groups (like the Muslim Brotherhood). The framers were smart. They understood that a president like Obama, with at best divided loyalties, could present a great problem, if not a security risk, for our nation.

Second, obviously as a result of Obama's foreign Muslim heritage, he has waged a war against not only our Judeo-Christian way of life, but also furthered a radical Muslim takeover of several Arab states that surround the Jewish state. To add more insult to injury, Obama's failure to support the Iranian freedom movement and take hard military actions to prevent the mullahs from obtaining nuclear weapons shows again that the potentially fatal poison he has used to harm our democratic ally Israel could come back to kill us as well.

Third, Obama has harmed our national security by illegally disclosing classified information about our intelligence-gathering methods, sources and capabilities. In recent front-page New York Times stories I have previously written about, Obama had his minions at the CIA, National Security Agency and Defense Department criminally leaked not only how we gather intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program, but also our war plans if the United States is drawn into a conflict between Israel and the mullahs should a unilateral Israeli attack of the nuclear facilities prove necessary. This force-fed national security breach is among the worst in American history, all designed to get Israel to back off from attacking Iran to eliminate its imminent production of weapons of mass destruction that threaten — as part of the ever successful and ongoing Islamic revolution — our nation and the entire Western Judeo-Christian world.

Fourth, and equally important on the domestic front, Obama and his leftist comrades like then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi goosed us by ramming down our throats a socialistic health-care plan that became known as "Obamacare." Not even many of Obama's most ardent supporters like this heavy-handed and illegal legislation, which not only unconstitutionally forces Americans to buy health insurance, but has already raised its cost to most consumers.

Finally (given only the limited space constraints of this column), is Obama's latest foie gras attack, whereby he had the "gaul" to endorse so-called gay marriage on behalf of the American people. His ramming gay marriage up our derrieres, just as grain is shoved down the throats of 3-month-old geese, is not only contrary to our Judeo-Christian heritage and way of life, but it shows a complete disregard for moral values in general. No rational person would advocate prejudice or persecution of gays and lesbians, and I for one would not hinder their unfortunate decision to practice their sexual proclivities as they see fit, so long as it is in the privacy of their own homes and they do not try to ram their lifestyle down the throats of others. But neither God nor our framers contemplated gay marriage, as it is an anathema not only to society but also to Biology 101. Institutionalizing "gaydom" is the surest way to inject a "deadly STD" into our body politic. By way of history, when homosexuality became accepted and thus institutionalized in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, it ultimately contributed mightily to their destruction from within.

We the People have had enough of Obama's foie gras attacks. Now let's roll up our sleeves and not only save the poor geese, but ourselves!

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