Larry Klayman
Israel, U.S. now in serious danger
By Larry Klayman
February 23, 2013

It goes without saying that illegitimately elected American President Barack Hussein Obama is the most anti-Israel president in U.S. history. I need not repeat in depth in this column how the "Mullah in Chief" has undercut the Jewish state at every turn – from backing radical Islamist revolutionary movements like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere throughout the Middle East, to illegally releasing national security information that discloses sources and methods for fighting a war against Iran should one break out over this neo-Nazi regime's acquisition of nuclear weapons.

His latest anti-Semitic, anti-Israel move was to nominate former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, a man whose own admissions over the years reveal his disdain for Israel and Jews in general, as the presumptive new secretary of defense. Hagel's now certain ascension to defense secretary is particularly troubling given his previously stated near indifference to Iran's push for nuclear weapons, which its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly threatened to use to wipe Israel off the face of the map, as a warmup act to then taking on Christians and the "Great Satan," the United States – all as part of Allah's edict to wage a Muslim revolution worldwide. Iran, put simply, wants to lead Allah's Muslim revolution and thus far is showing great success in doing so given Obama's compliant acquiescence.

At every turn during his first four years in office, the man who in 2008 wanted to hide and not have the media use his middle name, "Hussein," during his first bid for the White House, but who proudly boasted of it after he won the presidency during a pro-Muslim speech at Cairo University, Obama has looked the other way as Iran has become a superpower militarily and through its terrorist actions and covert support for radical Islamic groups bent on Israel's destruction, like Hamas and Hezbollah.

During this time period, Iran has become virtually untouchable militarily, and it knows it. No longer are threats by Israel, the United States and other Western nations taken seriously, threats that Iran's nuclear facilities will be militarily removed if this rogue terrorist state does not shut down its atomic-bomb building program. The economic sanctions on Tehran devised and implemented by Obama and a worthless if not politically dead Republican opposition party in Congress have had no effect on the mullahs' march to nuclear radical Islamic might. The sanctions were merely an excuse, by corrupt establishment politicians in both major political parties, to do nothing to stop Iran – the big bully in the Middle East neighborhood. Instead, it was politically more expedient to waste the lives of American servicemen and women in stupid and counterproductive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, "little guy" wars that blowhards like Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham – Republicans no less – thought we could win but instead lost in any event. All the while, the head of the Islamic snake was allowed to grow into a vicious python ready to strike at Israel, the United States and the West.

But all the blame for allowing Iran to become a virtually untouchable nuclear Muslim superpower does not rest on the shoulders of the "Mullah-in-Chief," his equally corrupt Democratic Party and the worthless political establishment hacks like McCain and Graham in the Republican Party, but also upon non-government and government Jewish leaders themselves – both in the United States and Israel.

Let's start with the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC), the so-called "Jewish lobby" defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel has denigrated in the past as being too powerful. To the contrary, AIPAC, which is now lead by Lee Rosenberg, has not challenged Obama over Iran or the Hagel nomination, as this ultra-leftist Jewish mafia type and his Chicago Jewish bottom-feeding allies have sold out their own people for political influence. Here is how even the left-leaning Washington Post describes Rosenberg:

"Chicago entrepreneur Lee 'Rosy' Rosenberg was one of President Barack Obama's staunchest Jewish allies during his 2008 presidential campaign. He advised the president on foreign policy in the Middle East and Israel and delivered speeches to Jewish groups around the country. ...

"At its (AIPAC's) annual May 2011 policy conference, Rosenberg warned supporters that the tea-party wave that swept the November 2010 elections meant that friends in high places were going to be harder to come by for AIPAC."

"Rosenberg has ties to several of Obama's Chicago associates in the Jewish community including Lester Crowne, a local billionaire whose son, Jim, was Obama's 2008 Illinois finance chairman; Penny Pritzker, the campaign's national finance chairwoman; and Abner Mikva, the former congressman and federal judge and Obama mentor."

With no real "Jewish lobby," as Hagel put it, to challenge Obama – ostensibly because Rosy Rosenberg and "his" AIPAC are in bed with the Mullah-in-Chief – it's no wonder Obama and his leftist Democratic Party have gotten their way on Iran and Israel.

In the face of this, it is also regrettable that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has seen fit, as all Israeli politicians have before him, to grace AIPAC with his support and presence each year at the lobbying group's annual conference in Washington, D.C. What is different now is that what previously had been the premier Jewish force in Washington has become more akin to "Hitler's Jews" than a defender of the Jewish people and its right to have a secure Israel.

But Netanyahu's mistakes do not stop with his support of AIPAC. Despite his strong rhetoric, the prime minister, unbeknownst to most Americans, is not thought of in his own country as a strong leader. Indeed, his recent decision not to allow the Israeli Defense Forces to finish off Hamas during the eight-day war in Gaza was not greeted well by the Israeli electorate during the Jewish state's recent elections on Jan. 22 of this year. As a result of this and other weak leadership factors, Netanyahu and his Likud Party actually lost seats, such that they now are attempting to form a coalition with center right and leftist parties so he can remain prime minister.

The bottom line is this: Netanyahu has talked the talk, but has not walked the walk with Obama over Iran. Nor has the so-called Jewish lobby led by AIPAC. And, aside from getting their faces on Fox News, establishment Republicans like McCain and Graham also have dropped the ball.

As it stands today, Islamic Iran is a mighty military and nuclear power, and there is little Israel or the United States can or will do about it – short of ourselves using tactical nuclear weapons to take the regime out. And with this crowd in power, that is not likely to happen!

The people of Israel, the United States and the West are now in grave danger!

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