Larry Klayman
Death on the Orient-Mideast nuclear express
By Larry Klayman
April 13, 2013

Thursday, Obama Defense Department officials let it slip during a congressional hearing that, based on a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment, North Korea likely already possesses missiles armed with nuclear-tipped warheads. This revelation, much like administration's continuing false mantra concerning the lack of urgency to curtail the Iranian nuclear program, comes as no surprise to anyone who has kept track of President Barack Hussein Obama's web of lies and deceit concerning the Benghazi tragedy and a host of other subterfuges since he decided to run for and then be elected, based on false information that he is a natural born citizen, to the highest office in the land in 2008. Neither he nor the entire government establishment, which includes Republicans, can be trusted even in the slightest.

Here is what the Associated Press reported:

"A U.S. intelligence report concludes that North Korea has advanced it nuclear knowhow to the point that it could arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead, a jarring revelation in the midst of bellicose threats from the unpredictable communist regime.

"President Barack Obama urged calm, calling on Pyongyang to end its saber-rattling while sternly warning that 'he would take all necessary steps' to protect American citizens."

North Korea has threatened to launch nuclear war in the next few days against its neighbor, South Korea, other U.S. allies and the United States itself. Yet Obama and his lying minions previously told the American people and the world that North Korea lacked any such capability. Now, on the eve of North Korea's threatened attack, we finally know the truth, and it's very scary. Not since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 has our nation and its allies faced such imminent peril; and even then neither Fidel Castro nor the Soviet Union threatened to actually use their nuclear missiles to start an atomic war, as North Korea has repeatedly threatened in the last few weeks in particular.

There are a number of lessons to be learned from all of this. They should serve as a wake-up call that the American people can no longer put overseas issues "out of mind" and leave them in the hands of our so-called leaders – who lie to us repeatedly. The nuclear situation and showdown with North Korea, which has aided an even more fanatical Islamic Iran to develop nuclear bombs and missiles of its own, underscores why these two rogue nations not only pose an immediate threat to world peace and stability, but will continue to attempt to threaten and blackmail the West well into the future, even if atomic weapons are not unleashed at this time.

While North Korea may want to use the nuclear threat to try to extract more economic aid from the United States, the reality is that it has also always coveted taking over all of South Korea and reuniting the peninsula. South Korea is a huge economic prize, now wealthy beyond imagination for the poor North Koreans. It is the home of such corporate behemoths as Samsung, Hyundai and Kia. If North Vietnam fought and "sacrificed" so much to take over South Vietnam, a country in the 1960s and 1970s that was hardly rich, then North Korea must now have an even greater incentive to acquire its southern sister. And coupled with its nuclear arsenal, North Korea possesses a sophisticated 1 million-plus person military force, which clearly can easily overrun the South's defenses short of our having to use tactical nuclear weapons to stem the advance. What is to stop the North, over 60 years after the end of the first Korean War? Only a nuclear exchange can stop such an advance, an exchange the United States does not want, as it would release deadly radiation across the Asian continent and bring China into the equation! This could trigger World War III. Checkmate!

As for Iran, the message is now even clearer. If North Korea already possesses nuclear-tipped missiles, then this radical Islamic state, which has likely paid "mucho dinero" to its cash-starved ally for this technology, must itself already possess a nuclear missile capability. And, given the Supreme Leader's and President Ahmadinejad's threats to use nuclear weaponry to wipe Israel and the "Great Satan," the United States, off the face of the map, a second Holocaust against Jews and Christians now seems even more likely.

The United States, Israel and their Western allies are now caught in a vice, between the evil regimes of North Korea and Iran. In the words of the famous comedy team Laurel and Hardy, "a fine mess you have gotten us into, Olly." But the deceit and incompetence of the successive administrations of Clinton, Bush and now Obama are not funny. Nor is the lack of oversight by our Congress.

"We the People" have been disserved in ways that go far beyond budget deficits, our mounting debt, Obamacare, our broken system of justice and a host of other government outrages. These domestic concerns pale in comparison to the severity of our dangerous international situation.

As my former Italian father-in-law, Guido D'Aniello, used to say, "Enjoy today because tomorrow will be even worse!"

The North Korean-Iranian life-and-death nuclear express now threatens our very survival! It's time to legally remove our establishment hack leaders before matters get even worse.

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