Larry Klayman
Americans to follow Egypt's lead?
By Larry Klayman
July 9, 2013

"We are deeply concerned by the decision of the Egyptian armed forces to remove President Morsi."

– President Barack Hussein Obama

This pronouncement by Barack Hussein Obama comes as no surprise. He is a closet religious Muslim through and through, as his actions and deeds over the last several years since he defrauded the American people into voting for him for president (as he is not a natural born citizen as required by our own Constitution) speak for themselves. Having furthered the ouster of former secular Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 – a U.S. and Israeli ally – paving the way for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood to take control of this largest Arab state, it is no wonder Obama feels a kinship with now deposed President Mohammed Morsi. How else can one explain this statement issued by the White House just before Morsi and his Shariah-loving Muslim Brotherhood were removed from office on July 3, ironically just one day before America's own Independence Day:

"President Obama called President Morsi ... to convey his concerns about the recent developments in Egypt. The president told President Morsi that the United States is committed to the democratic process in Egypt and does not support any single party or group."

Of course Obama is committed to the democratic process in Egypt, as it was this so-called democratic process that put the "mullah in chief's" fellow religious Muslims in power there. Ironically, although Obama publicly supported Morsi's remaining in power under the guise of "the democratic process," shortly after Morsi's ouster, the Arab League, led by none other than oil-rich and influentially powerful Saudi Arabia, hailed the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood as a great event. So here you have it: The president of the United States seeks to prop up Morsi and his terrorist comrades in Egypt, while the majority of other "mainstream" Arab states, recognizing the threat of radical Islam to the region and their own regimes' stability, are content that Egypt has now purged itself of this extremist Muslim scourge. If this is not proof positive of the American president's own intentions to further an Islamic revolution in the Middle East and elsewhere, then fat dogs don't pass wind, to put it most diplomatically.

That being said, the American people and the rest of the Western world should be rejoicing today. The people of Egypt have risen up valiantly and removed one of the biggest cancers in the Middle East – the Muslim Brotherhood. They did so by organizing mass demonstrations in the heart of Egypt's capital, Cairo. The Egyptian people had the guts to do what thus far in this country we have not seen fit to do – demand the removal of a president who furthers his own subversive agendas at the expense of the people, most recently siccing the Internal Revenue Service and National Security Agency on the masses to keep them down and silent as he proceeds to refashion the nation through intimidation and threat, in his own Muslim, socialist image.

But President Obama is not only pushing the American people to the limit; he, like Morsi before his downfall, also has been playing with fire among the military. Indeed, to avoid violent revolution, it was the Egyptian military that removed Morsi to further the will of the Egyptian people who did not want to see their nation enslaved under Muslim Shariah law.

As many of you have been following, I represent the families of the Navy SEAL Team 6 heroes who tragically were shot down in a Chinook helicopter by the Taliban in retaliation shortly after Obama and his minions, to further his re-election in 2012, released classified information about this elite special ops force having been responsible for the assassination of master terrorist Osama bin Laden. In the course of my representation, it has become apparent that the U.S. military's rules of engagement in the Afghanistan theater have been severely corrupted by our "Muslim" president, such that our brave servicemen are not allowed to engage in pre-assault fire and must wait to be fired upon by Muslim insurgents before they are permitted to fire back. It is thus no wonder that many more GIs have been lost, per capita, during the reign of Commander in Chief Obama in four years than occurred during the entire eight-year tenure of former President George W. Bush.

At a press conference we put on in support of these Navy SEAL Team 6 families at the National Press Club on May 9 of this year (see for link to video), five prestigious retired admirals and generals of the U.S. military, including the former commander of the 6th Fleet, Adm. James Lyons, appeared to denounce the rules of "non-engagement" that put the lives of the enemy ahead of our armed forces. They were more than critical; they were incensed about Obama's treasonous actions.

If this display by our most distinguished and honored American military heroes is any indication, given the state of affairs generally in this nation, which borders on total political, economic, moral and ethical collapse, is it inconceivable that one day the military in this country could rise up in support of not only the American people but themselves, and remove Obama and his radical Muslim, socialist comrades by whatever means prove necessary to preserve the republic?

This is not the scenario we would like to see, but like the Egyptians, when there is no other choice, anything is possible. Our Congress has shown no willingness to seriously confront Obama for his illegal and treasonous acts; the constitutional process of impeachment has never succeeded at removing a lawless and destructive president; and our judges have become the "yes-men and women" of the political establishment.

In this context, what occurred in Egypt this week might regrettably someday soon become a reality in our own nation. After all, on this anniversary of our greatest day, July 4, 1776, did not our Founding Fathers take matters into their own hands, when they threw off the slavish and evil yoke of King George III by rising up and using all God-given lawful means under the circumstances to further freedom?

© Larry Klayman


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