Larry Klayman
Stand up to Million Muslim March in D.C.!
By Larry Klayman
September 10, 2013

Christians and Jews need to come to the nation's capital and in effect take Washington, D.C., by storm Sept. 11 to counter the planned Million Muslim March, recently renamed the American March Against Fear by its organizers, the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC).

According to the organizers of this antagonistic outrage, the gathering of virulent anti-Semites and anti-Christians who purport to be peacemakers is intended to combat prejudice and bigotry against Muslims. However, it is clear that this is not the real purpose at all. The AMPAC website plainly states, "... [b]ut as the 12th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we now know that there is nothing to fear. The whole 'terrorist threat' is a hoax invented by fear-mongering politicians to control our minds and pick our pockets." In fact, AMPAC calls al-Qaida a "joke" and boasts that the Islamic terrorist threat is a "pure hallucination."

Much like the Ground Zero mosque, which Muslims proposed building at Ground Zero after the heinous Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center – and I have sued on behalf of first responders – this action is obviously intended to be a type of victory march. It is the equivalent of dancing on the graves of the 3,000 innocent souls who died on that fatal day, as well as other victims of Islamic terrorism and all of our heroic servicemen who have died and been maimed at the hands of Muslims in defense of our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan. As we are about to embark on another war in the Middle East, this time in Syria, and as we face a nuclear Islamic Iran on the horizon, it is important for Christians and Jews to come to together and show the world that we will no longer tolerate American Muslims such as these who disrespect the Judeo-Christian culture and who frankly want to see us dead. It is time to call a spade a spade. Our president, who is so willing to play the race card to further the interests of his half-black race, has a duty to speak out and order the revocation of AMPAC's permit, particularly since he is himself also half Muslim by birth. The Million Muslim March is not only an outrage, but presents a clear and present danger to the safety and welfare of inhabitants and visitors to the District of Columbia. It could incite violence if Obama does not act.

AMPAC openly discusses on its webpage one of many goals: "Making sure that the views and values of Muslims help make policy in America." But just what are the views and values of the Muslims? AMPAC says, "This is jihad and those who engage in it will be rewarded. ... Muslims – those with courage and love for their Creator – are in fact obliged to engage the enemy."

AMPAC also says that the World Trade Center collapsed because of a "form of controlled demolition" and denies that Muslims were involved at all. In fact, their official statement reads, "Muslims and non Muslims alike were traumatized [from the 9/11 attacks], but we as Muslims continue 12 years later to be victimized by being made the villains." Oddly enough, the U.S. government, especially with our mullah in chief commanding, has done everything for the Muslim "religion" short of announcing an "Islamic Jihad Day." In fact, he has gone out of his way to distinguish between radical Islamists and the religion of Islam. With Obama and his predecessors at the helm of government and its military, we have shed American blood for the Muslims in Bosnia, Kuwait, Kosovo and Iraq, and Americans are continuing to die for Muslims in Afghanistan, despite the increase of green-on-blue (insider) attacks on our servicemen and women at the hands of the Muslims we are there to defend.

But, it's a nice thought, isn't it? Christians, Jews and Muslims can all get along splendidly and ride off into the sunset together. Unfortunately, however, this Islamic supremacist ideology that labels all non-Muslims as infidels worthy of death in the honor of Allah is at the heart of Islam. This is wholly inconsistent with what America stands for – freedom and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. For this strain of American Muslims, peace-seeking or not, to hold a march on Sept. 11, 2013, because they feel they have been "victimized" for 12 years after 19 radical Muslims – jihadists who, like AMPAC, believed that it is necessary to engage the enemy and that they will be rewarded by Allah for doing so – sickeningly killed about 3,000 people is an abomination that needs to be stopped.

I am calling all patriotic Americans not to engage in violence as these American Muslims advocate, but to come to the nation's capital and to in effect take Washington by storm on Sept. 11, to quash this disgusting display of Muslim hatred of Christians and Jews and indifference to if not support of terrorism, and to show the world that we will "never again" pretend that Muslims of this ilk deserve to be part of this nation. And Obama must revoke the National Park Service permit to disallow this outrage to go forth!

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