Larry Klayman
Freedom - just another word for nothing left to lose!
By Larry Klayman
April 28, 2014

I was on my way to the Bundy ranch last Thursday to meet with the family to see if I could be of some help in their epic land battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). After a government confrontation a week or so ago where the Bundy's exercised their constitutional and God-given rights of self-defense under the Second Amendment, they stood down President Obama's and Senator Harry Reid's armed BLM thugs, who tased, assaulted, and battered members of the Bundy family over their cattle in an obvious effort to force them off the land. This land is charted to become an environmental or solar power preserve, reportedly where Chinese and other bidders will ultimately take control to manage it. It is believed that Senator Harry Reid, whose former aide not coincidentally now heads the BLM, and his Las Vegas lawyer son are behind this power play, not for fun but to line their own pockets with "largesse," to use the term nicely, of the Chinese and perhaps others.

As we were driving down Route 15 to the ranch, news broke of a New York Times story quoting the patriarch of the Bundy family, Cliven Bundy, making alleged racist remarks about African Americans. This "news" spread like wildfire, and within moments some previously committed conservative talk show hosts, like Glenn Beck, who had been supporting the Bundys and whose ratings had shot way up over the story, panicked and disowned the Bundy family as American patriots. Some of them even cowardly began to claim that they had never supported the Bundys, just that they were only doing the requisite reporting.

When I arrived at the ranch, I spoke with Cliven about the comments and suggested that he clarify his remarks immediately since, after talking with him, it seemed that what he was trying to say was that black people had been so poorly treated by the government, as he had been, that ironically they may have been better off under slavery. He was trying to equate welfare and going on the government dole, which takes away a person's self esteem and puts then out to pasture like cattle, with his own plight. From my interaction with Cliven, it became clear to me that he is a person who speaks what is in his mind and is not a racist, and that, being a rancher in a remote area of Nevada, never was exposed to the political correctness of the city slickers in Las Vegas for instance. For him, the term "negro" was what he had learned as a boy, when that term was widely used by even such civil rights icons as Rev. Martin Luther King. He was obviously unaware that the likes of other reverends – albeit phony members of the cloth – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, had coined the term "African-American," many years after Rev. King's death.

In discussing the matter with Cliven, with other members of the family listening, I advised him that anything we talked about would be private, as I took this to be a consultation under the attorney client privilege. Cliven shot back, not in anger but with his own sense of self, that he did not need "any attorney" to speak for him and did not want anything about his remarks to be confidential. I told him it was not my intent to speak for him and I backed off. He then left to do his planned press conference, where he reiterated his beliefs in even a less politically correct and inarticulate fashion than he had with the New York Times. I was present at the press conference but did not speak, as I had no authority to do so and did not want to chime in in any event. But it was clear that a good man had again shot himself in the foot, after ironically having victoriously escaped gunfire during the provocative, heavy-handed raid on his ranch by the BLM.

The fallout from this second press conference was predictable. Even Fox News, which had been such an admirable supporter of the Bundy's, bailed out of further support. This was unfortunate, as the network had done such a great job of reporting and bringing to national attention the excessive force used by our so-called government on American citizens. Even some Republican presidential candidates took an exit stage left. Commendably, however, African American conservatives like my friends Alan Keyes and Niger Innis of CORE came to Cliven Bundy's defense while acknowledging that his remarks were poorly expressed and came out in an offensive way.

Cliven Bundy's remarks, whether anyone agrees with the way he expressed his thoughts or not, do not negate the importance of the successful patriotic showdown at Nevada's equivalent of the OK Corral. The hard and irrefutable fact is that for the first time in many decades the American people stood down an ever growing oppressive government, which thinks and acts as if it can do as it pleases, undoubtedly for ulterior corrupt purposes.

The successful stand-off at the Bundy ranch is a turning point in modern U.S. history, and I left the ranch that day vowing do what I could to further the first major physical manifestation of the peaceful second American revolution.

Stay tuned. In the words of Kris Kristofferson and Janis Joplin of another rebellious era in America history, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. We the People have had it with our present government and indeed have nothing left to lose to restore liberty to our nation.

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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