Larry Klayman
Sowing seeds of our own destruction
By Larry Klayman
September 1, 2014

The American people had better wake up! Our so-called leaders, President Barack Hussein Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, with the end of the latest Israeli-Hamas war, are about to resume their slick, under-the-table scheme to fund Hamas with U.S. dollars, allegedly earmarked for humanitarian purposes.

As explained in excruciating detail in a complaint I filed Thursday against these criminals (see, Obama and company – and let's also throw the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into the mix as she is a defendant as well – have been using a State Department slush fund, authorized by Congress for legitimate purposes, to send U.S. dollars to Hamas, a "subsidiary" of the Muslim Brotherhood and a designated terrorist group.

The bigger problem is that the people of Gaza, whose nation now lies mostly in ruins, voted Hamas into power to rule over them. And recently Hamas reached an agreement with the Palestinian Authority, which governs Palestinian-controlled areas of the West Bank, to rule over all Palestinians. Thus, your hard-earned taxpayer monies in the hundreds of millions have been, and will continue to be, sent to Hamas for "humanitarian purposes." However, this financial support is in large part also being used to purchase rockets and to build tunnels to attack the land of Jesus and Moses, Israel. And, those who travel to Israel, as I did during this latest war that ended just a few days ago with a phony and compromised cease-fire before Hamas was finished off for good, are being either threatened with serious bodily injury or death or are being killed outright. During this latest war with Hamas, 64 Israelis were killed, some of whom were either American citizens or dual American-Israeli citizens who went to the Holy Land to fight for our God-given right of Jews and, by extension, Christians to the land of Zion.

One might ask: How is it possible that Obama and his comrades could get away with this? Where is the opposition Republican political party, which prides itself on claimed honest dealings and patriotism? Indeed, now that the threat to our shores from ISIS, another and even worse Muslim terrorist group, is becoming increasingly known, how is it that, according to the Republicans, Obama is all to blame for allowing this radical Islamic cancer to grow? Why haven't the leaders in the Republican Party loudly spoken up before now? Apparently, their primary interest is getting on Fox News to win the next election this fall and in 2016, not forcing Congress to serve as a real check to a president and his enablers who are bent on destroying the nation.

This is a dilemma that We the People find ourselves in today. To remain silent and take no forceful decisive action would amount to sowing the seeds of our own destruction. I, for one, am trying to use the legal system, what is left of it given its march toward increased corruption in recent years, to try to check this tyranny. Recently, I have had some success, particularly in our lawsuits against the National Security Agency, or NSA, where a rare courageous judge found Dec. 16, 2013, that it had violated the constitutional rights of all Americans by accessing their most private telephone conversations and related data, known as metadata. This coercive spying is obviously intended to keep the people down so they do not even question the acts of our establishment leaders, who continue to line their own pockets at the expense of all of us. The case is headed for the Supreme Court. But while the NSA's tyranny, at the direction of both Democrat and Republican leaders on congressional intelligence committees and in the Obama White House, may be technically checked, the hard reality is that this nation and the world are in the process of coming unglued at the seams.

The events of the last week, and months in particular, have proven that the United States is in dire and critical condition, hanging by a thread, ruled over by a president who is more loyal to his Middle Eastern Muslim brothers and his racial heritage than all of the people. In this latter respect, just look at his biased conduct, and that of his equally racist attorney general, with regard to the sad events in Ferguson, Missouri – where a policeman was effectively condemned to prosecution for killing a black man before all the facts were known. Meanwhile, white cops killed by blacks (and there have been six in the last few years just in my native city of Philadelphia alone) get no attention from this president and his Al Sharpton-like allies. And, this is how it should be, as these tragic events should be left to law enforcement, and the president and his men should not intervene to create a lynching party to hang "whitey" for years of past invidious discrimination.

Fellow Americans, remember the Declaration of Independence and the revolution that followed and take heed. Now, 238 years later, it's time to again think things through and act against a tyrannical sovereign who is destroying the nation and our lives, as time is all but running out.

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