Larry Klayman
Is Obama a Muslim threat?
By Larry Klayman
January 26, 2015

"Mr. President, get up off your knees. Put the Quran down, and come out with your hands up!"

– Klayman speech at World War II Memorial in the presence of former Gov. Sarah Palin and Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz on Oct. 13, 2013

About a year and three months ago, during the government shutdown, when President Barack Hussein Obama used his Park Service to bar veterans from entering into the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., as apparent punishment for most veterans backing Republicans politically, I appeared with Gov. Sarah Palin, Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and other activists and called for a second American revolution to peacefully rid the nation of the likes of who is, in effect, our first Muslim president.

I did not give a prepared speech, but spoke spontaneously from my heart. During my talk to the American people, which was widely televised, jumping from my lips without forethought was the above statement linking our president to his increasingly destructive proud Muslim roots and dastardly dangerous deeds.

Wanting to discredit the tea party, of which I have been credited with playing a founding role through my early years as a fierce, nonpartisan, anti-government activist and public interest lawyer, the left-wing media in particular jumped on my statement to try to falsely "prove" that we are racists. Of course, leading the pack was the race-baiting so-called reverend, Al Sharpton, and others on MSNBC – the cable network whose slogan is "Lean Forward." These attacks – which continued for about 10 days with the likes of ultra-leftists Martin Bashir, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz, Richard Wolfe and Rachel Maddow – left me undaunted. In fact, I joked that MSNBC should change its tag line from "Lean Forward" to "Bend Over," because it was exposing its socialist pro-Muslim derriere to the American people as a whole.

Since I gave that spontaneous declaration on the Mall, Obama and his leftist, pro-Muslim minions have again proved me right on. And, if there was any more proof needed, the events of the last few weeks cement that what we have in the White House is an Islamic "Manchurian candidate," one that is much more than just highly dangerous to our national security and the rest of the free world. He threatens not just our body politic, but also all that Christians and Jews stand for. And, his antipathy, if not hatred, for the home of Jesus and Moses, Israel, is just one example of his disgust for our Judeo-Christian based heritage and freedoms.

Notwithstanding Obama's indifference to the rise of ISIS, the Paris attacks, the beheadings and other terrorist acts of American citizens in United States, the recent fall of the pro-American Yemeni government, as underscored by his refusal to show up at an anti-Islamic terrorist march in France with other world leaders just a week or so ago, is the Muslim in chief's hostile refusal to even meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his planned visit to Washington, D.C., in early March 2015.

Here is what the Washington Post reported about this latest Obama Islamic snub just last Thursday evening.

"The Israeli prime minister's surprising announcement that he will address a joint meeting of Congress [on this trip] in early March is straining relations between Israel and its closest ally.

"The White House on Thursday said that President Obama would not meet in Washington with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is in the midst of an election campaign. 'We want to avoid even the appearance of any kind of interference with a democratic election,' said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.'"

To the extent that there is any truth to the lackey Earnest's statement – and there is not – the refusal to meet with and pay respect to the Israeli prime minister, particularly given the serious issues on the world Muslim terrorist stage today that need to be hashed out, such as the Iranian nuclear threat, furthers the election prospects of Obama's socialist friends in the Israeli Labour Party and other leftist parties, which hope to form a coalition to reclaim the Jewish state's "primeministership." Thus, Obama's refusal to meet plays into the hands of those leftist politicians in Israel who are trying to paint and use Netanyahu's kinship with Republicans [rather than Obama] in our Congress as a liability to use politically to win the upcoming Israeli elections and move their goalpost forward of giving up the West Bank to the Palestinians. The West Bank and East Jerusalem are the home of not just many sacred Jewish shrines, like the Waling Wall and King David's archeologically discovered city, but also the spots where Jesus was crucified and resurrected, among many others.

The Washington Post thus reflected in its Thursday report:

"Neither Boehner nor Netanyahu gave the administration any notice of his planned visit, and on Thursday, some U.S. officials were warning that the breach of traditional diplomatic protocol could have lasting consequences for the Israeli leader."

So much for the lying Obama's neutrality in the run-up to the Israeli elections this March.

After all is said and done, my words at the World War II Memorial that rainy and cold day in October 2013, now ring truer than ever. And, those MSNBC commentators who tried to use these words to take down the tea party and our allies, now should eat crow. But they won't, since these leftist pro-Muslim media allies of Obama share his vision for our nation – one that is socialist, anti-Judeo-Christian and which in one manner shape or form advances their so-called progressive revolution.

In this regard, I have two words to say to them: Don't "Lean Forward" but instead "Bend Over," because we are not going to sit back and watch them play their sleazy role in helping Obama destroy our beloved country.

© Larry Klayman


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