Larry Klayman
Scofflaw judge out to destroy Sheriff Joe
By Larry Klayman
May 19, 2015

Many years ago, in 1994, after 17 years toiling in the bowels of the legal profession (pun intended), I conceived of and founded Judicial Watch to combat corruption, dishonesty and unethical conduct on the judicial bench and government in general. The last straw for starting the organization was an experience I had with a federal judge in California, about whom I wrote in my autobiography, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment."

The jurist, William D. Keller, both a drunk and an anti-Semite, among other vices and prejudices, had fined me $25,000 for standing up for my clients and moving to disqualify him from the case. One of my clients was Jewish and the others, ironically, gay and Taiwanese. The case concerned allegations of patent and trademark infringement. During the course of the seven-week trial – which Keller had intentionally prolonged from the initial estimate of five days during the infamous Rodney King riots in Los Angeles (I was then part of a small three-person law firm and had little resources to devote to one case) – the judge made several disparaging and bigoted remarks, calling me "Mr. Schmuckler" (schmuck in Yiddish means foreskin), my Jewish client "Mr. Carter and his ilk," and he referred to my gay client with "you people." He also repeatedly screamed at my Chinese client, treating him like a dog. And I love dogs!

I never thought at the time that I would ever encounter a judge worse than Keller. But "Never Say Never," as the last James Bond movie with Sean Connery was titled. In just the last several weeks, my clients Sheriff Joe Arpaio and NSA/CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery and I have had to endure a judge even more unethical, unhinged and rabid than Keller. His name is G. Murray Snow of the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona.

You see, Judge Snow is the federal judge who has been conducting a civil and potentially criminal contempt proceeding against "America's sheriff," Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio had been accused by none other than the ultra-leftist, communist-inspired group the ACLU of violating Snow's order in a civil suit enjoining Arpaio and his office from ethnically profiling (illegal) immigrants at places like day-worker sites. Importantly, during the course of the contempt proceeding, it was reported that Judge Snow's wife had said to her friends at a public restaurant that her husband was going to use the case to destroy Sheriff Arpaio to prevent him from being re-elected.

These statements are now confirmed. Despite his conflict of interest and obvious prejudice against Sheriff Arpaio, just in the last week or so, during the course of the trial, Judge Snow called the sheriff to the witness stand and, asking leading questions, interrogated him and later his chief deputy, Jerry Sheridan, about investigating the judge over his wife's prejudicial comments. Judge Snow was thus strategically using a judicial proceeding upon which he was presiding, for his own personal reasons, to cover up the admissions made by his wife, unethically creating a clear conflict of interest. As bad, during the course of the questioning, Snow used the opportunity to go off on an irrelevant witch-hunt regarding what the sheriff and his deputies were allegedly doing with informant Dennis Montgomery, also my client. Montgomery is a whistleblower who has the goods on illegal surveillance by the NSA and CIA.

The Phoenix New Times, an ultra-left pro-illegal-immigrant rag – which hates Sheriff Arpaio because he is conservative and opposes illegal immigration – had published defamatory postings claiming that Montgomery was assisting Arpaio in investigating Judge Snow. While this was false, Judge Snow used this Internet rag to then justify his ordering up the production of all documents from the sheriff's office concerning Montgomery. Of course, Montgomery has nothing to do with the reason for the contempt trial, which is over the ACLU's charges of the sheriff violating a court order prohibiting profiling. The judge then ordered the ACLU's lawyers and other counsel to contact the CIA about the sheriff and Montgomery, falsely attempting to implicate them in wrongdoing with the federal government.

In an affidavit renowned ethics professor Ronald Rotunda submitted on Freedom Watch's behalf for Mr. Montgomery, he confirmed that Judge Snow's conduct is outrageous and unethical and he that should be removed from the case. See

But rather than immediately withdraw from the contempt trial, as Judge Snow was then required to do, he continued to issue court orders in an attempt harm Sheriff Arpaio and Montgomery. To try to justify his continuing prejudicial conduct, Snow even refused to consider an application by Freedom Watch to appear before him to represent Montgomery as an intervening party. Clearly, this was an improper way for the judge to try to avoid having to rule on our motion to disqualify him.

Importantly, even if Freedom Watch had not filed this motion and application, Judge Snow, because of the prejudicial admissions of his wife and his use of the case to pursue his own personal family interests, would be required, as a matter of the canons of judicial ethics, to remove himself from the case. But instead of doing the right thing, this "runaway jurist" has plundered on and just in the last day taken other actions to try to destroy America's sheriff.

I am not finished using the legal system to remove this scourge of a federal judge. In the end, he undoubtedly will not only be forced to get off the case, but will be a top candidate for impeachment. In this regard, an ethics complaint, which Montgomery was forced to file, is also pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and is being sent to the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees impeachment of federal judges.

Judges and the courts can be our most important public servants. If they do their job ethically, they can protect us from the tyranny of the other two branches of government. But when they act in an unethical and illegal fashion, as Judge Snow has in trying to destroy a fine law enforcement official like Sheriff Arpaio and a courageous whistleblower like Dennis Montgomery, they are the biggest current threat (along with President Barack Hussein Obama, himself, who not coincidentally was behind the initial federal investigation of the sheriff along with his comrades at the ACLU) to a healthy and functioning constitutional republic!

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