Larry Klayman
Clintons finally tried for their crimes!
By Larry Klayman
June 8, 2015

I may be many things to many people, but you who know and support my legal activism over the last 20-plus years know that, win or lose, I am not afraid of anyone or anything. And, while hardly supporters (see video of Bill Clinton press conference attacking me), no one knows this better than Hillary and Bill Clinton and their band of criminals they've surrounded themselves with and used for decades to further their felonious acts – persons like Harold Ickes, George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, Cheryl Mills, Sidney Blumenthal, Bruce Lindsey, John Podesta, Marsha Scott, Huma Abedin, sleazy private investigators Terry Lenzner, Jack Palladino and Anthony Pellicano, to name just a few. While running Judicial Watch, I deposed most of these criminals and many more.

I once even asked Harold Ickes, Clinton White House deputy chief of staff, if he ever asked the Mafia for "favors," as Ickes was widely known to have underworld ties, having represented as a private lawyer a Mafia kingpin in New York City who was the head of the restaurant workers' union. At a videotaped deposition in Judicial Watch's conference room, he violently came over the table like a "wise guy" at me, but was restrained by the size of the circular table. The question was asked in the context of my querying him about the scores of material witnesses, including Vince Foster, who mysteriously died during the Clinton administration. Later, when I re-deposed him by court order – as he had obstructed his first deposition and was ordered to return – upon asking another question that "hit too close to home," he pulled off his microphone and threw it on the conference room table. He then started to walk out of the room in violation of court rules. Asking the videographer to film him on his way out, I asked Harold where he was going. In a disrespectful quip to me, and the judge, he said, while under oath, that if I did not let him go the bathroom he was going "to leave something" on Judicial Watch's conference room floor. Matt Drudge, then a host on Fox News with his own show, televised this pathetic and disgusting low-class display for all the world to see. Geraldo Rivera also aired it, on CNBC.

In another deposition, George Stephanopoulos lied to the court. He was a principal actor with Hillary and Carville in their "War Room" and had illegally terrorized the women Bill had allegedly assaulted and raped to try to shut them up. I came to the defense of these women and later represented Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. The federal judge, Royce Lamberth, sanctioned Stephanopoulos for his perjurious behavior. It did not win points with Lamberth that Stephanopoulos came to the deposition intentionally looking like he had just crawled out of the gutter, unbathed, unshaven and wearing a crumpled baseball cap. This was his statement to show his disrespect for not just me, but Judge Lamberth. Incredibly, Stephanopoulos had just left the Clinton White House to begin his tenure as a commentator with Sam Donaldson on ABC's Sunday news show, "This Week." After Stephanopoulos was sanctioned for lying, Sam Donaldson, who is an honest man, called me up and asked me about it. He was rightly concerned that the network, to obviously curry favor with the Clinton White House, had hired this sleazeball to be his co-host.

Then there is Eric Holder, then deputy attorney general under Attorney General Janet Reno during the Clinton administration, who facilitated the sale of pardons for Clinton campaign contributions, ran the Justice Department's sham investigation of the Chinagate scandal (which I had triggered) and indicted Nolanda Hill, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's mistress, when she came forward to me to spill the beans about Hillary's scheme to sell seats on Commerce Department trade missions to China and elsewhere for campaign contributions. While I never deposed Holder, I later met up with him at the White House Correspondents dinner after-party. At the time he was Obama's attorney general, having been recognized and rewarded for his pliant prior criminal behavior and his shared mission to start a race war between blacks and whites. Upon approaching him to take his measure, I opened by stating sarcastically, "Eric, nice to meet (up with) you after all these years." He responded, "Larry, are you here to serve me with a subpoena?" At the time, I thought that at least Holder saw himself for what he is, a felonious bedfellow of Bill and Hillary Clinton and now Barack Hussein Obama.

I recount these stories because they lend further insight into the complete criminality of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. And while Bill and Hillary are criminals enough, as the old adage goes, "you are who you associate with."

But now more than depositions and "interesting past fairytales" (in the case of Stephanopoulos and company) are at stake. Having skated the bar of justice for decades – although Judge Lamberth had ruled in my Filegate case that Bill Clinton and Carville had committed a crime in releasing private White House employment files of Kathleen Willey to try to smear her in the media – the Clintons are now on the cusp of being held to finally be tried for their most recent crimes. Recently, I filed a racketeering complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida over their sale of State Department influence, while Hillary was secretary of state, in exchange for donations to The Clinton Foundation and inflated speaking fees. In so doing, they illegally engaged in a racketeering criminal enterprise that reaped them hundreds of millions of dollars. Just as they did in the Chinagate scandal I ignited during their White House years, the Clintons sold government services and influence, such as granting waivers for persons, companies and countries to circumvent economic sanctions on Iran, in exchange for cold cash – and plenty of it.

Just last week, the judge on the case set the dates for a jury trial for the Clintons and their foundation for the two-week period beginning Jan. 20, 2016. Finally, they and their accomplices will, whatever the ultimate jury verdict, have to answer under oath for their crimes before a court of law. This is not something that has ever occurred before!

Let justice finally be done!

© Larry Klayman


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