Larry Klayman
Freedom under siege this July 4!
By Larry Klayman
July 6, 2015

Not since the years and days leading up to the Declaration of Independence in my birthplace of Philadelphia, signed on or about July 4, 1776, has the freedom of our nation been so under attack. Here are just a few examples underscoring why our situation today is actually worse than during pre-Revolutionary War days.

First, as exemplified by recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings twisting our Constitution into an unrecognizable knot – the majority decision written by Chief Justice Roberts rubber-stamping Obamacare and the equally dishonest majority decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy validating gay marriage as a "God-given right" – it is now clear that We the People are left without a high court, much more a legal system, that will stand in the breach to protect us. I have known this for a long time, and indeed that is why I first founded Judicial Watch 21 years ago, and then founded Freedom Watch some 11 years later.

After decades of fighting with dishonest judges and lawyers whose principal goal was to pervert decisions to suit their benefactors and/or enrich themselves at the expense of justice, I had had enough! Not coincidentally, this condition is where I gleaned the title of my autobiography, "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment." Coupled with my "unpleasant" experiences with congressmen, senators, presidents and other politicians and media networks and publications of equally dishonest ilk, I was not writing about the girls on Las Vegas Boulevard. At least they perform some service for their patrons, however inappropriate and corrupting to the moral fiber of the nation and our Judeo-Christian values. Our judges. lawyers and politicians, and dishonest media hacks, with very few exceptions, perform no service worthy of any recognition, save for the simple fact that their deceit is destroying our country and the values bequeathed to us by God through the Founding Fathers.

Sometimes followers of my work as an activist attorney who will not roll over to the establishment ask me why I am so negative or pessimistic. My answer is just the opposite of this perception. To the contrary, I, and the fine people I work with and who support our endeavors, share a common vision of what President Ronald Reagan called restoring that "Shining City on a Hill." We are optimists! We steadfastly believe that things can be turned around and made better! But, at this point, given the John Robertses, Barack Hussein Obamas, Bill and Hillary Clintons, John Boehners, Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids, Al Sharptons, MSNBCs, CNNs and other unethical lowlifes infesting our nation's capital and around the land, this will require more than just bringing more lawsuits before compromised judges who suck up and cook decisions and rulings to feather the nest of the likes of these judicial, political and media "whores."

Indeed, the trigger point for the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, and the ensuing revolution that gave rise to our republic was the "executive decision" of King George III and the British parliament to effectively gut the legal system of the American colonies by taking full criminal law authority back to the courts of London. The king usurped the rights of the hardworking, successful people living their dream for freedom in the "new world." When these rights were taken away, courageous and enlightened men such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and other patriots were left with no choice but to pledge their honor, fortunes and risk their lives to throw off the bondage of the king and his fellow despots in England. For any man or woman of virtue to live under this slavish system would have been worse than death. Patrick Henry's declaration "Give me liberty or give me death" rang true among those who ignited the revolution, a revolution that would later take hold and be furthered with a vengeance to throw off the oppressive rule of a corrupt British monarch and his court and set the stage for the French revolution and others to follow.

Today, I feel the same way our Founding Fathers did. Despite all the "goodies" our society has to offer – from plush restaurants, to glamorous cars, to appealing vacation spots, to ultra-big screen televisions, to smart phones and addicting social media communications – there is a growing emptiness among the populace. This populace, the same one that was either so stupid or so preoccupied with their worldly pleasures to twice elect a corrupt and evil president, has lost its way. The values our Founding Fathers and the colonies fought for are generally not even a glimmer in the minds of our lost fellow citizens, permanent residents or interlopers. The majority of our inhabitants have no idea where to find that "Shining City on a Hill," because their life experiences, minds, bodies and souls have been rendered so vacuous that most of them don't even know, figuratively speaking, what day is it and in which nation they live. And, the general populace has, thanks to their fixation on smartphones, in many instances drugs and alcohol and other addicting vices, are not lucid enough to be aware that the country is sliding downhill at such a fast past that even these "life joys" will likely soon be lost.

So what is the answer to arrest this rapid decline and restore the vision our Founding Fathers and other brave patriots made a reality in 1776? I hate to say it, but I do not fear the consequences of declaring it. A few good people of courage and faith again need to rise up and throw off the yoke of the vermin in Washington, D.C., and around the land who are infecting us with a deadly virus of immorality, corruption and greed. As on July 4, 1776, the legal system will not serve these ends by itself. Sure, there remain a few good judges and lawyers, but they are few and far between. And, once a new independence and revolution are declared, as in 1776, the masses may once again join the fight, as soon as they become educated enough to be awaken from their slumber and vices.

I don't have the answer on how we wage the new American revolution, particularly given the power of corrupted and pliant government agencies to put any rebellion down in rapid order. If King George III had had the surveillance powers of the NSA and CIA, the likes of Adams, Jefferson and Washington never would have made their way to Philadelphia to declare independence. Their plans for freedom would have been uncovered; they then would have been picked up, arrested, imprisoned and quickly executed before a new nation could have been birthed.

That is the dilemma we find ourselves in now. So this July 4, let all patriotic and non-brain-dead Americans who still believe in and are willing to risk their lives to fight for freedom search our souls, with the divine guidance of God and his Son, and begin to think about how we can successfully wage a new revolution to restore the nation to our founding values, roots and Judeo-Christian heritage for generations to come.

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