Larry Klayman
McCain and the cowardly, do-nothing Republicans
By Larry Klayman
July 27, 2015

Sen. John McCain is a war hero, despite many remaining questions about whether he "broke" and passed classified military to the North Vietnamese during his confinement in prison at the "Hanoi Hilton" during the Vietnam War. At the time, McCain's father was the admiral in charge of the Navy's Seventh Fleet in Asia, and he was a valued war prize for then Vietnamese leader Ho Chin Minh. McCain was beaten and left disabled during his captivity by his inhuman captors.

Years ago when I was chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, in the late '90s, before I ran for the U.S. Senate in Florida and before I founded Freedom Watch, I met with McCain in his Senate office. I was flattered that of all the senators serving during the criminally minded Clinton administration, he was the only one who had reached out and seemed to take a personal interest in the work I was doing at Judicial Watch. Most importantly, we had just uncovered perhaps the biggest scandal in American history: the sale of government access, services and classified information to the Communist Chinese by Bill and Hillary Clinton, much akin to what the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics did with Iran in furtherance of their RICO criminal enterprise while "Hill" was secretary of state under the Obama administration.

After I waited for about 10 minutes in his Senate office lobby, McCain emerged with a smile and held out his crippled right hand to warmly greet me by saying, "I feel that I already know you, Larry, from television." Following him into his office and sitting on his leather couch, I showed him a "menu" prepared and distributed by the Democratic National Committee on behalf of the Clintons, promising all kinds of "goodies" – including the sale of seats on Clinton Commerce Department trade missions, judgeships, commissionerships, overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House and other perks – all in exchange of an illegal $100,000 contribution to the DNC for upcoming Democratic election campaigns, including Slick Willy's re-election campaign in 1996.

When I showed McCain the DNC's menu, he replied quickly, "This is terrible, but you know, Larry, some of my fellow Republicans do similar things." Hearing what seemed to be an honest response, I gained a lot of respect for the senator, particularly since he promised to use his office to help us investigate the Clintons' criminal deeds. But following the meeting, and after many calls to him and his aides, McCain did nothing to follow through. I realized that my visit to his chambers was more intended to mollify me – particularly since I had been critical of Republican inaction toward the Clintons – than any real desire to rid the nation of these co-felons. After all, as McCain had admitted, his own party had less than clean hands.

And this proved to be the case during the ensuing campaign finance hearings that resulted from my work at Judicial Watch. Dubbed the "Chinagate Committee," the Republican head of the joint committee investigating illegal Clinton and DNC misconduct, Sen. Fred Thompson, along with McCain, took a dive and shut the hearing down when it was revealed by the Democrats that the Republican National Committee (RNC) had also been dealing with the Communist Chinese, although hardly to the extent of the Clintons and their DNC. McCain and the rest of his Republican colleagues rushed to shut down the investigation and instead moved to pass the now infamous McCain-Feingold bill, which unconstitutionally claimed to solve the problem of illegal campaign contributions from foreign and domestic contributors. The legislation, which was later largely invalidated by the Supreme Court, was like saying to an unpunished O.J. Simpson that a new law prevented him from killing again.

Indeed, the GOP's complicit cover-up of the Chinagate scandal has become the norm with Republicans ever since. Particularly during the "Hussein Obama regime" – one that favors Muslim and Arab interests over those of ordinary Americans of Judeo-Christian heritage – McCain and his blowhard establishment allies in the Republican Party have feasted off of their thousands of appearances furthering only their political aspirations on Fox News, but in practice have embarrassingly lost every battle with the "Mullah in Chief." Frightened that they will be branded as racists against African-Americans and Muslims, they have rolled over to this evil emperor at nearly every turn. Only one Republican senator has called out his colleagues on their disgraceful and cowardly conduct: Sen. Ted Cruz, much to his credit.

Now, thanks to the likes of Sens. McCain, Bob Corker and their Republican colleagues, we face the imminent approval of Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Having again caved into King Hussein, they agreed, along with Democrats on the Hill, to perverting the constitutional requirement that a treaty be approved by two-thirds of the Senate. Instead, two-thirds of both houses of Congress are required to shoot down the treaty. Given the gravity of this "Neville Chamberlain style" appeasement with the mullahs, whereby they certainly will complete their march to atomic weapons with the ballistic missile means to deliver them, this McCain and company sellout of our Constitution is unforgivable.

McCain may have been a war hero in the '70s, but ever since, he has been simply a hypocritical do-nothing blowhard. Donald Trump might have used flippant phraseology to criticize McCain for his lack of courage in not confronting illegal immigration and reacted to McCain's comments of calling Trump supporters "crazies," but McCain and his Republican establishment political colleagues have ill-served this nation and furthered Hussein Obama's socialist-racist Muslim agenda at nearly every turn.

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