Larry Klayman
Netanyahu: false promises and dangerous inaction
By Larry Klayman
October 6, 2015

I am a proud American! I am also a proud Zionist. To those "Muslims" like President Barack Hussein Obama, these labels are foreign to them.

The hard fact is, and let's be clear, true Muslims and their so-called faith are at war with both America and Israel. To be a believer in Allah and his so-called prophet Muhammad is to "believe" that people of all faiths other than Islam are to be eliminated from this earth. This Muslim so-called god divines, as he teaches in the Quran, that the world is to be populated only by Muslims. It's that simple – and anyone who cowardly tries to sugarcoat this hard reality is simply lying to be politically correct.

Dr. Ben Carson, to his great credit, has been the only presidential candidate to say it like it is, and he is being rewarded handsomely in support and financial contributions for having the guts to take this issue on. The rest of the Republican and Democratic presidential fields choose to turn a blind eye to the reality about Islam and its Muslim followers for fear that they will be branded racists. And, they have reason to believe this; President Obama and his black Muslim friends like Louis Farrakhan of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, coupled with the media, have played the race card effectively for over six and a half years, insulating and protecting the "Mullah In Chief" from impeachment, conviction and removal from office for his deluge of high crimes and misdemeanors, much less his trashing of Jewish and Christian interests and rights.

But there is another side of the "Islam Story" and its planned caliphate, and that is Obama's counterpart in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Schooled and raised in his early years in my native city of Philadelphia when his father taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Netanyahu is not only pro-American, he talks and sounds like us. The man is extremely articulate and a great speaker. He appears to exude confidence and courage. But as is true with many politicians, he falsely talks out of both sides of his mouth, and as the flip side of Obama's coin, he has not served his own nation and Zionism in general. Netanyahu, by inaction, prevarication and meaningless, insincere blusterings, has in effect acted in concert with Obama to put the land of Moses and Jesus at more than great risk of not just Iran, but now Russia and the rest of the Jew and Christian haters worldwide. This is self-evident in a number of ways.

First, years ago, before the Islamic Republic of Iran became as militarily powerful as it is today, as the prime minister of Israel and the titular head of its armed forces, Netanyahu had the intelligence to see Obama's Muslim leanings for what they are and understand that the president would bow down to the mullahs in Tehran, just as he did early on to the Saudi king, and cut an under-the-table fraudulent deal to allegedly curb Iran's acquisition of nuclear weapons. But rather than waging a pre-emptive strike, as Israel had the power successfully to do years ago, Netanyahu instead chose to shoot his mouth off repeatedly, threatening military action but never taking any. His non-actions also seeped over to his two limited compromised wars against Hamas in the Gaza strip, when on the verge of victory on two occasions he rolled over to Obama's desire to protect his fellow Muslims and stopped short of eliminating these Islamic terrorists who threaten Israel from the west.

Then on the eve of his recent re-election, the prime minister again talked big, this time traveling to Washington, D.C., at the invitation of another phony politician, now soon to be put out to pasture Speaker of the House John Boehner. Addressing a joint session of Congress, Netanyahu wowed the American audience with his hard stance against Iran's march to atomic weapons, vowing that he as Israel's strongman would never allow this to happen. He reiterated the "existential threat" to his nation, the Jewish state – one that was formed in 1948 as a refuge after the killing of over 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. But again, following this forceful threat, the Israeli president did nothing more than watch Obama and his leftist, Muslim sympathizing "clowns" roll over to the mullahs and agree to a deal that severely compromised not just Israel but also the United States. And, once this sham of a treaty was inked and implemented, what did Netanyahu do. He exited stage left and accepted total defeat, justifying his actions by claiming that he never really thought he could block the deal; instead he was just trying to sensitize the world to the dangers of Iran. What bull – t, pardon my French.

Last week, as the pro-Iranian Russians moved in to take near total control of Syria, which sits on Israel's northern border, and install major military installations in defiance of American-Israeli interests, Netanyahu shot his now discredited mouth off again, this time in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Again proclaiming that he, as prime minister of Israel would not stand for a nuclear Iran – presumably meaning that he would strike it militarily – he also stated that he now is in favor of a two-state solution to the so-called Palestinian problem. Just months earlier, in order to get re-elected, Netanyahu had fraudulently told the Israeli electorate that he never would allow this to happen – in my opinion the right policy, given that Palestinians, as are all "good" Muslims," are dedicated to the annihilation, with the support of Iran, of the Jewish state. And, for my part as a steadfast Zionist, I would never accede to a Palestinian state on Israel's West Bank. This would be a dagger in the side of not just Jewish but Christian interests. Notwithstanding the security risks of having Muslims en masse so situated under their own unbridled governance, we can never allow Judeo-Christian holy places in East Jerusalem, including the Wailing Wall and the Church of the Sepulchre to be in the hands of the scourge of Islam.

The growing presence of Russian military might in Syria, the sophisticated air defense system President Vladimir Putin has sold to Iran and worldwide acceptance of the sham of the Iran nuclear treaty have now checkmated the fast-talking snake-oil salesman Netanyahu, preventing him from taking military action. These foreseeable and previously preventable events have also brought about Netanyahu's new capitulation to the creation of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel.

The American people are starting to wake up to the false prophesies of their elected officials in Washington. It is the moment for the Israeli people do the same with Netanyahu and his intellectually corrupt political compatriots in Jerusalem. It's time for all of them to be shown the door before it is too late not just for the United States, but the birthplace of Jesus Christ and his fellow Jewish forefathers.

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