Larry Klayman
Political correctness and Muslim terror
By Larry Klayman
December 10, 2015

I personally will not vote for any candidate who calls Islamic terrorists "radical Muslims" or "jihadists." The American people, and particularly conservatives, libertarians, and people of true faith, have had it with political correctness ("PC"). PC is what led the neighbors of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists to not report suspicious activity at their neighbors' house, where Muslims were pouring into the garage to make pipe bombs and arms to use against us Christians by attacking a nearby Christmas party and killing 14 Christians and seriously wounding 17 more. The hard reality is that we are at war with Islam, not because we chose to be but because the Muslim religion itself teaches, by the will of Mohammad and his god Allah, to kill all infidels – that is, persons who do not believe in and practice Islam. This means you, me, and our families. It's regrettably that simple and scary!

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama – who was elected by an uneducated populace despite the fact he was not shown to be eligible to be president under our Constitution – was born to a Muslim father and educated in Muslim schools in Indonesia as a youth, and has revealed his true colors over the last seven years in furthering the interests and running interference for his Islamic brothers. By Shariah law, Obama is a Muslim, and he has thus acted consistently with his "faith." Why should this surprise anyone? Typically, once a Muslim, always a Muslim (especially in view of the penalties for doing otherwise). For different reasons, persons who practice a bona fide religion like Christianity, Judaism, or Hinduism tend to stay with it. Unfortunately, the "Holy Quran," as our Muslim president likes to call it, clearly teaches death to non-Islamists. And, since the days of September 11 in America, death it has been, whether it was the shootings at Fort Hood, beheadings in Oklahoma, or attacks in Texas (ask Pamela Geller), the streets of New York City where persons' throats were slit, the Boston Marathon, or now San Bernardino.

Despite what all the nation knows, Obama, whose middle name is not just coincidentally Hussein, has sought to protect his heritage by refusing to call Islamic terrorism by its name – only "workplace violence," or some other "betise," as the French ironically would say, given the horrors of Islamic attacks in Paris. And, for fear of being branded racist against Muslims and blacks – a proverbial "doubly whammy" – the media have covered up for Obama's Muslim self by refusing to label him as such. Even Fox News, reportedly at the direction of its otherwise talented and successful CEO Roger Ailes, refuses to call it like it obviously is. No one on Fox News has or will ever brand Obama as the Muslim he is, despite his actions, which leave no doubt to any rational human being with a first-grade education and an IQ over 50. But it's not simply a question of PC, a name, or phraseology; Obama is not a "pussy," as Colonel Ralph Peters has recently labeled him following the president's pathetic and insulting speech of last Sunday, since he spends more time making excuses for Muslim terrorism and covering for American Muslims, who regrettably sympathize to a large extent with their terrorist brothers and thus fail to speak out against their brutal carnage, than he spends mapping out a coherent and forceful military strategy. Obama, plain and simple, is Islamic by birth and by his actions. And this is not benign. His refusal as commander-in-chief to order strong military action against ISIS, Al Queda, and other terrorists is not because he is a "pussy." It must be seen for what it is: empowering by inaction the furtherance of the caliphate which Mohammad and Allah teach their adherents to carry out. This is Islam, not radical Islam, and in deed if not word, Obama is one of Allah's believers and faithful. He is carrying out their will, and it's no wonder he wears a ring that is inscribed in Arabic that his only god is Allah.

About two years ago, I was in front of the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., during the government shutdown and in the presence of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, along with Governor Sarah Palin. Following them on the lectern that day, in front of television cameras from nearly all of the nation's networks, I got up to speak. I did not have notes or a thought-out speech to give, but I let it come from my heart if not my brain. And, in urging Americans to wage a non-violent revolution of civil disobedience a la Martin Luther King to restore freedom to our shores, I was inspired standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial where King had many decades earlier given his historic and moving "I Have a Dream" speech – and I subconsciously "let it rip." I sent a message to Obama, tongue in cheek, to "Get off his knees, put the Quran down, and come out with his hands up." I left the lectern and the World War II Memorial that day not even appreciating the firestorm I had triggered. For me, the obvious was the obvious, and what I had said was not controversial (though sadly funny). But no sooner than the evening news, I was all over the airwaves; and the likes of MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN began a two-week campaign to bash me and my Tea Party colleagues Cruz, Lee, and Palin and our supporters. For these lefty Muslim and Obama sympathizers, I was used as the springboard to label Tea Partiers, conservatives, libertarians, and people of true faith as crazy bigots. How dare I satirically call the president by his true color. (

Well, fellow realists and friends, Obama's actions over the last two years since my speech paint my satirical depiction of his faith, if not mindset, as mild. But more important, as the nation ponders its fate at the hands of true believing Muslims like Obama and the terrorists he runs interference for and refuses to decisively take out, a related and compelling question presents itself. And, without endorsing Donald Trump, since I have not yet decided who I will vote for in the Republican presidential primary, the Donald has raised the right issue, which no one but "his greatness" has dared to bring forth. Simply put, non-citizen Muslims have no right to immigrate to this country.

It's high time the nation gets real. We are at war with Islam, even if our Muslim president is not. And it's time for a moratorium on giving non-citizen Muslims entry to the country, as they have no legal right to be here.

For true believing Muslims, I hear Mecca is a nice place to visit. As they no doubt will like it, they can take up permanent residency there, and if they stay long enough, apply for citizenship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just not here in the United States!

It has been demonstrated that risk of their presence in the land of "E Pluribus Unum" is too great!

© Larry Klayman


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