Larry Klayman
New year brings more crimes by Obama, NSA
By Larry Klayman
January 5, 2016

Just when we thought we have seen everything from President Barack Hussein Obama, winner of the 2015 "Muslim of the Year" award, the Wall Street Journal revealed Tuesday that the "fearless leader" had committed even more crimes against the Republic and Jews in particular.

Not that we needed confirmation that his National Security Agency (NSA) has been unconstitutionally spying indiscriminately on all Americans under the guise of fighting terrorism. Indeed, last Nov. 9 we at Freedom Watch won a new victory enjoining this illegal criminal surveillance. We have now learned that Obama's spying also encompassed intercepting communications of members of Congress and American Jewish organizations with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The reason? To throw a monkey wrench into their attempt to stop his traitorous and highly dangerous deal with Iran over atomic weapons. The potential exists that Obama used this illicitly obtained information, if not dirt, about legislators to blackmail them into not opposing the Iran nuclear deal – the centerpiece of his anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, but pro-Muslim foreign policy.

It is one thing to spy on the Israeli government and Jewish organizations, however nefarious the motivation of our president, but to get into and violate the communications of American lawmakers is clearly criminal and deserves the harshest of punishments. But Republican leadership in Congress typically was slow to react and expressed only feigned outrage. Worst among these sad excuses for representatives of the people was my own senator, Marco Rubio, a man so two-faced and politically opportunistic that he would not even dare criticize Obama and his outlaw intelligence agency henchmen over their felonious conduct. Rubio, like his presidential hopeful comrades Govs. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, have attempted to cheaply and disingenuously use the terrorist tragedies in Paris and San Bernardino to politically advocate that the NSA should have unbridled powers to spy on all Americans, much less whoever else the spy agencies decide to turn their criminal sights on.

Here is what Rubio in particular said on "Fox and Friends" in a pathetic attempt to cover his derriere – now that his phony hand was caught in the cookie jar of supporting Obama and intelligence agencies' criminal conduct: "I want to be very careful. I'm a member of the (Senate) Intelligence Committee so I obviously want to be very careful about what I say about information of this kind." Indeed, Rubio should be careful since as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee he knew or should have known about this criminal conduct, and did nothing about it. And it is ironic indeed that Rubio did not even show up to vote on Obama's Iran nuclear agreement. Was he also blackmailed into submission?

This latest Obama caper, to be brutally honest but not racist, would clearly result in a belated "quick kick" if the president were not African-American. President Richard Nixon, who had the "misfortune" to be born white, was forced to resign over criminal acts of spying on the Democratic Party and the Brookings Institution during Watergate. And, Nixon's spying did not put the entire citizenry at risk of nuclear Holocaust as with the Iran deal.

But the gutless Republican leadership, which has been soundly defeated at every turn by this president, is not likely to do anything but hold more worthless hearings and appear on Fox News to feather their own political nests and position themselves to try to regain control of the White House. But where does our Constitution and the rule of law come in? Are they just talking points with Bill O'Reilly and company?

My whistleblower client, Dennis Montgomery, a former highly coveted intelligence agency consultant, who has finally obtained immunity to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had for years been trying to come forward about the NSA, the Central Intelligence Agency and now Obama's misuse of their powers. Montgomery, who worked closely with the lying Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – Obama's "yes man" – has explosive information about the sort of criminal conduct disclosed by not just Edward Snowden, but now the Wall Street Journal. One can only hope that FBI Director James B. Comey and his agents will be able to withstand the extortive pressures official Washington, and hacks like Obama, the NSA and CIA, will threaten them with in an attempt to prevent them from uncovering the full extent of criminal conduct. In this regard, please do not hold your breath; the government forces in our nation's capital are compromised, corrupt and inclined to cover up wrongdoing no matter which political party is involved. And, here both parties have furthered NSA and CIA crimes against the people!

As we enter into the New Year, it's time that we sober up. While I long for a real president who has integrity and the fortitude to fight the ethical cesspool of Washington, D.C., this is not likely on the horizon. While anyone save for Hillary Clinton would be better than Obama, recent history teaches that we are not likely to see another President Ronald Reagan, much less a President Thomas Jefferson figure. Jefferson believed and advocated for a revolution every generation to clean out the cockroaches in our body politic, which he forecast would periodically come to infest the nation's capital.

This latest criminal outrage is perhaps the final straw prior to revolution this new year. If the Republican and Democratic establishments, and the enforcement agencies they oversee, fail – as is likely – to act and mete out justice and put the felons in the slammer, then it falls on the citizenry to do so.

Of course, Obama and his criminal accomplices could not care less. In Obama's case, it furthers the cause of his Muslim Iranian brothers and their planned caliphate over Christians and Jews, and in the case of officials like James Clapper, it enhances their power long into the future – as they have gathered a lot of "dirt" on so-called government and other prominent leaders, which they can use to coerce their actions.

One could argue that Clapper and his fellow intelligence agency goons, like John Brennan, the director of the CIA, are the real kingmakers in Washington, D.C., and that the likes of Obama actually work for them. One has to wonder what they extract in exchange for their criminal misdeeds – perhaps lots of money and other favors?

So this new year, we must all pledge our sacred honor, fortunes and lives to preserve the Republic. Our Founding Fathers, who did so in my native city of Philadelphia, on July 4, 1776, would have expected no less.

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