Larry Klayman
Obama, Bernie, the GOP, and Iran
By Larry Klayman
February 1, 2016

It's not exactly news that President Barack Hussein Obama harbors a deep-seated disdain, if not hatred, for Jews and Israel. While keeping a few ultra-leftist Jews around him in the White House for the last seven years for political cover, he has done everything possible to harm the Jewish state and advance the cause of Islam both at home and abroad. Indeed, many of my earlier columns have dealt with Obama's association with black-Muslim leaders such as the so-called Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam and the most vile anti-Semite in the president's stable of Jew-haters.

With the news that former first lady and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is steadily sinking further into the abyss of her growing email scandal, of which my group Freedom Watch, not to mention the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have been intimately involved, one would think that Obama, a socialist himself, would recognize that the Wicked Witch of the Left is in serious political trouble, even if his Justice Department, led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, will never indict her, and throw his explicit or at least tacit support to Bernie Sanders' presidential candidacy. But here is the obvious catch. Over the last few weeks, Obama has promoted Hillary's candidacy and instead distanced himself from Sanders. The only obvious reason; Obama cannot help himself. Bernie is Jewish, and the "Muslim in Chief" cannot bring himself to support any presidential candidate, albeit one closer to his political ilk, that is Jewish.

Obama's anti-Semitism, and for that matter anti-Christian bent, has metastasized in more dangerous ways in the last weeks as well, as the Iran nuclear treaty has now gone into full effect. Notwithstanding that the treaty cements the Islamic Republic of Iran's likely eventual use of atomic weapons on – or at least future blackmail of – Israel and the United States, in furtherance of its goal of a Shiite worldwide caliphate, as well as finances more terrorism against Israel and the Western world, Obama has opened the door for the European nations to predictably prostitute themselves by immediately engaging in huge business deals, some involving equipment that can be used for military purposes, with the mullahs in Tehran. Sure enough, with hundreds of billions of dollars now freed up in previously frozen assets as a result of the treaty, Western European nations like Italy, France and Germany and their business interests are now bowing down to the mullahs, begging for and quickly getting involved in massive contracts that pump dirty cash into their economies.

Airbus, a consortium of European airplane manufacturers, is just one example of the large business deals these nations are now reaping from billions of dollars unfrozen by Obama and company. And, if this is not enough, the socialist prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, Obama's "soul brother," and regrettably the well-intentioned but na´ve socialist pope himself have recently hosted the president of Iran in Rome, prostrating themselves to the newly found riches and the Obama-induced prestige and "respectability" of these Islamic savages. What a disgraceful display made possible only by the Jew- and Christian-hating Muslim president of the United States.

Equally disgraceful were the responses to the implementation of the treaty by several of the Republican presidential candidates at the controversial Fox News debate Thursday. As is his usual two-faced B.S., Sen. Marco Rubio boasted that "when" he is president – a more than remote likelihood – he will withdraw from the treaty on Day 1. But when one of the moderators, Chris Wallace, correctly pointed out that the damage would have already been done with the release of the billions of dollars in frozen assets, and the fact that the United States would have no leverage since Europe would already have been firmly in bed with Iran economically and politically, Rubio had virtually no response! (Hypocritically, Rubio, as is true almost across the board, never even showed up to vote on the treaty when it was before the Republican-controlled Senate for approval or defeat.)

Rubio did not even forcefully advocate what should have happened long ago – namely, that the United States needs to militarily eliminate the entire neo-Nazi regime in Tehran along with its nuclear facilities. The rest of the Republican candidates and especially the Republican governor of Ohio, John Kasich, spewed forth nonsense. Kasich, with his bizarre demeanor, slithered out of answering Wallace's question with incomprehensible mumbling. And, Ted Cruz's strong language, delivered in his usual impersonal style as an appellate lawyer, fell flat and unconvincing. Simply put, all of the Republican leadership and rank and file, including Cruz, stood by and watched Obama sell out the United States to his Muslim buddies in Tehran. Their chest-beating at presidential debates does not ring true; it is now too late to stop the Iranian regime from assembling and delivering – by missiles and others means – their weapons of mass destruction to our shores and the holy shrines of Israel, the birthplace of Jesus. And, our so-called European allies are enabling Iran's rise as a superpower, which cannot easily be undone unless we now bomb the Islamic terrorist nation into rubble with the use of our own tactical nuclear weapons.

So whether it's Obama's dissing of fellow socialist but Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, giving the green light to Europe to cement ties to and build up Iran with the dirty money now unfrozen thanks to the treaty, or the inert nonsense spewed forth by most Republican presidential candidates about what to now do about the nuclear Islamic state, it is clear that the "Muslim in Chief's" hatred of Jews and Christians has now evolved into a deadly reality for all of us. And, all the while the Republican political elite, establishment and professed non-establishment alike, like Rubio, Kasich and Cruz, stood by and watched Obama work his destruction on our nation and its interests, short and long term.

This, along with other factors, explains the rise of Donald Trump, who wisely did not appear with his hapless, disingenuous Republican opponent blowhards at the latest Fox News debate.

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