Larry Klayman
GOP establishment wants Hillary as president!
By Larry Klayman
March 22, 2016

The vicious attacks against leading presidential candidate Donald Trump, particularly after his recent primary victories in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Missouri, reveal the strategy of the so-called elites of the Republican Party. Having bent down to our African-American Muslim president for going on eight years, largely for fear of being branded racists, this despicable crowd of cowards and do-nothings, led by the likes of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker Paul Ryan (previously John Boehner) and political consultants like Karl Rove, fear that their hold on power and thus the money gravy train of Washington, D.C., will come to a screeching halt if Trump is elected president. The Donald owes nothing to them, having already lined their pockets with what amounts to legal bribes while he was simply a businessman. Having come out of the closet to run for president, and honestly admitted that he legally bribed these low lives when he needed to, as a would-be president Trump is now free of a corrupt system he used so well to build a $10 billion empire. That is why the Republican establishment so fears him and will do nothing short of using every underhanded trick and scam to deny him the presidency.

Indeed, in the days leading up to the most recent primaries, which Trump largely won, the then darling and "Great Cuban Hope" of the Republican establishment, Marco Rubio, proclaimed that if Trump won the primary process, he would find it increasingly difficult to support him in the general election against Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz and John Kasich echoed similar sentiments. As for "Little Marco," who was blown out even in his home state of Florida, winning only one of 67 counties – Miami-Dade, not coincidentally heavily Cuban and where he lives – the motivation seemed crystal clear: Do everything to defeat Trump in the general presidential election in 2016 and live to fight again against President Hillary Clinton in 2020.

In short, the Republican establishment would rather relegate We the People to the evil and destructive ways of the Wicked Witch of the Left than see Trump assume the power of the presidency, for fear that they would be frozen out of power and money for eight rather than four years.

This cynical, disgusting and frankly traitorous approach to the well-being of the nation is why the Republican Party has reduced itself over the last eight years to little more than a dishonest joke; it is nearly as bad as the Democratic Party itself. The former is almost equally corrupt and does not represent the American people. The latter is at best socialist and bent on radically transforming the nation into a clone of an over-bloated and feckless Western Europe, which is disintegrating as I write this column under a deluge of Muslim immigration and other social and economic woes.

To defeat The Donald, even if he wins the plurality of the votes in the remaining presidential primaries, the Republican establishment is now plotting to take the nomination away from him at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Undoubtedly hoping and anticipating that Trump will not win the requisite 1,237 delegate votes on the first round of voting at the Convention, the political hacks of the Republican establishment are already bribing and pressuring delegates to abandon Trump on a second round of voting and move to a party establishment lackey like John Kasich or some other candidate who will, once elected, stuff his and their pockets with the expected cash to keep the Republican Party and its "cockroach-like consultants" like Rove and company flush with cash in the years ahead.

The bottom line is this: If the Republican establishment cannot move Trump aside and insert one of their own as the 2016 presidential candidate against Hillary Clinton, it will work to destroy him in any general election against her. In many ways, the Republican establishment already has destroyed Trump and elected the Wicked Witch of the Left. All of the vicious attacks at debates and on television in general will be used by the Democrats during the general election to convince independents, disaffected Republicans and others not to vote for The Donald.

So let's be clear; the political elite of both parties are a grave threat to the nation. They both must be legally exterminated as the vermin they are before they totally infest the country's body politic and we fall deeper into the spiraling abyss we now find ourselves in.

Donald Trump is not the issue; what is the issue is the corruption that has engulfed and overtaken our nation's capital. If Trump is not allowed to fairly compete for the presidency, and in many ways his candidacy has already been severely compromised by the Republican establishment, then the revolution that is now taking place at the ballot box could turn violent and bloody – and I am not just talking about a few skirmishes at campaign events or the Republican National Convention in the the decayed city of Cleveland.

Our great Founding Father and later President Thomas Jefferson advocated for revolution every other generation to clean out the corruption of the ruling establishment. It appears that he may get his wish, thanks to the type of party establishment he rightly despised.

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