Larry Klayman
Judge trashes Cliven Bundy's constitutional rights
By Larry Klayman
May 30, 2016

It is the trial of the century, reminding us of the Scopes monkey trial depicted in the famous film "Inherit the Wind." Only there is currently no Spencer Tracey, that famous movie star, to play the part. That is because a corrupt judge, one recommended by the most sleazy and dishonest member of the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid, and then nominated by the most sleazy and corrupt president in American history, Barack Hussein Obama, has not allowed me thus far to join my friend and colleague Joel Hansen, a patriotic and fine local Las Vegas attorney, to defend my client Cliven Bundy. Joel does not have the manpower or financial resources to defend Cliven on his own.

The dishonest and phony excuse of this judge, Gloria Navarro: that there is a bar proceeding pending against me in the District of Columbia saying that I had a conflict of interest when as a last resort I agreed to represent pro bono three persons, a former client, a contributor and an office manager, who had been alleged to have been harmed by my former group, Judicial Watch, after I left to run for the U.S. Senate in 2003. I contend that this complaint was filed against me only when I had to sue the current directors of Judicial Watch for violating their severance agreement with me after I left to run for office.

Indeed, the foremost legal ethics expert in the nation, Ronald Rotunda, has testified under oath that I did nothing wrong and in fact had an ethical obligation to help these persons. In any event, the matter, which is now 10 years old, will not be concluded for many years as it winds its way through the system, and thus has no bearing on my fitness to represent Bundy. I have been continuously a member in good standing of the bar for going on 40 years.

But dishonestly, Judge Navarro has said that I can only apply to represent Bundy when this matter is concluded. Of course, by then Mr. Bundy, who has been indicted on 17 counts for standing down a tyrannical government that tried to seize his ranch and cattle at Bunkerville, Nevada, will have already been tried and potentially convicted of crimes that could result in life imprisonment. See

Of course, Navarro's illegal "catch 22" – since it is virtually impossible to deny a defendant his choice of counsel in a criminal case under the Sixth Amendment to our Constitution, which provides a right of counsel – is meant to keep a strong legal advocate like me out of the case, in Joel's and my view, so she can further the interests of Reid and Obama. Harry Reid, that despicable low-life that masquerades as a U.S. senator and cavorts around with Las Vegas gambling mafia, has been for years, along with his equally ethically bankrupt son, Rory, reportedly negotiating a deal with various interests that involves Cliven's land. Not coincidentally, before our so-called federal government attempted to seize Cliven's and his family's land, which they have ranched for over 150 years, in part on the false pretext that their ranching was endangering tortoises, Reid's handpicked head of the Bureau of Land Management – who not coincidentally had been the senator's top aid in the Senate and whose appointment Obama rubber-stamped – orchestrated the Gespapo-like raid against Cliven and his family. During this raid, Cliven's sister and sons were Tased and beaten up, many of his cattle killed (the bulls were secretly buried in a mass grave) and their lives threatened if they did not get out of Dodge. This tyranny is something we saw from King George III during the days leading up to the signing of our Declaration of Independence and what one observes every day in Putin's Russia. But thanks to brave cowboys, legally armed as allowed by our Second Amendment, who came to the Bundy family's defense, it was Reid's and Obama's BLM stormtroopers who were forced to leave Bunkerville, not the Bundys.

Two years later, however, after he called for Cliven's indictment, to get rid of our client and his family so the Reids' reported land deal can go forward, Harry Reid publicly called Cliven and his sons domestic terrorists and signaled to his handpicked judge, Navarro, for them to be imprisoned, presumably for life. So too did Obama, when our "ineligible" president was offended by Cliven's use of the word "Negro" after the raid. Cliven's reference was only meant to show that he and his family had been treated by the government even worse than the "Negro slaves" were in the Old South.

Joel and I, seeing that Navarro was in bed with Reid and Obama, particularly after she had Cliven committed to solitary confinement, moved to disqualify her. Predictably, however, this compromised federal judge refused to get off the case, not even allowing Joel to speak at last Wednesday's hearing. Instead, she disparaged both Joel and me as unfit to be counsel and happily recommitted Cliven to solitary confinement leading up to his presently scheduled trial next February, which will last months. This means that even if Cliven is acquitted, he will have been kept in solitary confinement, without bail, for well over a year. (Not coincidentally, Judge Navarro also violated Cliven's Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial, keeping him in solitary confinement during this time period).

And, this is despite the fact our client is no threat to the community. No Bundy, including Cliven, has harmed a hair on the head of any federal agent. Indeed, the contrary is true, as we are prepared to show at trial.

The bottom line is this: The Bundy case is not just important for Cliven and his family, but for all of us. We cannot allow a tyrannical government and court to run roughshod over our constitutional rights. Not just Cliven, but nearly all of the Bundy sons are now in prison, awaiting trial. Mrs. Carol Bundy and her daughters are trying to survive carrying on with their ranching, and they are financially drained. This case will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to successfully defend, as we now swiftly must go the appellate and perhaps the Supreme Court to get Judge Navarro removed, have Cliven released on bail from federal prison and allow me to be counsel along with Joel Hansen. Cliven and the family need your support, and with this support we will prevail. Please help us take on these evil forces and contribute to their defense fund at

Our great Founding Father and third president, Thomas Jefferson, one said that when the people fear the government there is tyranny. Let's all take a stand before it's too late.

© Larry Klayman


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