Larry Klayman
'Il Duce' judge out to destroy Sheriff Joe
By Larry Klayman
June 7, 2016

On Tuesday I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, and the federal court there to observe a modern-day lynching by a federal judge, G. Murray Snow, who thinks and acts like the fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini – a dictator so warped that he threw his lot in with Adolf Hitler and sent his nation, Italy, into a giant abyss of suffering and death during World War II without even the military means to defeat the Allies. Il Duce, as he was called, ended his career dangling upside down on a rope thanks to Italian partisans who finally took matters into their own hands and meted out justice. I firmly do not advocate this for Judge Snow, as I do not believe in violence but instead a legal system that functions, even through it has been highly corrupted in the last several decades. So it is, as I explain below, that Judge Snow will soon have to answer to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which has recently decided to review the jurists' outrageous misconduct concerning my client Dennis Montgomery.

Snow is the federal judge who unfortunately has been overseeing and administering to a case brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an ultra-leftist so-called public-interest group, against America's sheriff, Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona, over his alleged profiling of illegal aliens. Representing the ACLU, in part, is the law firm of Covington and Burling. Partners in the law firm are none other than former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and former head of the Obama Justice Department's Criminal Division, Lanny Breuer – both haters of Sheriff Joe who, on Obama's apparent orders, want to destroy him. To add insult to injury, one of Holder's and Breuer's partners at Covington and Burling is the brother-in-law of Judge Snow. During the course of the case, Snow has ordered that millions of dollars in attorneys' fees be paid by the county to his brother-in-law's law firm – clearly an unethical directive.

Moreover, during the course of this case, Judge Snow's wife was heard by credible and corroborated witnesses saying that her husband would use the ACLU case before him to destroy Sheriff Joe. Judge Snow has never refuted that his wife disclosed this to her friends at a restaurant, where she was overheard making this "confession."

Consistent with this, Judge Snow has indeed proceeded to try to destroy America's sheriff, saying that he would not only hold Arpaio in civil contempt for violating his order to stop the alleged profiling, but also refer him and others in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office (MSCO) to the Obama Justice Department for criminal prosecution over allegations they have perjured themselves during court testimony. During this trial, Judge Snow, at the urging of the ACLU and Covington and Burling lawyers, expanded the case improperly to also involve my other client, Dennis Montgomery, a CIA/NSA whistleblower who, having received immunity to come forward, has been cooperating with FBI Director James Comey and his general counsel, providing evidence that these intelligence agencies have been illegally "harvesting" the financial and other records of Supreme Court justices, hundreds of other judges, prominent businessmen and anyone else, presumably so they could coerce and commit blackmail on behalf of Obama and his minions. And, the crimes go beyond the Obama administration into other administrations as well.

The ACLU has alleged, again through Covington and Burling and its own rabid Arpaio-hating lawyers, that Montgomery was engaged by the MSCO to investigate Judge Snow. While this never happened, Snow used this as a principle pretext to drag my client into his "kangaroo court." In defense of this, Sheriff Joe's lawyers in this case (I represent the sheriff before the Supreme Court over Obama's illegal executive actions on amnesty), who have themselves been threatened by Judge Snow, falsely claimed that Montgomery's work with the MSCO was ineffective in any event since he was a fraud. These lawyers thus rolled over to Judge Snow, sucking up to him by coming up with a phony defense, rather than zealously representing Sheriff Joe. Instead they unethically sought to protect their own derrieres. Dennis Montgomery was thus made the scapegoat or lightening rod to draw attention away from Judge Snow's false allegations that the sheriff was illegally investigating him. As a result, Snow has made a false finding that Montgomery is a fraud without even allowing my client to appear and deny the allegations.

To protect my client Montgomery but do no harm to my other client Sheriff Joe, my associate and I sought to intervene in the case, as well as to move for disqualification of Judge Snow. Predictably, he denied our motions and we took an appeal to the 9th Circuit. While this appeal is being considered and heard – oral argument is set for this September – Judge Snow, despite the likelihood he will soon be disqualified on order of the 9th Circuit, has moved ahead with his inquisition of Sheriff Joe and by association Montgomery. And, that was the reason I traveled to Phoenix Tuesday to observe Judge Snow's latest perversion of justice at a hearing he had called for 9 a.m. to discuss how to punish Arpaio and persons associated with the sheriff, including Montgomery.

As I stood outside the courtroom waiting for the U.S. Marshals to allow persons into the courtroom, I observed an array of Sheriff Joe haters who gleefully came to see his lynching, everyone from Muslims in full dress to La Raza radical Hispanic types who support illegal immigration. Outside the courthouse shouting on bullhorns were seemingly violent protesters, hanging America's sheriff in effigy. The scenes both inside and outside were surreal.

As I took my seat and awaited Judge Snow's entry, I reflected on how politicized and corrupt the court system has become, with few exceptions. And, even with this mindset, I was surprised when Judge Snow appeared and rather than a taking a seat behind the bench instead stood up at a podium he had built to rest on the bench, towering over the courtroom with his huge presence like the smaller dictator Il Duce had from a balcony at Piazza del Popolo in the center of Rome. There Mussolini had confidently asked the good Italian people, who largely did not side with Hitler or his persecution of Jews and others, to simply give him a handful of dead, and Italy, along with Germany, would rule the world.

Judge Snow, like Mussolini, will soon have his day of reckoning, legally before the 9th Circuit. Let us pray that justice will be done, and I am successful and the appellate court will order Judge Snow disqualified. In this way his persecution of America's sheriff and Dennis Montgomery will also end since the 9th Circuit could then vacate, that is void, all of his unethical findings, threats and other illegal actions.

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