Larry Klayman
Elections -- and everything else -- are rigged!
By Larry Klayman
October 24, 2016

Lest you continue to act like Blanche DuBois in the famous film "A Street Car Named Desire" and "believe in the innocence of strangers" when it comes to thinking the best about the state of the nation, the time is now for a major wake up call. Let me explain.

First, there is the cover-up of the latest of dozens of Hillary Clinton scandals. As Hillary Clinton herself has boasted during this election campaign, she has lots of experience over the last 30 years. Indeed, this is so. The Wicked Witch of the Left, in the course of her career, has perpetrated over 40 scandals, the latest only being her email-server scandal. Given this experience, and that of her hubby, Bill Clinton, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics have considerable experience on ways to escape prosecution. In this email-server caper, Hillary, who ironically, looked and waddled to the podium like The Penguin in the legendary Batman television series during her second-to-last debate with The Donald, understood that Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey would protect her in first conducting a sham fraudulent investigation and then in the end predictably finding that she did not have the requisite intent to commit crimes against the American people. Give the Wicked Witch credit for understanding just how corrupt our system of justice has become and works, and how dishonest its stewards like Lynch and Comey are. They know clearly how to play it all the way to the proverbial bank.

While Lynch and Comey should both be impeached and themselves charged with the crime of obstruction of justice, don't expect the cowardly Republican establishment, run by the likes of the feckless and compromised Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to take any action to further the integrity of the rule of law in this country. Its more than likely that Obama's National Security Agency (NSA), with its total surveillance over "We the People," have enough dirt on them to continue to blackmail them into submission. Just ask my client Dennis Montgomery, a NSA/CIA whistleblower with more damning information than Edward Snowden who legally and in good faith came forward to Comey and the FBI only to have this buried too by the director. And, even if the NSA, which is the tool of the establishment, inexplicably does not have such dirt, these pygmies of government do not have the desire or moral courage to challenge their fellow elite. Why upset the so-called balance of power of the Washington, D.C., money and power train, where Democrats and Republicans divide up the spoils of government no matter who wins the White House?

The Clintons and these despicable leaders in both parties also know that the nation's federal court system in particular will not move against the political elite who got them their jobs through political patronage. So even if prosecution were to come down for the Wicked Witch, it is likely that some Clinton- or Obama-appointed judge would find a way to dismiss the indictment as payback – a quid pro quo – for his or her having been nominated for the federal bench. Of course, the average American could not expect such fine treatment; but when it comes to the establishment of both parties, it is expected. Indeed, I estimate that with Democratic control of the White House for 16 of the last 24 years, under the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, that over 90 percent of the federal judges, particularly in the District of Columbia, are appointees of either one of these low-lifes. And, from my experience these judges know how scratch the backs of their benefactors, particularly since if Hillary is elected president, they will have a good shot at a higher judicial or another government appointment.

In short, our federal justice system when it comes to the Clintons and the beautiful people of Washington, D.C., and in the state capitals around the nation is nearly totally corrupt. I say that without hesitation based on 40 years of experience literally in the bowels of our court system. The federal judges, with just a few exceptions, have broken away from any semblance of holding the political class accountable, particularly when the Clintons and Obama are involved. They bow down to their masters and defecate on the rest of us, knowing full well who butters their bread.

So when Donald Trump – who I have not endorsed given my role as past and present heads of public-interest groups and the founder of both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch – says that the election is rigged, how can he be doubted? Today, nearly everything in this country is rigged, much like Ayn Rand forecast in her legendary novel "Atlas Shrugged." As she foretold, this nation will need to be taken down to ground zero before it can be built back up in the vision of our Founding Fathers – that is, if we are to have any chance of survival as a democracy much less a republic.

Do not expect this presidential election to change this equation. There is no political messiah, and even if Trump is found to be the will of the voters, he is destined to lose this election. He is right that there is huge voter fraud at hand: Illegals who hate him can easily register and vote with a simple driver's license in many states, like California; IDs need not be shown in at the polls lest there be fear of legal actions alleging discrimination against blacks, Latinos and other minorities; voter intimidation at polling places such as occurred in Philadelphia in 2008 by the New Black Panthers Party; fraudsters who will vote more than once using dead persons as the foil or who live and vote in more than one state; the issuance by state and local authorities of unverified absentee ballots, which are handed out like candy; electronic voting machines that can easily be hacked and paper ballots that are altered with the likes of those now infamous "hanging chads" and a host of other electoral illegalities will be put into play. Thus, voter fraud will likely, in the end, tip the balance and thus determine who wins the presidency. And, when the left claims that Trump's refusal to say he will automatically accept the so-called will of the voters will undermine our democracy, this begs the question. Simply put, we no longer have a democracy!

With a rigged and fraudulent voting system, a corrupt federal justice system and dishonest attorneys general and FBI directors who serve the ruling class and not We the People, what choice is there but revolution? How far have we have come since July 4, 1776!

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