Larry Klayman
The left's continuing war to take over America
By Larry Klayman
December 12, 2016

This week, outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama gave an interview to his fellow Muslim at CNN – the Clinton News Network and rabid Trump-hating cable franchise – Fareed Zakaria, and unloaded on white people in the South, in effect blaming them for obstructing his socialist, pro-Muslim, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian agenda over the last eight years. Here is what Obama told Zakaria:

Well, I have news for this failed president, whites in the North generally despise him as much as whites in the South, or for that matter the Midwest and West. Indeed, as a quasi-Southerner myself – I graduated from Duke University and Emory University School of Law and have lived most of my adult life in Dixie – I can tell you from personal experience that the overwhelming majority of modern-day Southerners do not harbor antipathy much more prejudice toward blacks anymore than they do for Jews, which is my ethnic heritage. The South has come a long way in becoming tolerant to diversity since the days of the Civil War, and while slavery can and should never be condoned, there is a time and place to let the past be just that, the past.

Obama, realizing that his female soulmate, Hillary Clinton, lost the presidential election (and with it the Democratic Party failed to retake either chamber of Congress,) because the Wicked Witch of the Left wholeheartedly embraced his agenda, including his orchestrated, anti-white and anti-law enforcement chants charging white racism in order to gain African-American votes, is now on the defensive. To try to influence how historians will view what largely is his defeat, Obama must now trash whites in the South and look for a scapegoat to rationalize his and the Democratic Party's resounding demise.

Obama and Clinton, throughout the run up to the presidential and congressional elections of 2016, excoriated Republican presidential candidate Trump for his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration into the United States. They made a false point that this was "destructive" if not counterproductive, as in their contrived view it would serve as a so-called recruiting tool for ISIS – but, ironically, if there has been any uptick in white supremacists, such as the Klu Klux Klan, it was caused by the Obama/Clinton drumbeat of labeling any white who opposed their agenda as racists. Couple this with Obama and Clinton's unconditional support for the likes of Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, so-called Reverends Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, all radical black groups and white haters who had openly advocated killing cops of all stripes, but mostly white, and its no wonder the KKK and its evil ilk have arisen from the dead to ride once again.

In the case of Hillary Clinton, while refusing to accept any endorsement or even recognition from the Fraternal Order of Police in exchange for calls to end the violence, she effectively endorsed the anti-cop and anti-white incitement to violence of Black Lives Matter and their allies, following the lead of Obama himself, as well as his two attorneys general, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

Now that Obama and Clinton have been shown the door by the American people, rather than seek reconciliation to bring the nation together, to further the socialist agenda of the left, financed largely by the Nazi collaborator and self-hating anti-Semitic Jew George Soros, they are engaged in a concerted effort to burn down "Rome," as they and their fellow barbarians are forced to flee. Once Rome is destroyed, the left will seek to move in once again to reclaim what they believe is their rightful heritage to enslave and rule over us as the Pharaoh did in Egypt. This is why I had to laugh when reading Time magazine this week, which, while depicting on its cover for "Person of the Year" and insinuating in not too veiled a fashion that Donald Trump is the modern American equivalent to Adolf Hitler, saluted Hillary Clinton as the female version of Moses. While pathetic in its crass stupidity and bias, Time failed to mention that Moses never had a girlfriend named Huma Abedin, a Palestinian with family ties to the granddaddy of all terrorist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood.

But Obama, Clinton and their Black Lives Matter comrades are not alone in stirring up hatred and a race – if not civil – war. Even school districts like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) are engaged in efforts to push our nation to the extreme left. Unbelievably, LAUSD authorities, as I was informed by a friend who passed along an audio message sent out to the families of school students – my friend's child is in the second grade – have set up a hotline so children can get counseling over trauma caused by the election of The Donald. This brainwashing, which I discuss in the YouTube video below, smacks ironically of what Hitler and his fellow Nazis attempted with their "Youth Schools" in the years leading up to and during World War II:

In short, having been rejected by the majority of Americans – I do believe Trump also won the popular vote given the millions of fraudulent votes of illegal immigrants, criminals and "the walking dead" – the left, while branding Trump as the new Hitler, is embracing the Fuhrer's evil techniques to mold our youth in their image. And, as Sean Hannity has rightfully exposed on Fox News, Los Angeles is just one of many examples.

The bottom line is this: We the People must not rest with the election of Donald Trump. There is no political messiah. The left is poised to tear down the wall of freedom, whether it be on the Mexican border or figuratively and actually throughout the nation. We together are the army if not militia as envisioned in the Second Amendment to our Constitution, to make sure, peacefully, that the likes of Obama, Clinton, Black Lives Matter, George Soros and their Bolshevik and black Muslim comrades like Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, whose disciples have killed and seriously injured many cops and others who oppose them of late, never are allowed to rise again! The future of you and your loved ones hangs in the balance.

© Larry Klayman


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Larry Klayman

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